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Automated Gates

What is fence installation? What are the benefits of fence installation?

A Wood Fencing is a practical way to mark off boundaries between two properties. It helps you keep your pets and children from roaming into unsafe areas. 

There are many different types of fences that homeowners can install, including wood, chain link, metal, bamboo, vinyl and wrought iron. 

Each type of fence offers unique benefits for both safety and décor. You also have the option to build a custom fence from scratch or hire professional installation services.

What is it? 

A residential installation service will come to your property with the materials needed to create new fencing on your property line. 

The professionals will be able to put up either new construction or repair existing fences on your property line where they need the most work done. 

Most companies offer free consultations so you can describe the type of fence you want to install. You can also present any drawings or blueprints that are available for the installation.

Why should you hire a professional? 

The primary benefit of using professional installation services is that they will measure, design and build the right kind of fence to fit your needs. 

Most fencing companies offer an installation service that includes digging holes, laying out posts, putting up wooden planks or metal beams and installing wire mesh between vertical supports. 

The professionals will also be able to remove old fences on your property if needed so it’s easier for them to lay down new ones in their place. 

This allows you to choose from a variety of different fencing types so you don’t have to worry about buying all the materials and supplies yourself.

What types of fencing do they install? 

Wood fences tend to be one of the most popular options for residential installations because they’re affordable, easy to maintain and available in a wide range of styles and designs that add personality to your property. 

They can add warmth to your home’s exterior and improve its curb appeal. 

If you like the look of natural wood posts with horizontal planks, you can often opt for cedar over pressure treated pine due to its durability, resistance against rot and high level of comfort underfoot. 

You also have the option to stain or paint wood fences so you don’t have to worry about the components weathering too quickly or turning very dull. 

Chain link fencing is another popular choice for installing new fencing on your property. It’s a durable and versatile type that can be used in a variety of different settings, including both residential and commercial properties. 

This particular option is often used to fence in children’s play areas, backyards and swimming pools. 

Metal fencing can add an air of sophistication to your exterior design while still offering the benefits of durability and strength when it comes to safety features such as crime deterrents or security fences. 

You can choose from steel, aluminum or wrought iron for this kind of installation because each type offers its own unique aesthetic appeal and advantage over the competition. 

The material is harvested from trees and can be used either as solid fencing or as bamboo screening. 

It’s also very aesthetically pleasing and can make your property look more modern and stylish with its unique color, texture and design elements.

How much does it cost? 

Prices for installing residential fencing will range according to factors such as the type of material you choose. 

Whether you need an entirely new structure built or just repairs done on existing fences, what kind of design you want for your fence (e.g. gates) and how much space you need to fence off. 

You can expect to pay anywhere from $75 per linear foot for wood fencing with posts and planks, about $140 per linear foot for aluminum fences and up to $220 per linear foot for wrought iron fencing. 

If you’re looking to install new Automated Gates on your property or just replace some parts of the existing fence so it looks better than before, consider hiring a professional installation service that will be able to build an attractive structure with all the benefits you need in one quick and easy process.