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Sweets and Lahore

Sweets and the heart of Punjab, the Lahore; has a great old relationship among each other. If you are from Lahore, you would love to read this blog and if you are not from Lahore you would crave for the Lahore sweets. In this blog, I would love to share my sweet short story with all of you. Before I start my story, I would like to add on that sweets are the major part of any occasion and of course a meal. Okay, so I was born in Lahore, adding this line just to tell you guys; I got a Lahore heart!  However, I moved to London in a very early age. The tradition the culture;  its all different from Pakistan. At my teenage I finally came back to Pakistan all along with my family.

The air was so pure. The love of my motherland was all the way over flowing my heart. I was loving my each and every moment. My all relatives came to receive us from the airport, as we came back after ages. Everybody had a sweet box in their hands as a greeting gesture, some of them were holding roses and some were holding the balloons. It was a very pure and heart warming welcome by my family. I remember on of my uncle forced my to eat a laduu from the box of mix sweets that he was holding. I had it and loved it at once.

Best sweets in Lahore

Coming back to Pakistan and living into the Lahore vibes was a super fantastic decision. We had a lot of plans and I had to taste so many different kinds of sweets. In the meantime, I had a chance to enjoy my cousin’s wedding and of course it means I availed the chance of tasting the best wedding sweets Lahore. And to enjoy the after wedding party we had a whole night out enjoying the best sweets in Lahore from Gulberg’s benazir kulfa to androon Lahore’s Falooda. However, I visited a lot of sweets bakery and enjoyed every bit of it.


Online sweets delivery in Lahore

After a couple of days, I called my cousin and asked him from where I can place the order for best Pakistani sweets online in Lahore. He recommended me a lot of e-bakeries from where I could order any of my favorite sweets online, just with a click. And I did that, I searched out the recommended sites; However, fortunately my friend came at the same time and asked me to come and have some fun tonight, I asked him to have some Rasmalai, as I’m craving for it. He took me to a bakery named “Cakes and Bakes” they were almost closing, we requested them and they were so friendly and kind to us.

We had our rasmalai bowls and I looked over some other mix sweet boxes and to be very honest the sweets per kg price was so reasonable. that you can easily afford it all according to your pocket.  That night, I looked Cakes and bakes for my sweets station all the way.

Suggestion for You!!

I would like to recommend you all to must have the following sweets from Lahore, Gulab jamun, Rasmalai, Falooda, Gajra ka halwa, Paithay ka Halwa, Cream cocktail, Zarda, Gurh and of course a box of mix sweets. Moreover, If you are craving for any sweet just after having your meal; You can place online order from cakes and bakes. As I have experienced it myself, I must recommend it to you. A lovely taste and a healthy phase.

Let me tell you guys a secret, while going back to London; I got a seperate box for all my favourite sweets and I purchased a lot of ready to make sweet recipes from Cakes and bakes. So that i can enjoy the Pakistani vibes all around the world.