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things to do in vancouver

Ultimate Things to do in Vancouver

We love to visit Vancouver and British Columbia in general. Even after visiting the city several times and exploring newer sights and locations each time, there is still plenty of activity left on the Vancouver list. Share our must-see activities in Vancouver to create your own!

Visit Stanley Park

The most important item on the Vancouver bucket list to visit is Stanley Park. Stanley Park has lush greenery and scenic views of the west coast, mountains, and sky.

It is a city-owned and maintained park, which means the entrance is completely free – free – free. Go for walks, jogging, or cycling in this green oasis.

There are many works of art in the park, such as the Totem Pillars, the Girl in a Wet Suit (similar to the statue in Copenhagen, Denmark), and the iconic Harry Jerome Statue.

Take a walk along the Vancouver Sea Wall

The stone wall was created to prevent the erosion of Stanley Park, the Vancouver Sea Wall. Exploring the entire park in a day or two may not be possible, but spend some time here in Seawall. The 9-mile stretch around Stanley Park is a two- to three-hour walk away.

Take a stroll through downtown Vancouver

Downtown Vancouver is located in the southeast part of the city. There are many places to visit in the city center and we think it is NECESSARY to wander around the city jungle.

Admire the waterfront, prominent buildings, and green spaces and enjoy a coffee at a local café. As the sun goes down, the city center is bustling with nightlife with bars and clubs.

Stay in hotels on the Vancouver Coast

Staying on Vancouver beach is like a DREAM! There are so many luxury hotels in the city center with sea views. The Pan Pacific Vancouver Hotel is the best choice and is closest to the waterfront.

Visit the Cathedral of Christ Church

The Gothic-style Christ Church Cathedral is just around the corner from the Fairmont Hotel. It’s one of the biggest places of worship in Vancouver. It’s also the oldest church in town.

Take a walk in Queen Elizabeth Park

There is a green space in Queen Elizabeth Park in downtown Vancouver. This is a great place to enjoy city views, explore the manicured gardens, play or read a book!

Make a sandcastle on the shores of the Gulf of England

English Bay Beach is a public beach that runs along Stanley Park Seawall. It’s one of the most accessible beaches in downtown Vancouver. Here you can relax or take a picnic. There are umbrellas, chairs, and kayaks for rent. Rescuers are on duty at certain times of the day.

Visit Canada Place

When you arrive at the waterfront, you will see sails from afar, this is a beautiful square in Canada. This site is one of Vancouver’s most popular attractions, as well as a highly recognizable building.

Canada Place is home to the Convention Center, the Pan Pacific Vancouver Hotel, the World Trade Center (WTC), and the FlyOver Canada Virtual Flight. Many consulates are nearby, and many tours and excursions start from here.

You can spend time at the Canada Place Café, enjoy the water views or opt for a virtual flight.

Enjoy food in the trucks in the summer

Want ice cream to beat the summer heat in Vancouver? One of the necessary activities in the city is to enjoy food in trucks. Locals (and local restaurants) offer their culinary delights in the city center. Enjoy food by jumping from one truck to another. Try the steaks, onion pies, vanilla ice cream, fish and chips, and many more!

Relax and unwind on Granville Island

Granville Island is an area near downtown Vancouver (under the Granville Street Bridge). Visit the public market, shop, or shop here. There is a splash park and restaurants in the area. We enjoyed it all day here, wandering aimlessly (and eating fish!)

See the Olympic boiler

The Olympic boiler is designed for 2010. winter games. It’s a huge Olympic torch in downtown Jack Poole Plaza, downtown. Imagine the amazing neon lights of a starry Vancouver evening in a boiler! Great!

Enjoy city views from the Vancouver Observation Deck

We love the city views. And if you do too, then this attraction should be part of your Vancouver bucket list. The Vancouver Observation Deck is an observation deck with 360-degree city views from the tower.

The viewing platform is 553 feet above street level, and in less than 50 seconds you’ll be lifted by a glass elevator to be greeted by enchanting views. The participation fee for an adult is CAD 18.95.

Check out Prospect Point

If Vancouver’s observation deck is expensive, go to Prospect Point. It is a free observation deck with views of the Lion’s Gate Bridge, water, and nature. Prospect Point is at the north end of Stanley Park.

Take a walk on the Lion Gate Bridge

The green Lions Gate Bridge is easily accessible from Prospect Point. This suspension bridge was built in the 20th century and you have to admire it from Prospect Point.

Take some time to walk across the bridge and admire the stunning views of Vancouver City (free). This creates a beautiful shooting location. The Lion Gate Bridge is officially known as the First Narrow Bridge.

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Discover the Vancouver Maritime Museum

The Vancouver Maritime Museum, as the name suggests, is a maritime museum. It is dedicated to the maritime history of Vancouver. The museum is located in Vanier Park (False Creek on Vancouver’s waterfront).

Here you will find a large collection of maritime history artifacts and archival material, including permanent collections such as the historic St. Roch wheelhouse and historic site/space and many temporary exhibitions.

If you are a maritime history enthusiast, you need to add this world-class museum to your Vancouver bucket list. The participation fee for an adult is from 10 to 14 CAD.

Spend time on Kitsilano Beach

Another popular Vancouver beach is Kitsilano Beach. Although swimming is not possible here (due to unsafe water conditions), the location where it faces the Gulf of England is amazing.

Shop on Robson Street

Robson Street, also known as Robsonstrasse, is one of the oldest commercial streets. It is called Robsonstrasse (European Flame) because of the many European / German companies that were set up during World War II.