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What Is Node Js And Why It Is Essential For Web App Development In 2022

If you are a web development company and want to develop a web app but don’t know where to start, Node Js might be the right place to start.

LinkedIn, Netflix, Uber and eBay are now household names. They offer various services: from entertainment to transportation to financial aspects. But, they have one thing in common: they develop most of their products through Node Js. Now the question is, why?

Node Js uses Javascript as kozyatağı escort
its primary language. Javascript is becoming increasingly popular among developers and a part of the web app development process.

So, if you are a web development company and planning to develop a native web app, knowing about Node Js and how they can use them is vital. Also, you must know what to look for when you hire Node Js developers.

What is Node Js?

Node Js is a runtime system that allows real-time web application development. Javascript is the main programing language in Node Js and eliminates the need to use any other computer language.

Also, Node Js is very efficient and reduces the time required to develop a functional website application. It is an open-environment system. So, multiple application development processes can be brought under the single Node Js platform.

Benefits Of Using Node.Js

It uses Javascript as the main language

Javascript is a trendy computer denizli escort
language currently used everywhere. And this trend is here to stay, as a robust framework is introduced every year.

Most developers these days understand Java or have worked with it before. Transitioning from another web technology to Node Js becomes very easy. So, Node js has become popular with developers.

It has an extremely fast speed

Node Js is powered by V8, developed by Google. V8 can convert Javascript code to machine code instantly, which helps speed up the process of website development.

Since Node Js has a non-blocking nature, it can avoid processing delays, reducing the response time. It uses a common language for both the client and developer sides.

It is lightweight

Node Js uses a basic event-driven framework. This means that Node can run on a single thread and, unlike other web technologies, does not generate a new thread for every client request. This makes Node a very lightweight web technology to use.

It uses only a single language

Most web technologies usually use two languages, one for the client-side and one for the server-side. This means that developers must have knowledge and expertise in two computer languages.

Node Js does away with this problem. Node Js uses only Javascript for both the client and the server-side. And since Java is such a popular computer language, most developers know how to work with it. This makes Node Js a trendy choice.

It has a high-performance rate

Node Js has a very high-performance rate and drastically reduces server response time. All the popular websites and applications that use Node Js have reported reducing response time.

In 2013, Walmart, the retail chain, put all their mobile apps on Node Js during the Black Friday sale. Black Friday is a very popular time to shop, yet Walmart’s servers did not go down despite huge traffic. Companies like PayPal and LinkedIn have also experienced similar benefits with Node Js.

It can be hosted everywhere

Given the popularity of Node Js and how widely it is being used, many popular web servers are now supporting web apps developed on Node Js. They include Amazon, Google, Microsoft Azure etc.

It allows easy modifications

Applications developed with Node Js are easily modifiable. Developers can add new features to the app without meddling with the base code. Also, updating and keeping the app in top shape becomes a cakewalk with Node Js.

Latest Features Of Node.Js

Now that we have discussed the benefits of using Node Js let us check out the latest features of Node Js.

A stable diagnostic report

One of the key aspects of the web app development process is to build an app that runs smoothly. Suppose the app is running slowly, having any memory leaks, or altogether crashing. In that case, it is essential to generate a report pinpointing where precisely the issue is coming from.

This report can then be run to fix the issues and glitches on the app. The earlier version of Node Js had an experimental diagnostic report feature, and now, this feature has been made stable.

Upgradation to V8.1

Node Js now comes with the upgraded version of V8, V8.1. The new V8.1 version has a few added features, like nullish coalescing operator, optional chaining, Intl.Display names etc.

Removal of Experimental module warnings: The standard module system of Java is ESM. It helps manage variables and groups functions. We would earlier get a warning when running an ESM in Node Js. This warning has now been remove.

Must-have skills for a Node Js developer

Now that you know the benefits of using Node Js to develop a web app, you would want to hire Node Js developers who can help you with that. Here are the must-have skills every node Js developer should have:

At least 3 years of experience with Node Js

This shows that the developer has enough experience working with this technology. Since its inception in 2009, Node Js has undergone various improvements and bug fixes. At least 3 years of experience will ensure that the developer has worked on many Node Js development projects.

Knowledge of different frameworks and understanding front-end development

Node Js uses various frameworks like Express, StrongLoop, Sinatra etc. The developer should understand which framework to use for your project.

The front-end part of the application is what clients see when they visit the application. Having a good, easy to navigate front-end is essential to retaining clients and building relationships. So, the developer should be proficient in HTML5 and CSS3.

Writing efficient codes

Some developers tend to write codes that other unintelligible. Make sure that the developer you are hiring writes codes that other team members understand. Your developer should be a good team player.

Basic problem-solving skills

Problem-solving and troubleshooting are fundamental skills that every Node Js developer must have. The developer you hire should know how to manipulate the syntax to troubleshoot a problem.

Wrapping up

Numerous reputed brands and businesses are currently using Node Js. Brands like Netflix, Amazon, LinkedIn and Uber use Node Js to manage their online operations, and for a good reason.

Node Js is uncomplicated, as it only uses Javascript as the programing language. It has excellent speed, can be easily updated and hosted everywhere. If you want to develop a robust and interactive web app, then Node Js might be the right choice.

Patel Nasrullah is a co-founder at one of the best mobile application development companies where he leads a team of expert mobile app developer, Peerbits. He devotes his time in inspiring young leaders to take the leap of faith. With the experience of 10 years in Web and App development, he now gives full attention to the enterprise by offering mobility solutions about the strategic planning and execution.