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What is SMS Marketing? Why Does Your Company Need It?

An SMS loyalty program  comprar seguidores twitter is beneficial to 9/10 consumers.

These stats make it more critical than ever for businesses using SMS marketing.

SMS stands for “short messaging service” or “text messaging.” This allows businesses to communicate with their customers and subscribers through text messages. Although the content can be in many forms, they all serve the same purpose: To promote your business.

Only those people who can receive text messages from marketers are allowed to send them. The government regulates the acceptance of SMS marketing.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Before sending text messages to clients, make sure that you review the FCC’s stringent message distribution and consent restrictions.

Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

The Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA).

CTIA, a trade association, provides guidelines and recommendations for SMS marketing.

Marketers will pay in advance for marketing costs rather than being charged after sending bulk SMS messages. You can purchase SMS credits for $100 to be used as you wish. When you run out, you can buy more credits. However, keep in mind that the cost per SMS varies depending on the country from which you are sending them.

Example of SMS Marketing

Text messaging can be used by businesses for any marketing purposes, including:

Welcoming texts

When a customer registers for your loyalty program, a welcome SMS works the same way as a welcome email. To encourage customers to purchase again, you can offer a discount for new registrants.

Time-limited deals

SMS is the best way to engage customers if running a particular campaign. Include urgency in your sales and ad copy.

Status updates

For order confirmation, delivery updates, and tracking information, SMS is a great option.

Customer Care

SMS marketing can help you address an issue before it becomes a significant problem. Customers who experience shipping delays can be reassured by a simple SMS message. An SMS message with a personal explanation shows that the brand is human.

Special occasions

Show your customers that you value their business. Keep in mind important events such as their anniversary or birthday. You can make it extra special by offering them anniversary discounts or other incentives.

Product launch

To let customers know about new arrivals, send an SMS campaign. This is a great way to drive traffic and increase interest in new products.

Flash sales

Flash discounts are an excellent way for loyal customers to show their appreciation. Inform them about SMS-exclusive, limited-time deals.

Seasonal promotions

Send your customers a text reminder of seasonal deals when it is time to get rid of inventory.


Surveys can be an excellent way to find out about your customers’ needs. You can send a link to a survey via SMS to increase response rates.


Companies can send SMS reminders to help them approach customers confidently. These reminders are more than just sales promotions. These reminders include appointment alerts, payment notices, and valuable weather and health services information.


SMS is a vital tool for businesses today to communicate important information to employees and promote teamwork.

Social media cross-promotion

Encourage your SMS subscribers and friends to follow you on social networks. Customers may be enticed to follow you on social media by offering rewards.

SMS Marketing at Work

Text message marketing relies upon a database that contains the names and contact details of your clients and demographic information. This database includes your customer’s consent for marketing offers.

Consumers can consent to be subscribers by text, phone, or online. Text a 5- to the 6-digit keyword or “shortcode” to your phone. This will allow you to be recognized by your telecommunication provider.

There are two types of SMS marketing messages.


These are mass texts that can be read “one-to-many.” These are often used to promote bargains and coupons. Or inform (events, updates, etc.) subscribers.


These messages are one-to-one messages, such as order confirmation or delivery notification. Usually, transactional messages can be personalized. They update clients in real-time.

How can you send bulk messages to your subscribers without causing them to be misunderstood? Or ensure that they receive the right marketing message? Automation is the solution. It allows businesses to keep track of hundreds of subscribers via text messages.

High-quality SMS marketing campaigns can also be executed with automation. An SMS marketing app or software can be used for automation. This tool allows you to customize your messages and will enable you to send them to your entire list in just seconds.

Many SMS software programs can be integrated with other marketing solutions, especially Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Your CRM may have data that your SMS marketing software shares with it. This connectivity allows you to sync contacts from your CRM with your SMS marketing software, saving time and increasing sales and marketing effectiveness.

SMS Marketing Benefits

SMS marketing is not just for promoting a product or service but also because the world is facing unprecedented challenges. Because you can send messages from anywhere, SMS marketing has become an essential communication tool.

These are just a few of the many ways that SMS marketing can benefit your business:

Direct communication

With a read rate of 97% in 15 minutes, SMS is one of the most efficient communication channels. Combining SMS ads with other marketing campaigns such as email and social media can result in a more than 50% return on investment.


Your clients can subscribe by using a short code, keyword, or promo board. Customers who recognize the shortcode of a brand are more likely to respond and interact with them.

Channel integration

While SMS can be used as a standalone medium, it can also support other marketing channels such as email and social media. An SMS marketing campaign can encourage clients to open an email previously sent by the brand. An SMS message asking clients to “Have You Seen Our Email?” can increase open email rates by 30%.

Loyalty to a brand

Bulk texts that are well-designed increase customer engagement and loyalty. Your customers don’t like to read boring or repetitive content so make sure you target them with custom-made offers.

Brand recognition

Research shows that 45% of customers open SMS blasts from well-known brands. To build brand awareness, startups can use SMS marketing.

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Data collection

Around 31% of people who receive an SMS survey complete it. It is an excellent way for clients to give feedback on how your brand works digitally.

Response data

SMS can measure meaningful ROI, identify clients who have engaged with text messages, and track delivery rates. Companies can use this data to target their ads better and understand their mobile audience.

SMS Marketing for Specific Industries

You can use text messaging to complement your digital marketing efforts. They can provide vital information quickly and securely. Companies must prosper. SMS marketing is essential for certain businesses to thrive.

Shops for eCommerce

It is easy to send SMS messages via SMS to order or shipment notices and advertising materials.

Travel agencies

Travelers require real-time information, such as flight updates, gate changes, cancellations, or weather forecasts. You can send SMS messages to customers and not worry about delivery.

Organizations that are appointment-based

Notifying clients via SMS will ensure that they don’t miss an appointment. This will help you save time and money on latecomers and no-shows.

Larger companies employing over 100 people

Although internal communication is essential, it can be challenging to communicate with everyone within a large company. Email is slow enough to handle important issues. SMS is a great way to ensure that employees quickly receive the information they need.

SMS Marketing Best Practices

It is essential to send your message correctly the first time, as consumers get a lot of notifications every day.

Get consent

SMS marketing uses the same opt-in criteria as email marketing. Marketers must obtain express consent from customers before sending out messages. Each SMS message must include an opt-out link, such as a “reply STOP” or unsubscribe link (especially for Canadian and non-US subscribers).

This is a critical issue. Be transparent. Your subscribers should know what to expect in your messages. Don’t abuse your privilege. SMS marketing is best for time-sensitive content. Customers may be turned off by excessive usage.

Keep your messages short and to the point.

Because SMS marketing has a 160-character limit, there is no room to ramble. Your text message should be concise and clear. The best way to grab their attention is to communicate your message and then close it with a Call to Action. Here’s an example: A restaurant reminds customers about trivia night via SMS.

You can send messages in a reasonable amount of time

Most people only check their emails once a day, but they read and respond to text messages almost as quickly as they get them. This is great for urgent communications. However, please don’t abuse it by sending text messages at inappropriate hours. Even the most loyal customer would not want to be reminded of a sale at 3 a.m.

Some countries have even established regulations regarding SMS marketing schedules. The French government has made it illegal for marketers to send SMS messages after 10 p.m. on Sundays or holidays.

Do not bombard subscribers with messages.

You can’t tell your target market every sale or deal your company makes.. Text alerts can be challenging for consumers to ignore, much like ad billboards. However, if they get too many SMS promotions, they will not hesitate to cancel their subscription or stop buying from your brand.

Use SMS marketing tools.

You can use SMS marketing software to improve your marketing efforts. It can automate multiple messages and send them simultaneously. Programs can provide meaningful metrics and reports that will help you evaluate the impact of your campaign. This information can help you optimize your text advertising and allow you to experiment with different methods to increase your ROI.

Use SMS marketing to improve your overall marketing plan

Targeting your audience is easy with a marketing strategy specifically designed for SMS messaging. Your marketing efforts will be easier and more effective if multiple channels are under one roof. SMS marketing should therefore be part of your overall marketing strategy.

Email marketing is the best way to integrate SMS into your marketing campaigns. Both SMS and email work together. Campaigns can use both email and SMS. This integrated channel creates a marketing communication system that allows your business to reach a wider audience.

Bottom line

An SMS marketing campaign that is well planned and executed can increase your business’s growth and customer engagement. This can help you promote your products and services and build brand loyalty and increase sales. It’s essential not to miss this opportunity to communicate with customers via SMS marketing, which is becoming more popular.