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peer to peer lendind

The Principle types Of Peer To Peer Loans

Peer to peer lending has become a popular way of lending in which individuals and businesses lend money directly from each other. It does not involve any high street bank or building society and thus provides numerous benefits to both the investors and borrowers. Due to the benefits and flexibility, this type of lending has become very popular. The process is carried out through online platforms known as p2p platforms. In the beginning, these platforms only offer personal loans, but with the increasing popularity, the number of platforms and the loans they offer is also increasing. 

As a borrower, you can get a loan at a lower rate than a conventional bank loan, while investors can earn higher interest rates compared to traditional investments and bank savings accounts. Now peer to peer platforms offer almost all loans that banks only provided in the past. Here are some major types of loans that most p2p platforms are offering in the UK. 

Personal Loans

These are the most common types of loans that peer to peer lending UK platforms offer, and the p2p industry was started from these loans. The most significant characteristic of such loans is the flexibility, and they have fewer restrictions compared to bank loans. Furthermore, banks usually offer loans to those who have a high or average credit rating, while you can get a p2p loan even if you have a bad credit score. Personal loans are small and unsecured, and you can use them for a number of different reasons, such as paying unexpected utility bills, car repair, home renovation or settling debts. 

Most borrowers use p2p personal loans for debt settlement because other forms of credit are expensive and difficult to secure. However, the interest rate you will get depends directly on your credit score. If you have a high credit score, you can secure a loan at a low-interest rate and vice versa. Some platforms offer loans at a fixed rate, and you have to pay the loan amount along with the interest rate after a set amount of time. Another benefit of peer to peer loans is that you can get quick access to funds. 

Business Loans

It is challenging for startups and small businesses to secure a loan from a bank. The good news is that p2p platforms now offer loans to small businesses. Although many banks state that they are offering business loans, their eligibility criteria and documentation requirements are so strict that they can not make as many loans as they say they do. P2p platforms offer more advantages than the bank’s business topkapı escort loans. 

They offer an easy application process, quick access to funds, flexibility in credit score limit, and lower interest rates. These loans can be secured against a valuable business asset or a personal guarantee from a shareholder or director. Platforms usually offer loans to small and medium-sized companies. You can take out this loan for business expansion, paying wages, purchasing equipment, or overcoming cash flow issues. From all these benefits, we can see that peer to peer platforms offer an excellent opportunity for small and startup businesses to get a loan and grow. 

Property Loans       

  Another principal loan that p2p platforms offer to individuals and businesses is property loans. These are also known as p2p bridging loans. We all know that it is difficult to get a mortgage loan from banks, and it can take a long time to complete the process. That is why people are looking for alternative ways to secure a property loan. Peer to peer platforms is offering property loans that are easy to access compared to traditional mortgages. In order to get p2p bridging finance, you have to use your property or a valuable asset as a security against the loan. It is vital to keep in mind that if you default on a loan, the platform has the right to sell your property to get the loan amount back. 

Peer to peer platforms will charge a valuation fee because valuation is usually carried out through third parties. You can use this loan to complete the purchase of a property, renovate a property, purchase a property at auction or buy to let.

Student Loans   

Student loans are a relatively new type of loan that p2p platforms offer. These loans are beneficial for borrowers studying and finding it difficult to secure a loan from anywhere else. Although you can get a student loan from many other resources like banks and federal governments, finding a lender offering student loan refinancing is challenging. Peer to peer platforms is offering a refinance student loan. However, be mindful that you must be credit and income-qualified to get a student to refinance a loan. P2p platforms do not charge any additional fee, and you only have to pay the loan amount with the interest rate.

How To Secure A P2p Loan?   

If you want to take out a peer to peer loan, the first thing to do is choose a platform that matches your requirements. There are several platforms present in the UK, so you have to do research and shop around to find the best one. Once you choose a platform, make an online application and provide all the necessary information, including the type of loan you want to take out, the loan amount, and how long you want to take a loan. P2p platform sets the interest rate according to your credit score, amount of loan, and the length of time. The credit score you need to qualify can vary from platform to platform. The higher your credit score, the lower the interest rate. 

You should apply for a loan only when you can afford to repay it. Otherwise, you may have to pay late repayment fees. And if you are not able to repay the loan, p2p platforms use debt collection agencies to get the money back, and in this situation, you may have to go to court.  

Whether you want to get a personal loan, business, or bridging loan, peer-to-peer lending can be an excellent funding source. You can make online applications and get quick access to funds. However, we suggest you take time, do research to select a platform, and do not take an amount more than your need.