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Medical Marijuana Experts Naples
Medical Marijuana Experts Naples

Medical Marijuana and its benefits on Skin Conditions

My Florida Green is one of the most trusted and established Marijuana centers in Sarasota, Naples, Melbourne, and St. Petersburg. Many patients are trusting them with their Medical Marijuana journey. In My Florida Green, their experts will guide you throughout the treatment duration to ensure you get the correct dosage and product to suit your needs for Medical Marijuana Experts Naples.

Benefits of Medical Marijuana in managing skin infections

Dry skin is the primary cause of skin itching and irritations, although other underlying causes, like ringworm, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, etc. can also cause skin problems. Moisturizers help momentarily, but the itch comes back after a while, making it very difficult to treat. Cannabinoids in Medical Marijuana are able to provide relief to many patients suffering from chronic skin issues. Marijuana shows its healing power by its ability to bind to some skin receptors.

However, these Medical Marijuana topicals are localized, and you can only get the effect on the location the lotion/cream is applied to. If you are looking to get a systemic effect instead of localized relief, you can go for a hot bath or to the spa with CBD-derived spa products. Spa with Medical Marijuana Card Melbourne derived products touches your whole skin surface and gives total relief to the skin itches.

Medical Marijuana is also effective against fungal infections. Fungal infections are difficult to manage, so few medications are available which can completely kill the fungi. However, some scientists believe that there is a potential treatment option with Medical Marijuana. The CBD component in Medical Marijuana is proving to be effective in reducing fungal infections.

Medical Marijuana Card Melbourne
Medical Marijuana Card Melbourne

How does Medical Marijuana Experts Naples work on the skin

Besides the active component, CBD, which is effective against fungal infections, there are some other elements in the species Cannabis Sativa that are being identified as effective against fungal infections. These components, cannabigerol (CBG) and cannabichromene (CBC) work together with CBD to treat mycosis. The atomic composition of these components is responsible for their advantages against fungi. They contain hydrogen and oxygen atoms that are oxidative. So, when they contact the fungi cells, they oxidize the cells, rendering them incapable of growing and multiplying in the host skin cells.

Different Medical Marijuana products are available now in Florida dispensaries and can be purchased with a Florida Marijuana Card. My Florida Green has developed a secure digital platform that allows patients to complete their Marijuana Doctor Sarasota certification process within a few weeks.

My Florida Green is offering smart and efficient services

However, you must liaise with your specialist physician in My Florida Green to guide you through the treatment process. Also, and ensure you use the right Medical Marijuana product. If you self-medicate with products not recommended by your physician, you might not get the desired results.

To start the process, fill out an intake form on My Florida Green’s website. You will then set an appointment for an evaluation with a Medical Marijuana Doctor. My Florida Green connects patients with highly-rated professionals in Sarasota and numerous other locations including Naples, Melbourne, and Saint Petersburg. You can contact their team today and start your Marijuana journey.