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cannabis packaging


Cannabis retail varies with the region it is in. While some areas permit it, others don’t. However, this does not lay an extreme impact on its retail. For this reason, the market for cannabis products is vast. This vastness in the market brings competition in cannabis packaging as well.

The reason behind this is the impact packaging has on its retail. While the product itself is the initial factor in guiding the user towards it, the packaging also plays a vital role. In short, the product packaging is viewed as a beacon whose light will attract and guide the users towards it. Similarly, if the packaging fails to attract users, the retail of that specific product will diminish. To prevent this from happening, several techniques are to be adopted. While these strategies are general guidelines, some particular implications can respond to a specific product.

In short, there are multiple ways of retailing your products, and packaging plays a vital role in all these. Although cannabis products differ depending on their usage, their packaging is still united by a coherent theme. This theme is set by general guidelines imposed by the effect of cannabis. Some of these guidelines include the following:

Inhibiting Tampering

Maybe, the most significant factor in deciding the packaging is the protection it renders to the product itself. Some products are much expensive than the rest. For this reason, they have a more significant threat of being tampered with. However, this tampering has two main types: pilferage and tampering by children. Fabricating the package to maximize the security of the product is the ideal way of packaging cannabis boxes.

The user’s tampering differs, and so does their motive. While some people tamper with the product to achieve a higher reason of illegal use or further illegal selling, others may tamper with it without aiming to harm the product keeper. Children fall in the latter category. Since they tend to play with everything put in their way, it is essential to protect the product from them. Developing safe product packaging is the key to inhibiting this from taking place.

Apart from the box itself, the tape used for securing the seal also plays a vital role in safeguarding the product. If the box material is sturdy but is packed with thin tape, the chances of tampering are elevated. To inhibit this, packaging manufacturers use stronger tape. One such type of tape being used is water-activated tape. This tape shows clear signs if someone tries to tamper with it. It is strong enough to ensure the safe packaging of cannabis products. Thus, it is widely used. People love the advantages of such a thing. So, they prefer to use it. 

 Safeguarding The Cannabis Inside

The next crucial factor is the protection rendered to the cannabis inside. It is essential to acknowledge the impact packaging has on the product. The variability in the type of packaging developed depends entirely upon the needs of the product itself. For instance, a fragile product will require sturdy and safe packaging with diminished negative space. Similarly, if the demands of cannabis packaging are fulfilled, the box is a success.

The list of demands depends upon the properties of cannabis. These properties are both physical and chemical. Storing cannabis in an environment that is ideal for sustaining it is crucial. If that environment is disrupted, it will ruin the cannabis itself. Standard humidity levels of 59-63 percent are the general value in air. If this exceeds, mold will grow on it. While developing the packaging, this factor should be kept into consideration. 

Enhancing The Impact By Designing Attractive Packaging

While designing the packaging, two key strategies are kept in mind: fulfilling the need and the demand. Need is the mandatory aspects to be fulfilled while the markets encompass the embellishments. The successful fabrication of cannabis boxes is an amalgamation of both of these. The decorations for these are dependent upon the form, shape, color, and typography used on the box. All these elements together make up the design of the box. The coherent design language is the core repentance of the brand. This coherency in design is achieved by using the design principles and elements to maximize the brand impact. 

Fulfilling Needs Of A Target Market

The retail price of a product entirely depends upon its demand in the market. Cannabis products are usually in high order. However, this relies on the type of product. The cannabis products differ in types depending upon their usage; two chief uses of cannabis include medicinal and leisure use. The effects used for medicine, such as medicinal marijuana, usually stay in high demand. The packaging of these holds less impact than the packages designed for leisure. The chief reason behind this is that medicinal cannabis is bought no matter what. However, the one used for peace attracts a different market. This market has both needs and demands. 

Labeling Of The Boxes

Designing informative labels for the packaging is crucial in cannabis packaging. This is because these labels convey information to the users regarding the manufacturing and usage of the boxes. Since overconsumption can be lethal, labeling is essential. Moreover, the components used in the product are also critical to its usage. 

Eco-Friendly Materiality

Global pollution is ever-increasing, and the packaging industry is a significant contributor. To inhibit any further damage, land pollution needs to be halted. Enterprises now realize the imminent threat lingering over their heads. If they keep using non-biodegradable materials, the decay will eventually destroy the planet.

Awareness campaigns are awakening the target market as well. More people prefer eco-friendly means over the other. For this reason, adopting a green approach is the means to boosting the sales of your cannabis products. Cardboard, corrugated, and e-flute sheets are one way of minimizing this. Cannabis packaging with eco-friendly materials is the key to stepping up the packaging game.