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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Classical Education

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Classical Education?

Education is a process of acquiring knowledge. There is no exception that it is a never-ending process. One can learn as long as one wants. There is hardly any barrier to achieving knowledge. But, with the advanced era nowadays, even this process has changed.

Presently, technology is interfering with the education system, which initiates quality education among students. As a result, in the rat race between traditional and technical education, the second one wins.

While most schools are shifting their education model to more technical than theoretical, one question arises. The question is whether classical education or traditional education contributed to the upbringing of society or not.

To answer this question, new generation educationist Dr. J. M. Long answered, “Classical education also played an integral part in improving the condition of the society during the past time. But there is no exception of technical education as it prepares students for future times.”

However, educationists who support classical education find out some pros, whereas technical education supporters also find out the cons of the classical method of studying. So, here we will discuss some advantages as well as disadvantages of the classical education system.

Advantages of Classical Education System

When it comes to comparing classical and non-classical education systems, it is pretty difficult to compare. This is because classical education is an age-old system that has run for a long time.

For thousands of years, this education system has been running. It is hard to surpass that process of earning knowledge even if there were no electronic gadgets. So, you must know the benefits of the classical education system before contradicting the entire idea.

  • Initiates a natural development of brain

In today’s world, the development of children’s brains has become faster than before. But, it is not a natural development. Instead, it is an initiative of external technology as well as health drinks. Moreover, to offer such a technical ambience, parents need to spend a huge amount of money.

So, if you cannot cope with the expenditure, then borrow doorstep loans like provident. On the contrary, in past days, the stages of brain development were utterly natural. Through mathematics calculation and memorising, the bran development took place.

  • Children will acquire a solid base of knowledge

If you take a look at history, you may see in ancient times that there were lots of wise people who possessed a strong base of knowledge. Now, it happens due to gaining a solid base of knowledge. Even if they do not have any training in technical gadgets, they can still understand the usage of technology after minimal training.

So, without thinking much, if you start teaching your child in the traditional education system, it will enhance his circumference of knowledge. He will be able to appear for higher education quickly, and with a solid knowledge base, a student can study the advanced level of lessons.

  • It gives birth to well-educated thinkers

There is a difference between thinkers and educationists. At the same time, educationists used to express their concerns about the structure of education. On the other hand, thinkers are always thinking for the well-being of society. Only a wise and knowledgeable thinker can think good for society.

well-educated thinkers

During past days, the number of thinkers was not less. Instead, the numbers of thinkers were more than now. A well-educated thinker is required for the welfare of society. Even if there is now advancement in the education system, the number of good thinkers is not convincing.

  • Students love to learn new languages

In the past days, students used to be experts in different languages. Learning various languages was a trend during ancient days. Even it was the primary feature classical education system. You may find hardly any educated person of ancient time who did not possess knowledge of more than 5 languages.

Nowadays, the love for pursuing a degree in language has wholly obsoleted. Instead of learning arts and commerce, students now like to explore science and technology the most. At the same time, students want to take an interest in different types of machine languages or technical degrees.

Disadvantages of Classical Education System

According to new-gen educationists, there are multiple drawbacks of the classical education system. For which, new technical education has surpassed its popularity. Some of these disadvantages include,

  • No scope of learning

While learning is a process, in the past time, it was hard at practice. This is because, instead of making students learn, teachers used to force them to memorize. Now memorizing each and every line is not at all good for the education system. It makes students dependent on textbooks.

No scope of learning

Moreover, children’s brain loses their power to create something new. When a child is habituated to memorize a lesson, he can hardly read and write on his own. Whereas the new technical education system makes a child learn and initiate his creative self.

  • No independence

There should be a friendly relationship between a teacher and a student. Only after that will there be an open-minded classroom take place. Due to this open-minded classroom, students are never afraid of their teacher to express their own thoughts.

On the contrary, a student can hardly express their thoughts and queries above the final decision of their teachers. Keeping thoughts within them, teachers ultimately ruined the possibilities of students and also their communication skills.

  • There was no technical advancement

With this new era, technical gadgets are in use even in schools. These gadgets have advanced students and made them prepare for a new generation. Now, society is proceeding ahead to an advanced era where technical upgradation made our life easy.

On the other hand, it has hardly possible for the classical education system to build up knowledge in technology. Even if there was science as a subject, but the advancement was not up to the mark. As a result, old generation students failed to cope up with this present technical era.

So, it is not difficult to understand how technological advancement has taken the education system. But it is also undeniable that the classical education system was also beneficial.

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