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How to make your Style Statement by incorporating minor changes?

The urban Indian woman has come a long way from wearing traditional dresses and likes to experiment with the latest designs and trends. Today’s woman likes the kind of fashion that suits her body and is comfortable as well. Western casual wear is very popular with working women who are conscious of their looks and the clothes they wear. Stylish and trendy dresses are an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe. It is not necessary to buy expensive clothes all the time. By making subtle changes to the designs, you can make a lasting impression on everyone you meet. For example, by simply changing the design of the collar female  can make a style statement of her own.

Fashion is an art wherein a woman expresses herself through her clothing. To create a beautiful piece of clothing, you need to know the fundamental sewing concepts and how to incorporate small changes to create an authentic design that is beautiful as well as comfortable. Of course! You don’t need to create something from scratch; you can include minor changes that change the look of the garment completely. These may include cuts, textures, designs, pockets, and even collars.

People generally do not pay much attention to the collar alone but put together with finesse along with other details it helps in creating a unique piece of clothing that instantly catches the eye.

Here are a few popular collar designs for women’s clothing that can be used to create stunning outfits.

Mandarin Collar –

This type of collar is small, standing, and unfolded. It has a little opening in the front and has been inspired by Mongol culture. It looks very elegant and since it is high, you don’t need to wear any necklace with it.

Peter Pan Collar –

This collar is big, flat, and curved around the neckline. It’s a timeless design that is popular worldwide for ages. It makes your neck look long and is commonly seen in blouses and shirts. It looks very charming and has a certain appeal in istanbul escort itself.

Jabot Collar –

This design is inspired by the nineteenth-century French monarchs who used to sport big ruffled collars. This type of collar has ruffles, lace, or pleats down the front of the shirt and is extremely showy and eye-catching.

Puritan Collar –

A puritan collar is big and flat and reaches up to your shoulders. It is commonly seen in old-style dresses and blouses.

Shawl Collar –

It is a round collar with a V-neckline that creates lapels while running from shoulder to shoulder. This type of collar is mostly seen in formal dresses and outfits. Its timeless appeal is irresistible and is popular with women of all tastes. You can wear any kind of jewelry with this, without giving it a second thought.

Besides these, certain other collars like the round, notched, or classic collar are commonly used in formal shirts that are worn with a suit. You can choose any of the above best collar design and create a unique dress that complements your looks.