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Venetian mask

Venetian Masquerade Masks – History and Uses

One of the most significant cultural aspects of Venice is its masks.

Which are thought to have been first worn as early as the thirteenth century.

It was said that these Masquerade Masks were first used at parties and dances hosted by the noble classes to conceal their identities from those they ruled over; this explains why mask-makers were not permitted to create likenesses of the nobility.

The tradition took on a particular religious significance:

It was determined that anyone who wore a mask might do so only if he or she promised never again to wear one again after Lent ended.

During this time, eventually referred to as Carnival, revelers roamed around the city in costumes and masks during what was essentially an annual week-long party.

People looking to express their cultural uniqueness found a new way during the celebration of Mardi Gras.

They were given permission by society and law not only to allow but encourage them, as partakers in this great event.

To dress up with hats or masks that represent something different from themselves.

Be it ethnicity or lifestyle choices such as those based on sexual orientation
Outfits became more than just what you wore; they also served an additional purpose: Showing off individuality through style!

As time went on, however, the tradition became more open, allowing anyone to wear masks during Carnival without committing to Lenten vows.

The Mardi Gras Venetian Mask is the perfect accessory for any party or masquerade ball.

The intricately designed mask features an eye-cut design, which makes it stand out among other masks on display at your next event!

Whether you’re throwing a New Orleans-themed celebration or just looking to spice things up with some culture.

This economical yet impressive piece can be worn by one person alone as both headpiece and body coverings.

During elaborate dances that are sure not only impress all those around them but also provide hours’ worth of fun to boot.

This product comes with an adjustable band to fit most head sizes. 

Nowadays, the tradition holds a particular emphasis on revelry and having fun.

It is common to see masquerade balls or other types of parties where attendees must wear masks.

The masks from Depth of Field have been carefully designed to reflect a variety of styles and sources.

With the intention being that you can find one suited for your needs.

They come in both felt or leather constructions as well as modern designs like those seen at Carnival festivities around the world!

Our wholesale vintage masks include such models as Bauta, Berretto, and modern Venetian masks that feature impressive detailing and colors.

Some of their features include:

  • Heart-shaped holes for eyes with black netting covering them
  • Nose protrudes out from the face
  • Top hats or miter/miter design 
  • Beaks at the tip of the nose 
  • The metal stays help to create an elegant and flattering look.
  • Open mouth for the wearer to see clearly through Comes with leather carrying case, cleaning cloth, manual, and authenticity card.

Masquerade Masks have been a part of many important historical events and super fun occasions for centuries.

Just one way people around the world express themselves creatively with art!

In addition, you could also dress up characters like pirate Captain Jack Sparrow or maybe some scary Halloween gear if that strikes your fancy!!