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Toyota case study help
Toyota case study help

Top Four In-Demand Jobs That Promise A Lucrative Salary In And After 2021

The pandemic triggered a severe job crisis somewhat similar to the Great Depression. The United States and the European Union specifically have been deeply affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. Almost 9.6 million US workers lost their jobs within the first quarters of 2019 and the first three quarters of 2020. Nearly 2.6 million workers lost their jobs in the EU during this same period.

Choosing the right job in this scenario can be challenging. Thus, I have compiled the list of the four most in-demand jobs right now that promise a lucrative pay scale as well.

  1. Financial advisor

The global pandemic caused severe financial uncertainty in every individual. People are still unemployed. There is still uncertainty regarding the economic recovery even though the United States and European Countries are lifting COVID-19 restrictions. This financial uncertainty is why the demand for qualified financial advisors has been on the rise since the outbreak.

The responsibilities of a financial advisor are:

  • Execute strategies
  • Assess client’s needs and goals
  • Market analysis
  • Market research
  • Recruit and solicit clients
  • Recommend strategies
  • Monitor accounts
  • Follow Securities and Exchange Commission regulations.
  • Identify new opportunities

Whether you need extra cash on hand or to recover your financial status, financial advisors can provide you with effective solutions. Many people worry about whether they will get a secure retirement or not. Others may be anxious thinking about their ability to meet financial goals such as buying a new home or getting a new car. This pandemic has also raised questions about the feasibility of your long-term financial security.

Financial advisors help people make wise financial decisions. If you opt for this career, you need to advise people on what they should do with their money. You need to use your knowledge and expertise to prepare customized financial plans for individuals to achieve financial goals.

  1. Store Associate

Store assistants help customers buy the right products. People these days prefer to purchase online even if they have a physical store. So, retail store employers are looking for candidates who could work as virtual store assistants and help people purchase the product they need. As store assistants, you need to demonstrate, describe and recommend products. You may also be responsible for recording transactions for each customer.

The skills required to be eligible for this job:

  • Exceptional communication and customer service skills
  • Organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Knowledge of point of sale software
  • Strong problem-solving and interpersonal skills
  • In-depth knowledge of stocked merchandise

You don’t need specific years of experience to be eligible for this job role. Employers assess your knowledge related to specific industry products such as auto spare parts, crafts materials, mobile phones, etc., to decide whether or not to hire you.

  1. Product Designer

A product designer builds the user experience of a product on the basis of the business goals and objectives of the product management team. They play an integral role during the main stages of product development. In the initial stage, for example, they convert the goal of the product to a functional user experience. They add more functionalities and features as the product grows.

The pandemic made people consume more media than before. Students, for example, nowadays rely on online samples for Toyota case study help rather than going through textbooks or research papers. No matter what products they look for online, consumers expect the product to identify with their brands and reflect the brand’s values. Product designers are responsible for designing a product that aligns with the specific brand values.

  1. Solutions Engineer

A solutions engineer uses extensive technical knowledge to sell software solutions to clients. As a solutions engineer, you need to work alongside other team members to resolve any technical questions clients may have. Maintaining a professional relationship with your clients will help you get familiar with the challenges they face and implement the updates accordingly.

The common responsibilities of a solutions engineer are:

  • Presenting and selling software to clients
  • Using extensive knowledge to build software systems for clients
  • Building and maintaining relationships with clients till the sale is completed
  • Implementing computer and technical skills to add enhancements
  • Researching new technical solutions

The average base salary of a solutions analyst is $99,305. You also get to work with multiple departments such as operations and network engineering to improve the customer’s experience.

Home health aide

The national average salary for this job role is $30,696 per hour. The primary duties include assisting clients with the daily life activities at the client’s homes. You are required to work with geriatric patients who aren’t able to take care of themselves.

The responsibilities include:

  • Helping patients dress, bath, and take care of personal hygiene
  • Working with certified nursing assistants or other in-home care professionals to provide care to patients
  • Assisting with light housecleaning
  • Performing basic health care for patients like administering medication and vital signs

You don’t need formal education as such to be eligible for this job role. The additional requirements include reliable transportation facilities, the ability to follow verbal and written instructions, and working under no direct supervision.

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Wrapping Up,

The pandemic undoubtedly created havoc in the professional space, especially for the young graduates out there. The digitization of the world due to the pandemic created a slew of new and fresh career opportunities. I have mentioned the four most in-demand jobs in and after 2021 here. You can try pursuing your career in any of these professions if your interests match and you have the required educational qualifications. Good Luck.

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