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unlock print option in PDF file

How to Unlock Print Option in PDF File?

Summary: Here, you will learn about how to unlock print option in PDF file by using both manual and professional solution. We will take you through step by step explanation that you can opt to unlock secured PDFs with accurate results.

First, we will see the basics of PDF Format

Basically, PDF file format is extensively used for sharing confidential data info. as it keeps your file secure. You can protect PDF files by locking them with a password. There are two types of secure PDFs: user-locked, which means you need a password to view the contents. 

On the contrary, there is an owner-locked PDF, which means you need a password to copy, print, or modify the PDF’s contents.

If user want to print a password-protected PDF file, first you need to unlock the password that is having owner-level security.We are going to discuss the manual techniques first that allow you to unlock PDF print küçükçekmece escort lock.

How to Print a Secured PDF Document Manually?

  1. Using Adobe Acrobat
  2. Using Google Chrome

Using Adobe Acrobat to Unlock Print Option in PDF File  

To remove the PDF print lock, use the Adobe Acrobat Pro application. It is a software program that is used to manage PDF documents. Adobe Acrobat Pro application comes with many features such as securing or unlocking the PDF, splitting, merging, or editing.

Follow the below steps to unlock PDF for print:

  • First, open the File in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC application.
  • Choose Tools > Protect > Encrypt > Remove Security.
  • As the file has a permissions password,  >> Enter Password.
  • Lastly, click OK

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Using Google Chrome to Remove PDF Print Lock 

Google Chrome is the only browser in which you can use the “Print” feature to remove the owner password from your PDF document.

Look at the steps to unlock PDF and print.

  • Open Google Chrome >> go to
  • Tap New in the top right of the Google Drive Window. Click on the File Upload to select your PDF >> OK 
  • You’ll need to enter a password if your PDF is user-locked >> Submit to view its contents.
  • Press Ctrl+P (Windows) to print the PDF document, once the PDF opens.

Drawbacks of Manual Solutions to Unlock Print Option in PDF File

  1. Using the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, you have to purchase its subscription and it is very costly
  2. Google chrome process is a very time-taking procedure if you have tons of PDF documents.

Expert Solution to Print a Password Protected PDF Files

PDF File Unlocker is professional software that allows users to remove security restrictions from PDF. It can unlock PDF files for printing, editing, copying, and extracting pages. Additionally, it allows removing restrictions for comment, sign, document assembly, and form filling in PDF files. Moreover, it supports Windows 10 & all below versions.

Free Download

Significance of Using Advanced Software

  • It can remove owner-level security and unlock PDF restrictions.
  • It can restrict multiple PDF files in batch
  • Users can easily remove PDF Signing, Document Assembly, and Comment Restrictions
  • The software maintains the data file integrity and originality of the PDF files.
  • It does not require Adobe Acrobat to remove PDF document restrictions

Unlock PDF Print Lock Instantly

Follow the below simple steps to remove PDF print protection.

Before anything else, you have to download the software. After the successful downloading process, now, install & run the software in your system.

  1. After that, press “Add Files / Add Folder” to add PDF files for removing PDF print protection
  2. Next, tap Change button and choose the destination location >> Unlock
  3. Lastly, the process completion notification has been displayed

Final Verdict

In this write-up, you have learned how to unlock print option in PDF File by using multiple techniques. We have introduced both manual & automated solutions to remove PDF print locks. However, the manual method has certain drawbacks, so in order to overcome those, we have provided a professional solution. With this, you can easily enable the print option in my PDF. In addition, the functionality of the tool is so easy that even non-technical users can remove PDF print restrictions easily.