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How to access Google gravity and Google underwater?

Google is the Internet’s King. It gets almost 2.4 million searches in less than 60 seconds, and that was just the last time I checked. You can bet that the figures have risen and will continue to climb in the future. I’m referring to a business that exudes professionalism in every way. But, like everyone else, Google has a sense of humour and enjoys making people laugh with pranks such as Google Easter Eggs, Google Gravity, Google Anti-Gravity, Google Gravity Sphere, and Google Gravity Underwater, among others.

Google may have as much fun as they want with everything they do to make our lives easier. What would it be like if you had to be solemn all of the time?

Because Google understands that there are moments when you need to get down to business, it will not perform its pranks on a regular basis. That is why you must seek them out. The good news is that Google makes it easy to find entertaining Google pranks like Google Easter Eggs and Google Gravity. So, if you need to unwind after a long day at work, I’m confident that these Google Gravity pranks will make you chuckle.

Google Gravity

Google Gravity is a 2009 Google gimmick that you can notice in the search engine. It’s written in javascript, and you can see it by visiting some third-party websites or searching directly on Google. You’ll need a browser that doesn’t have Google Instant Results enabled, which you can do in a few simple steps.

Sign in to your browser and type into the URL box. Select Never Show Instant Results from the Google Instant Prediction menu, which should be at the top. If you neglect to save your modifications at the bottom, the trick will not work.

Now, in the address bar, put as you normally would. Select I’m Feeling Lucky from Google Gravity. Wait a few seconds and you’ll see how the search engine crashes. If you want to make things even more complicated, click on any element and release the mouse button to throw it across the screen. You are free to toss them around as much as you want.

Wait about a minute for things to return to normal if you need to search for something. If you’re in a rush, you may also open another tab and begin searching from there.

Google Gravity Sphere

I could leave out Google Gravity Sphere while we’re on the subject of Google Gravity. There is a sphere involved, as the name implies, which is produced by web content. All of these pieces will spin around in a spherical pattern, attempting to impress you.

This Google trick will provide you with a 3D web experience, and it’s a fun trick to show the kids. If you needed to look for something, you wouldn’t be able to do so using these methods because they won’t allow it. Who cares, it’ll still be entertaining to look at.

By sliding the mouse cursor across the sphere, you can control the direction in which it spins. Think about opposites to figure out how to pin it in the desired direction. Swipe right to the left if you want to spin it to the right. Swipe left to right if you want to spin it to the left.

Place the mouse cursor in the centre of the sphere to stop it. By dragging the pointer in certain directions, you may even move it up and down. The sphere will not rotate up or down, but will move in those directions somewhat.

Apart from the aforementioned, Google Sphere has no other capabilities. Although you won’t be able to do anything with it, don’t stare at it for too long or you’ll become dizzy. Allow me to issue a warning.

Google Anti-Gravity

You can picture what Google Anti-Gravity does if the Google search engine falls with Google Gravity, right? If you’ve ever enjoyed watching people and items in space float around, you’ll enjoy Google Anti-Gravity because everything will float around here as well.

When you initially come, everything will be in its proper place, but they will gradually begin to drift around. Nothing you do will be able to stop them from flying away. The only thing you can do is have fun and fling the object about so that it floats around as if it were in space instead of falling.

This is an excellent prank to play on someone who is unaware of its existence. You might have a hard time finding someone who hasn’t heard of it, but if you do, you’ll have the perfect prank to perform on them and convince them that they’ve ruined your computer.

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Google Underwater

I used to have an aquarium, and I used to adore sitting in front of it watching the fish swim. It may not sound thrilling, but trust me when I say it can be quite calming. Meet Google Underwater if you adore aquariums and want to watch one from the comfort of your own computer.

This transforms your screen into an aquarium filled with sharks and other strange-looking fish. You’ll see practically everything in an aquarium, including sand, starfish, and, of course, water.

These clicks will cause small or large waves, which will cause everything to move around. No matter how hard you try, the Google logo, buttons, or search bar will not sink to the bottom. They’ll float around on top of the water, waiting for you to look for something.

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