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online writing aids
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Online writing aids for University Assignments UKs Students Can Use


Online writing aids help write university assignments. These tools make the writing process convenient. Students can use these online writing aids to shorten their writing time and enhance their writing. Online writing aids have different uses, and their utilisation depends upon the help you need in writing. Students want to make sure that there are no grammatical, punctuation and spelling mistakes in their writing. Also, students need assistance in formulating proper sentences and phrases with the right words that naturally fit in the context. Online writing aids help you write smoothly and facilitate the writing process. This article will provide a credible list of online writing aids you can use for university assignments.

What are some helpful online writing aids for university assignments?


Grammarly is among the most valuable and helpful online writing aids for university assignments and writing in general. It is a writing assistant tool that checks grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. Also checks monotonous sentences, words used out of context, squinting modifiers, excessive use of passive voice, and much more. It uses artificial intelligence and cloud computing to identify the mistakes and correct them. Tool helps you bring clarity, engagement, and proper delivery to your writing.

You can customise the style and tone of your language in the settings’ section. You can use the online version of Grammarly and also download the desktop version. Grammarly also provides the option of an MS Word plug-in. It helps you identify and correct mistakes while you are writing. Online writing aids like Grammarly enhance your writing skills and get your message across. It wins you applause and recognition from your peers and professors.

Grammarly has three versions depending on the features they provide. Grammarly has the following versions.

Free Version

The free version is the most basic. It only allows you to correct the spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes.


The premium version of Grammarly is an upgraded version for individuals. It focuses on the style and tone and brings clarity to your assignments. The Premium version is priced at $12 per month for one user. It provides the following options:

  • Clarity in your sentences
  • Concise sentences
  • Sentence variety
  • Fluency
  • Diverse word choice
  • Plagiarism detection
  • Formality in writing

You can choose the settings before editing the document. Grammarly will make the changes based on your settings.

Business Version

The business version of Grammarly is for businesses and professional writing teams. Business version is available for working in teams. The business version costs $15 per month. Business version provides advanced features coupled with the above-mentioned options.


Lingle is among the top online writing aids to help you write university assignments. Search engine that retrieves results specifically about grammar and linguistics. You can retrieve a collection of word choices, their usage, and collocations to incorporate them into your assignments. It helps develop your ideas more organically and formally for your assignments. It retrieves results from Google Web. Your search queries can comprise keywords and synonyms for collecting a bundle of word choices.

Retrieves the synonym choices based on the concept of the query you enter in the search bar. Also retrieves specimen sentences from The New York Times. The most efficient online writing aids that provide you with help and support in your writing process. Writing university assignments requires taking care of grammar, kayaşehir escort punctuation, prepositions, subject-verb agreement and coherence between the sentences. It provides suggestions for using prepositions, usage of determiners and usage of words in context.

Academic Phrasebank

Academic Phrasebank is among the top online writing aids. Sentences in academic writing require the usage of suitable phrases and phrasal verbs. The phrasing of the sentences has a crucial role in sentence construction. It facilitates the writers to convey their ideas coherently. Academic Phrasebank is the right online tool for you that provides specimen phrases. Based on the context, you can incorporate these specimen phrases in your writing assignment. Both native and non-native speakers of English can benefit from Academic Phrasebanks.

Academic Phrasebank provides you with the phrasal suggestions that you can use to organise your academic assignments. But Academic Phrasebank provides the suggestions only. You will have to be creative and innovative about using the phrases in their appropriate context. Academic Phrasebank does not cater to any specific discipline, but the phrasal suggestions are generic and neutral. You also do not have to worry about plagiarism because the phrases are generic. You are not stealing someone’s ideas.

Academic Phrasebank is among the reliable online writing aids. It extracts the phrases from credible sources. Academic Phrasebank collects sources from dissertations and academic articles of multiple disciplines. Academic Phrasebank provides you with the following writing features to incorporate into your assignments:

  • Neutral and balanced language
  • Critical language
  • Language for classification and listing
  • Language for compares and contrast
  • Vocabulary and phrases for defining terms
  • Phrases for explaining causality
  • Words for describing data trends, quantities and providing examples
  • Language for signalling transition
  • Language for compares and contrast


Ozdic is one of the top-notch online writing aids that help you find appropriate words and phrases for your assignments. You can use Ozdic to write fluently and express your thoughts easily. The Ozdic dictionary has the following features:

  • Combination of words and their incorporation in academic writing enhance the meaning of the words. You can choose from 150,000 collocations and use them in your writing. For each headword, ozdic provides suggestions for nouns, adjectives, adverbs and prepositions. You can also incorporate common phrases in your writing.
  • Ozdic retrieves information from British National Corpus. It also extracts words and phrases from credible sources on the Internet.
  • Ozdic also provides 50,000 specimen examples showing how to use collocations in context. It also provides suggestions for the grammar and tone of the phrases and collocations.


Online writing aids are helpful when it comes to academic writing. University assignments require well-written texts with appropriate grammar, style, and word choices. The usage of online writing aids brings clarity and variation to your writing. Internet composing helps are useful with regards to scholastic composition. College tasks require elegantly composed texts with suitable language, style, and word decisions. The use of web based composing helps carries clearness and variety to your composition.