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smoke shop business tips

How smoke Shops can increase their sales and make huge profits?

How smoke Shops can increase their sales and make huge profits?

As we all know the smoke shop business is highly competitive these days all over the United States.  It is getting difficult for smoke shops owners to increase their sales and earn huge profits. So, we have come up with some business tips we believe can help smoke shop owners to increase their sales and maximize profits.

Smoke Shops Business Tips:

These are a few business tips that are sure to help smoke shops increase their sales and make huge profits

Open Doors:

The open door to your store is a personal invitation to the customer saying “Come in”. A neon sign or a simple poster that says store opening hours are bad and can frustrate motorists. Seeing an open door is a friendly and hospitable way to encourage people to come in and see. This simple move has resulted in a 30% increase in sales. During the summer and winter months when the weather matters, a sandwich panel or a freestanding panel works just as well. It’s important to give customers a visual invitation that you’re open and that they’ll appreciate walking into your store.

Exceed customer expectations:

Now that a potential customer has entered your store, it’s important to make that person feel welcome. A friendly greeting (Hello, how are you today?) and an offer of assistance (Can I help you find something?) will allow the customer to relax and feel comfortable during the buying process.

A happy and satisfied shopper is more likely to spend money on your store. The lack of interest will lead to dissatisfaction of potential customers and their departure.

Take that extra step for customers and they’ll be more likely to return. What do we mean by extra step? It could be anything memorable, from a surprise sale to a free promotional item or just spending five minutes explaining a product. A satisfied customer becomes a loyal customer and can bring a lot of others too.

Wise Use of Music:

Music is a proven tool to help draw people to a targeted area. It also helps the subconscious pass time, which means customers will spend more time looking around your store. However, this is only true when the music being played is enjoyable and at an appropriate volume level. Be careful not to play too loud and inappropriate music that can alienate buyers from your shop.

Maximize shelf space and line of sight:

The Items placed at eye level have the power to catch your prospective customer. You should showcase the best-selling and eye-catching items at a place where they can catch your customer’s sight at once. All best sellers such as glass tubes, tobacco products, and others should be placed at prime positions and easily accessible for the customer. Placing low-selling products in vital places will not help to increase their sales.

Maintain complete product range:

It is also a very important factor that most smoke shop owners ignore. You are required to have a good variety of complete smoking supplies in your store.

Once a customer enters your store, he should not need to visit any other smoke shop to find a product, which was not available at your store. Once a customer moves to another shop, consider him a lost customer. For this reason, you must keep an eye on the latest products available in any other shop. So, you can arrange each new product without any delays from the best wholesale smoke shop distributor in your state.

Wholesale Buying:

Another important factor that can help smoke shop owners to maximize their profits is buying wholesale. That being said, you have to decide the best selling products which you should keep in high volumes. And then contact the wholesale smoke shop supplier and check if they can offer you the same quality products at more marginal prices if purchased in bulk. This will reduce your per unit buying cost and ultimately help to increase profits.

Place your cash register wisely:

It is very crucial for your business success that you place your cash register at a suitable place. Every customer must approach this area.

People will have no reason to walk towards the back if you place your register too far in front of the store. This can lead to theft and poor customer service.

Think about the directional flow of traffic in your store and place the cash register in the optimal location. More importantly, behind each eye-level subscription is a place to showcase exciting new products (as well as high margins and compelling purchases). Every paying customer should look this way. Make the most of this fact!

Ask helping questions:

What else should I bring for you? Do you need anything else? Are you interested in anything else? Would you like anything else?

These questions are your keys to additional sales and exceeding customer expectations.  Just because someone is checking out doesn’t mean they’re done shopping. Don’t miss the add-on opportunity. If someone buys a Detox cleanser, ask them to try it. Those who buy a vaporizer, give them a grinder. If someone buys cigarettes, offer them a lighter. Every item in your store should have at least one add-on. Up-selling paired and complimentary items are a proven tool for increasing overall sales.


As said above the smoke shop business is highly competitive these days. If the smoke shop businesses will follow these tips will be able to increase their sales and make huge profits.

Each of the above-mentioned smoke shop business tips has its importance and should not be neglected. Especially buying smoke shop supplies from the smoke shop wholesale supplier is very crucial for maximizing profit margins.