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SPC Flooring
SPC Flooring

 Reason For Buying SPC Flooring For Homes?

Today, there are so many floors being sold in the market you might have a hard time deciding which floor would be perfect for your home. But if you are planning to buy engineered wood flooring then this kind of branded floor is best for you because it has proven its quality and durability that no other floor can offer. Nowadays, the most popular engineered wood flooring is SPC flooring. The reason why many homeowners flock to this type of floor is that they trust its brand name as well as its features.

Below are some reasons why people love to put SPC flooring in their homes:

1. SPC Floors Offer Low-Cost Alternative Flooring

There are already numerous kinds of wood manufactured by big companies. But not all are made to achieve the highest quality. To be able to produce high-end engineered wood, letting go of some parts is inevitable due to its rarity. As a result, most wood flooring is sold with higher price tags which may put off homeowners who want durable floors but have limited budgets. On the other hand, SPC floors are made from reclaimed hardwood scraps and shavings treated using state-of-the-art technologies. Hence producing near-perfect wood flooring at a lower cost.

2. Environmentally Friendly

There are different reasons why people choose eco-friendly materials for their homes. Nowadays aside from just being conscious of Mother Nature’s condition. One reason is that these days’ buyers will always check. Whether or not there are harmful chemicals used in making the product before purchasing it.

SPC flooring is totally free from harmful chemicals that can affect your family’s health. It is made using recycled wood and the finishing applied won’t emit toxins into the air. Hence ensuring a healthier and safer living environment for you and your family.

3. Highly Customizable

People love customizing things especially their homes because they want to reflect their unique personalities through each part of their space. SPC flooring offers wooden planks that come in various choices of color, sizes as well as wood species. So homeowners can choose which one would go with the overall decor of the room where they’ll be installed. There are even some manufacturers who offer custom sizing or coloring of floor planks. Upon request, so buyers can make sure that they are really getting what is suitable for their tastes.

4. Offer Big Collection of Designs

These floors come with numerous wood species to choose from aside from being offered in different sizes and customizing options. Each kind of tree has its own distinct color, grain pattern, hardness level, and other qualities that can be enhanced once it is processed into a floor. Depending on the customer’s preference. There are three common types of engineered wood floors- hardwood which is also known as traditional-looking flooring material made from oak, maple, or birch. The laminate features the same look as hardwood but at a lower cost while high-end laminates have more variety when comes to style and design; and engineered wood which is also known as SPC flooring. Each type of engineered wood comes with its own benefits. Uses the most reclaimed hardwood material to keep up with environmental standards, and provides limitless choices in style and design.

5. Serves Different Functions for Your Home

Aside from providing beauty to your home, it can serve other functions such as acoustics or thermal regulation that cannot be offered by other materials. SPC floors are built to insulate sound, therefore, making a room quiet and peaceful. When someone is in there alone or even when every member of the family is in there having fun and enjoying each other’s company. These floors normally come with higher density levels which make them harder than solid woods hence they are very resistant to dents and scratches. They also provide a higher level of insulation hence making homes energy efficient.