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Export O365 shared mailbox to PST

Learn how to Export O365 Shared Mailbox to PST In A Secure Manner

According to a recent survey, around 95% of Microsoft’s commercial users export O365 shared mailbox to PST file format to keep a copy of their online data files locally.

When the need is so huge & millions of people perform this operation, it’s quite obvious that they face plenty of challenges in order to successfully complete the process.

The reason that they face challenges is that the operation involves technicalities, & naive users aren’t aware of such in-depth technical knowledge.

In this write-up, we are going to study the factors that cause the needs, solutions, the best & reliable approach, and a step-by-step demonstration of the process. We’ll end this article with a short and precise conclusion.

What Are The Needs to Export Shared Mailbox to PST

We must consider that there can be several reasons to export the shared mailboxes, and they can vary from organization to organization.

Audit & Legal Purposes
There are times when a company has to go through audits, these can be regular planned audits and also the surprised ones.
In such scenarios, the company has to present the data to the auditors. Evidently, if the company does not have an extra copy of their data files, it’ll be difficult for them to handle the situation.

Apart from audits, there can be other legal proceedings when the company needs to present data files in a court of law.
Without an extra copy, how can they present the evidence?
This is a major reason why companies need to export shared mailbox to PST & have to keep multiple copies of their data in offline systems and other storage devices.

To Maintain Data Integrity
Scenarios like cyberattacks or ransomware attacks to be precise are a threat to data integrity. Hacking is also one of the serious issues users are facing nowadays. Evidently, these attacks can be really fatal and hold the potential to severely damage any business.

That’s where users need extra copies of their data stored with them. This is one of the reasons to export the O365 shared mailbox to PST.

To End Dependency on Microsoft
Sometimes users feel that they are totally dependent on Microsoft to control their data and they do not have their data with them.
Furthermore, in some cases where users need to save space on their Microsoft account, they want to keep the data required in long term in offline storage devices.

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What Are The Possible Solutions We Have?

Basically, there are just three possible solutions through which we can perform this task. Two of them are conventional methods and one is the modern method. Let’s quickly have a look at these methods.

PowerShell Method
If you are planning to opt for this PowerShell method, let me clarify at the beginning, that this is a difficult method for naive users.

This method demands great command over PowerShell scripts and users without having the technical knowledge of PowerShell will not be able to perform the task.

E-discovery method
This method is comparatively much easier than the PowerShell method as it provides a GUI to make things happen in the front end.

This feature is provided to us by Microsoft but it is very lengthy. There are plenty of steps where users can find themselves confused.

This method also has some errors like the PST Export button is sometimes missing, in some cases, the export can not finish even if you left it overnight to complete.

Modern Method
Now the modern methods are some professional specially designed tools that can perform these tasks of exporting smoothly without tampering with the security of your data.

These tools are 99.9 successful and there are not any reported issues of failure. So, this method is safe and reliable. The only thing you have to consider is which tool is perfect to choose.

The Best Possible Solution to Export O365 Shared Mailbox to PST

As we discussed above that the best method out of all three possible solutions, is the modern approach. Now we will discuss which is the best tool to select and how does it work to make our task easier than before.

If you want to export your files to PST format, download the Most Secure & Trusted Office 365 email export tool. This tool works the best way to solve the user query. So, if you opt for this approach, you can get plenty of extra helpful utilities that other tools don’t provide.

Step-1. Download & launch the software, then simply enter your login credentials.
If you want to export O365 to PST for multiple users, click on the “Is Admin” checkbox and enter admin credentials.
Export O365 shared mailbox to PST step-1
Step-2. The tool shows the folder hierarchy of the respective user ID & if you’ve entered the admin credentials, you’ll get to see the list of all the users under that admin Id.
Step-3. Select the file format in which you want to export data(.pst /.msg /.eml), then select the categories you want to export.
You can set the size limit in which you want to split your PST files.

[Note-Click on the checkbox of mails to export shared mailboxes automatically]

Step-4. Adjust the Date filter according to your requirement to export only the selective data.

Step-5. Click on the Start button at the bottom right corner to start the possess.

At last, you can generate the export report to analyze your exported data later.


After learning the needs, possible solutions, & step-by-step guide, we know how to export the O365 shared mailbox to PST file format. If you want to perform the same operation in the near future, this article can be beneficial for you.

The final verdict is that the above-mentioned professional tool can transfer your Office 365 files in the desired file format. Moreover, this tool also maintains data integrity which makes it safe than other available options.

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