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New Devices To Install While Constructing Your New House

When people construct their new house, they want it to be flawless and stylish. To make your home aesthetically pleasing and functional as well, you should consider installing some new technology devices such as air conditioning systems during the construction process.

To install the latest technology Ac in your house, you should take the help of professionals like air conditioning Sydney contractors.  Some important devices which you must install to make your house a smart home are listed below:

Electric Wiring

When your home will have smart devices, then it will automatically increase the lifespan of your place. While wiring your house, you should choose the right data cables and electric wires to easily accommodate new technology.

Ranging from lighting to heating, to entertainment, everything will be controlled by the wiring network in your house. It is very important to ensure that you have an appropriate data connection in every room of your house. It will let you stream high-quality videos and audio.

Home Security System

The new technology home security systems with a digital camera can monitor people entering and going out of the house. While constructing your new home, you should install this new technology security system. You have to install sensors at different positions such as windows, doors, and many more. This new technology security device will send information on your phone and you can monitor your home from anywhere.


Home damage due to water leaking problems is faced by most homeowners. The new technology plumbing devices such as PipeBurstPro will stop the supply of water from the source when leakage is detected. Consequently, your home will be protected from any kind of leakage damage.

The BrainPipes help in monitoring the pipers, toilets, faucets, and all other water-consuming appliances to make sure that there is no leakage. The new IoT-based technology will help in detecting the changes in the pressure change, leakages and quickly send a message on your phone. Also, it helps in shutting off the supply sources to stop leakage.

Water Heating Appliances

Gone are the days when water heats with tanks over were used. Nowadays, intelligent home buyers prefer to buy tankless water heaters. With the help of these heaters, you can easily get hot water whenever you need it.

The old-fashioned water heaters will help in keeping water at a constant temperature and also help in consuming a huge amount of energy to do this. This new water heating appliance is a must in every new constructing home.


Just like various other systems, faucets have also observed significant change and upgrade. Have you ever seen faucets that can turn on by just waving your hand? These types of faucets will let you wash your hands without creating a mess on the tap handles. These kinds of faucets are very useful in the kitchen, garage, and bathroom.


The old-style toilets have also undergone a huge change. With the upgrade in technology, touchless toilets are available which help in using only the required amount of water to properly flush out waste.

Also, the new technology toilets let you adjust the seat according to your approach, automatically flush waster, do not flush when plugged, protect from overflowing, etc. The top-grade toilets include dryers, bidet, self-cleaning, seat warmers, and many more. Some toilets also have Bluetooth and these toilets can play music.

Clothes Washing System

The washing machines consume a huge amount of water. In the last few years, smart washing machines have entered the market while not just give you super clean clothes, but also save water. In the last few years, various new smart washers have entered the market which let you save precious water.

These smart washers add water according to the weight of the clothes and properly wash them. These washers do not have post agitators and are based on the centrifugal force for spinning out water for drying clothes.

HVAC Systems

In HVAC or ducted air conditioning systems, ducts carry the cool air from one place to another. These ducts are installed in the roofs of the house. Therefore, it is a good idea to install the HVAC roofs while constructing your new house. Installing ducts in the already constructed home is a little difficult.

Therefore, you should complete the installation process while constructing the new home. You should take the help of professionals in your area like ducted air conditioning Sydney contractors.

Smart Lighting

Among various smart home appliances, the smart lighting system is growing significantly. When your smart LED lights are integrated with smartphones and sensors, then you can easily control their operation from your phone. Also, you can control the smart lights with voice commands. Some new technology lights also learn your patten and atomically turn off/on as per your needs.