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Custom Creal Boxes

Printing Procedures of Custom Cereal Boxes

Custom Cereal Boxes are sold worldwide, either with cereal inside or empty for customers to fill themselves. It is used for shipping, storage, and marketing the product and company image.

They contain details about the product they sell, including its:

Brand name

Nutritional value

The origin of ingredients (if applicable)


Manufacturing code/date

Stamp (for expiration monitoring purposes)

Ingredient list (in case of allergy concerns)

Health claims (if any)


Product description

Story/history of the brand name if available and applicable

Contact information

You can use cereal boxes as a marketing tool for the brand. It may contain 




Promotional products (such as temporary tattoos)

Discounts on future purchase/shipping fees if applicable

Phone numbers to call for free samples

Customer service inquiries (similar to toll-free numbers)

Pictures of previous customers that have tried the product if available

Awards received by the company selling the product, available and applicable, etc.

Latest Techniques for Printed Cereal Boxes

You can get Printed Cereal Boxes through several methods.

Digital Printing

Digital presses create “flat print” designs on paper materials. Printers transfer ink onto press plates which are then pressed against paper stock in high temperatures and under heavy pressure. The final step is to pass the paper stock through a dryer to set the inks.

It is excellent for short runs, quick turnaround times, and smaller orders in general. Artists, designers, and other individuals who create their cereal packaging also favor it.

Offset Printing

Offset printing uses a plate. It transfers ink from these plates directly onto rubber or steel cylinders. The cylinders then transfer this image onto paper materials. They fed through press machines under high temperatures and heavy pressure until the images were up to register. The final step is to pass the paper stock through a dryer to set the inks. It holds the colors better than on digital print istanbul escort jobs.

Other printer types include:



Relief printing

Gravure printing (used for silk screening purposes)

They are more common among larger companies because they are slow. Their capabilities are limited when working with materials other than paper stocks.

Custom cereal box printing services provide their customers with a wide range of options. Some of these include:

Full-Color Printing Or Four-Color Process (CMYK)

You can use this method on any material surface and include shades of any color and gradients/tints. The set-up fee is usually higher for this process. Companies have to use special metal plates to print full-color cereal boxes.

Graphic designers and artists prefer full-color digital prints. They can output large-format images without worrying about the size constraints that other options may encounter. However, there is a risk that colors printed through this may not hold up against exposure to sunlight or moisture and offset printed jobs.

One Color – Spot Color Printing (Tone On Tone Printing)

It uses only one ink color throughout the entire design. It is often an option for small firms. More reasonable than 4 color printing. However, you must print all colors in the design using separate plates. It avoids creating fuzzy lines or streaks in between two neighboring colors.

Black And White Printing 

It uses only black ink throughout the design. It has no shades or gradients/tints allowed. This printing is typically reserved for simple designs for children. Most likely, these cereal boxes give away as prizes at schools, etc. The set-up fee with this printing job is usually lower than full-color printing.

Duotone Printing

You can use it to print designs with a black and white or grayscale photo as the focal point of the design. However, this is not suitable for all images. It requires professional graphic design services to ensure proper execution. Otherwise, it produces unbalanced results.

Negative (Reverse) Image Technique 

Refers to printing an image onto the paper stock. It appears as if the colors are transparent when viewed from behind. Allows to underly textual info on the same page. It appears legible from both sides without bright colors or tricky parts of design layouts. For example, you can use this strategy with a picture with a light backdrop or a gradient overlay.

Die Cutting, Or Laser Cutting Options 

It allows cutting irregular shapes or rectangular windows into printed sheet stocks. This way, you can display more than one design element at once on either side of a box. It includes:



Other objects placed onto the customized packaging

The paper stock that makes up each sheet is thick enough to handle the extra cuts.

Spot varnish/UV coating 

It refers to adding glossy or matte sheen layers to designs. It increases durability and resistance against moisture damage by applying multiple coats of specially blended inks. You cannot use it on all projects. It adds value to certain designs, such as photographs or other high-contrast images.

It depends on how much you want your Cereal Boxes Wholesale printing order done. The price is usually based on the number of colors in the design. Regardless of whether it uses the CMYK technique or any other process mentioned above! Another factor affecting prices is the quality and durability required for each job. This may necessitate more expensive printing inks or coatings.