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walmart business strategy

What and How to Sell on Walmart Marketplace

Walmart’s website allows third-party sellers to list their products on

It’s easy to sell products on Walmart’s online marketplace. You will see Marketplace items in the search results, along with other products.

Benefits of Selling at Walmart

You can also enjoy the increased traffic portal and the chance to sell in one of the fastest-growing markets in America.

There is no monthly fee

The best thing about becoming a Wal-Mart Seller is the zero monthly fees. Your products can be listed on Walmart for no cost! You only need to pay the category fee if your store is successful.


Millions of people log onto Wal-Mart every month and this number is growing each day. Selling on Walmart is about expanding your reach and increasing your influence.


Wal-Mart is a trusted company and online sales on trusted platforms help to attract customers quickly. Customers trust the brand so they take advantage of it.

Quick Checkout

Customers don’t like to wait too long for checkout. Customers want it to be quick and secure. Wal-Mart offers seamless shopping by offering customers a fast and secure checkout.

Support for Customers

When you sell at Wal-Mart, there is no need to invest in customer support. Wal-Mart offers outstanding customer support. You can reach Wal-Mart Marketplace anytime.

To get more revenue from Walmart, use the latest Walmart business strategies. Tip: Read SellerApp’s Walmart advertising strategy guide.

Walmart Seller Requirements:

To become Wal-Mart sellers, merchants must meet certain requirements.

Please follow these guidelines if you consider Wal-Mart your sales platform:

  • A warehouse must be located in the United States. You also need a U.S. tax ID and a bank account for commercial purposes.
  • It should be possible to ship from the United States and receive back your goods.
  • It is also important to be able to provide UPC and GTIN codes for each SKU.

Six Steps to Sell on Walmart Marketplace

1: Apply for a Walmart Marketplace Seller

To become a Walmart seller, please visit click “sales inquiry”, and fill in all fields. 

It will take you 10 minutes to complete once all your details are ready.

Click the “Save” button at the bottom. Double-check each section to ensure that there are no errors. 

Incorrect information could slow down approval. Click “Apply Now” when you’re ready. Once you have been approved for your Walmart seller account, you will receive an email.

2: Complete the Registration

To create your partner profile, follow the link provided in your approval email. 

You will be guided through the four components of account creation, partner registration and tax (W-9), as well as shipping information by the signup assistant.

3: Complete your Partner Profile

Once you have created your partner profile, you can visit the seller center. You will find an “active list” which explains some requirements prior to opening an account.

4: Finish the Project Setup

You can see that the Walmart Marketplace project settings are the most difficult part of creating an account. This is because this is where everything goes (pictures, videos descriptions, attributes, attributes, etc. ).

Click “Verify Fields”. Make sure to correct any highlighted fields and then upload your file via Seller Central. Once you are done, your items will be active in your seller center.

5: Test Projects and Orders

Select “Preview Item” in the seller center to view the price and content of any active product. This is what your customers see so make sure everything is correct.

6: Activate Your Account

To sell on Walmart Marketplace, the last step is activating your account. After you have “marked as done” all products in the Walmart Launch List in the Seller Center, you will receive a message asking you to confirm that your account is ready for launch. 

This will initiate a launch request when you click “Confirm”.

The Walmart team will review your account. If everything is in order, your product will appear on within 24hrs.

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