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How to choose the right restaurant for you?

Globalization has made it really hard to choose a restaurant. But don’t worry! With so many restaurants that cater out there, I’ve created this list of questions for you that will help in your decision-making process when picking where to go next time you’re looking at grabbing some food on the town.

Question 1: “Is there a menu?”

This question is probably one of the most important ones since it has a major impact on your choice and also affects how good or bad an experience can be at said place.

Not having any menu or not being allowed to look at it will guarantee frustration both for you and the waiters, which might ruin your dining experience.

Also, it has been proven that people are more likely to enjoy their time in a restaurant when they are able to see what they will be eating beforehand.

Question 2: “Where are the restaurants that cater located?”

This obviously also affects your choice greatly since if you live in New York City but want to go out for dinner with some friends who live as far as Greenland probably won’t end up very good.

This issue can’t really be solved unless you’re willing to either spend more money on transportation or give up on going out altogether.

That’s why it’s way easier and cheaper just to choose a place nearby and/or easily accessible for everyone.

Question 3: “Is there a dress code?”

Although many people don’t pay too much attention to this, it can be pretty important since you might not have anything appropriate to wear. 

Even though requiring formal clothing isn’t really necessary, some sort of uniform is generally advised for the sake of preventing discomfort caused by wearing something that’s uncomfortable or completely opposite of what others are wearing.

While I’m writing about this matter, let me just remind you that if it rains outside and everyone goes inside.

While you’re still out there in your brand new suit thinking about how good-looking you are while getting drenched in the rain.

Well, at least you’ll look fashionable while being miserable.

Question 4: “How long does it take until I get seated?”

This is something that can really annoy anyone and it’s what usually causes the final decision.

Having to wait too long for a table, no matter how good your food might be, simply ruins everything.

That’s why, when you’re making plans with friends, this question should always come to mind since it definitely has an impact on your choice of restaurant.

Although some people say that they enjoy waiting in line because it gives them a chance to hang out with their friends.

Most take the opposite route and claim that if they wanted to spend time with someone else, they would have invited them in the first place.

Question 5: “Is there a buffet?”

Unless you have a serious case of gluttony or want to treat yourself for something, a buffet isn’t really the best choice since you’re basically letting someone else do all the work of preparing your food for you.

In some cases, this might be beneficial, but it’s only good for those who are short on time and need to eat as quickly as possible so they can get going again.

Question 6: “Are there any discounts?”

Well, this question doesn’t exactly affect your choice, but it would definitely be a nice addition if there were some kind of promotion or discount that you could use in order to save some money.

As I always say: “Money is money”. Although not all restaurants that cater have discounts, there are usually at least some shops that provide some sort of discount, so it would be a good idea to ask and see if they do before making your final decision.

Question 7: “What is the wait time?”

This question can’t really be answered unless you actually call the restaurant and ask someone at the other end of the line, but it’s definitely one that should be taken into consideration due to how annoying long waiting times can get.

The best way to solve this issue is to dine out during an off-peak time or just not go there during rush hours where everyone else does.

Question 8: “Is there a separate menu for children?”

Although many people claim that kids are just small adults, their dietary needs are usually completely different.

That’s why it’s always best to ask if there is a separate menu for children or not since it might have food that you wouldn’t want your little one to eat.

Another good option would be to take them with you once so you can see what they have available before making any final decisions about bringing your child along the next time.

Question 9: “What are the restaurant hours?”

Just like most other places, restaurants are usually open during certain hours.

If you go there too early or too late, then either you’ll end up waiting to get in (if the place isn’t open yet) or leave (if it is closed).

Question 10: “Is there parking nearby?”

The next time you’re looking for a parking space, don’t forget that not all restaurants that cater and may have their own lot or spaces within walking distance.

You’ll also want to consider the possibility of finding one on nearby streets until such an option is available if theirs isn’t present in-house.