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Kitchen knives

Kitchen Knives and their Importance

It is convenient that you know the world of Damascus Steel Kitchen Knives to save time when preparing recipes, as well as knowing which one to choose at all times. In this article, we will explain the different types of knives that exist so that you can use them according to the needs of your recipes.

Use knives well

In addition to being essential that your kitchen appliances work well to get the most out of your recipes, there are other tools in the kitchen that make you a kitchenette. Damascus Steel Kitchen Knives are a fundamental element to optimize your time on the stove.

The world of the knife is a whole universe to discover and the kitchen knife is, without a doubt, a chef’s best friend in every restaurant in the world. But also at home, have you ever tried to peel a pumpkin with a blunt knife? Well, that.

How do you know if a kitchen knife is good?

recipe tatin pears

Among these essential elements is the practical cooking knife, but we inform you that not all of them will offer you the same qualities. If you wonder how you can differentiate the quality of this type of product, there are different factors that will help you distinguish a good knife from the rest:

Some Factor of Damascus Steel Kitchen Knives

  • Stainless base material. A good knife has to be strong and maybe a small investment at first, but it can be a lifetime investment. A stainless steel knife will prevent corrosion of the material when it comes into contact with raw materials.
  • The most popular material is steel. For many reasons, steel (stainless, Damascus, carbon…) is the most common base material and the one that probably best suits your needs at home. Steel knives are durable and tend to stay sharp for a long time. In any case, it is also an important quality that when sharpening it recovers its cutting capacity with relative ease. The goal is to make your kitchen work easier and cleaner.
  • A knife has to have a balance weight between the blade and handle and,   although it sounds a bit like the Crusades, it has to be comfortable to hold.
  • Mangoes? Preferably made of wood.

When in doubt, ask a professional. If you buy your knife in a store specializing in kitchen products or in this type of article, no one better to tell you the quality of the knives, which one you should choose according to your needs and the reasons why.

Kitchen and safety knives

Although it seems paradoxical, a knife that is well sharpening will be much safer than one that is not, and you will have less chance of getting scared by cuts.

kitchen knives

To sharpen it, you can buy an electric or manual sharpener to have at home or look for a sharpener in your neighborhood, professionals who will leave your knives like new. For you to keep in mind, key copy stores and shoemakers also often offer this service.

Important Factor for Damascus Steel Kitchen Knives

Another important factor for you to cook well and avoid accidents is that you know the correct cutting position. Make sure the knife rests on your knuckles while hiding your fingers from behind. In this way, it is practically impossible for you to hurt yourself. And yes, with a little practice, you will cut at the speed of the best online tutorials you have seen in this quarantine.

Knife maintenance is very basic, but essential so as not to reduce their effectiveness. Here are some tips so that the knives that you have in your home do not wear out and keep for a long time:

Tips for Knife in Home

  • Never put them in the dishwasher. Hand washes and dry thoroughly before storing.
  • To prevent them from colliding with each other, because they may stop being sharp, we recommend that you place them on a kitchen block. You can also install a magnetic bar on the wall closest to the work surface (not advisable if you have children, moderately advisable to impose extra respect for visitors).
  • Always cut on a wooden or synthetic board to cushion the impact, and it’s not a mother’s obsession, it really is not so difficult to remove the table from the drawer and use it instead of cutting directly on the countertop (yes, we have all done it some once cutting fuet, but well, well, it is not).
  • If you want to take the knife to the field or to the beach, for example, it is convenient that you use a briefcase, the original packaging if it is suitable or similar to transport it.

A basic list of kitchen knives

Each knife is designed to offer a specific function and, if you can differentiate them, they will make your tasks much easier. We tell you some of the most important that you will find in the market:

1. The  chef’s knife, also call a chef’s knife, is a multipurpose element widely used in food preparation. It is very versatile, as it is used for a huge variety of culinary techniques.

2. The  Japanese chef’s knife, also known as santoku, is very similar to the chef’s knife, but they differ in that the former has the shape of the straightest blade and the movements, instead of being from top to bottom, are performed by sliding front to back.

3. The lace is an indispensable tool in the kitchen. It is characterized by presenting a narrow blade, approximately seven centimeters, and ending in a point. You can use it to peel, shape food, and make small cuts.

4. The ham holder is specially designed to cut ham. Its narrow but flexible blade is 40 cm long.

5. The carver is made up of a long, triangle-shaped blade. It is designed to cut portions from a large piece of meat.

kitchen knives

6. The macheta or ax is the typical tool used in butchers and fishmongers to chop large pieces, cut bones or flatten fillets.

7. The saw blade usually has a long, toothy blade, perfect for bread and foods that “slip”, for example, tomatoes.

kitchen knives

8. The pitter has a sharp, thin point. As it is only 12 cm long, it is very handy to be inserted into narrow cavities to extract the bones of the pieces of meat or the bones of the fish.

9. The filleting machine is useful, as its name suggests, to cut meat or fish fillets so that you can get clean portions. It has a long, flexible blade with a smooth edge.

10. The electric one is ideal for you to chop delicate pieces because it is very powerful and with a single gesture you will achieve your goal. It has two parallel blades that slide in the opposite direction.


In conclusion, now that you know all the kitchen knives that exist on the market, it will be much easier for you to include them in your daily cooking tools and you will save precious time. It’s a bit like going from black and white to color television, it seems to be the same but believe us, cooking a new experience with a good knife.