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How Do We Obtain Medical Marijuana In Massachusetts?

How to get medical marijuana in Massachusetts can sometimes be challenging. That is why you need some steps to follow so that you get the card faster. If you need to access a medical marijuana card in Massachusetts, you must be a resident and have a qualifying condition. Recreational marijuana is a few months away from legal in Boston areas; however, you need to get a medical marijuana card to enjoy several benefits. Firstly, if you have a card, you will enjoy lower tax rates. Also, you will access marijuana in higher amounts, and the medication is delivered to you if you do not want to get it in the dispensary. This article will help you understand the steps you need to follow to get a medical marijuana card in Massachusetts.

Determine if You are Eligible

The best news about medical marijuana eligibility in Massachusetts is that you can qualify for the program if you reside in that state and have a qualifying condition. The following ways will help you prove that you are a resident of Massachusetts.

· Utility bills that are less than 60 days old

· A recent MA motor vehicle registration

· Tuition bills that are less than 60 days old

· The US marriage certificate, which is dated within the last six months

· Property tax bill or exercise tax bill

· It is better to get first-class mail from a federal or state agency, which should be less than two months.

· A car insurance policy or a statement that is less than two months as well.

· Mortgage, lease, or loans dated in the past six months

Medical Marijuana Conditions in Massachusetts

Getting a medical marijuana card in Massachusetts requires at least one medical marijuana qualifying condition. The state allows any of the following :

· Cancer

· Glaucoma


· Hepatitis C

· Crohn’s disease

· Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

· Parkinson’s disease

· Multiple sclerosis

· And any other severe conditions that the doctor has certified.

Get a Recommendation from Your Physician

Receiving a recommendation from a certified physician is the second step of getting a medical marijuana card in Massachusetts. During the consultation with your doctor, ensure that you are honest enough. Make your doctor understand your condition and explain to them why you think medical marijuana is fit for you. If the doctor determines that medical is right for you, they will write a recommendation card to receive a medical marijuana card. The doctor will then send a certification to the Massachusetts medical cannabis use program.

Apply for Medical Cannabis Card

The physician will offer you a certificate that you will use to apply for the card. You will then get an email with specific digits and the instructions for filling in your online patient application. The process to follow when registering online includes mass.Gov virtual gateway and medical use marijuana online system. In the virtual gateway, you will need to create an account and then scan your photo ID. After that, you will get a confirmatory email, allowing you to set up a patient account.

When it comes to the medical use of marijuana online system, ensure that you follow the following instructions;

· Upload your photo ID and a recent passport photo. These photos are necessary because you will use them on your new medical marijuana card. If you have a recent photograph at the Massachusetts RMV database, you can then use it and upload it over their online website.

· During the card application, you will have to pay an application fee of $50 or prove that you are a low-income earner so that you can get a waiver.

· Before applying, ensure that you review your application to ensure that all the details you have provided are correct.

· After reviewing the application, you can then go ahead and submit your application and wait for approval. Also, if you cannot use an online application, you can get a paper application. However, this application process takes longer to process if you compare it to those submitted electronically.

Receive Your Medical Marijuana Card

This is the last step of getting a CBD medical marijuana card. If the card receives approval, you will receive a temporary printable version of your Massachusetts medical marijuana card. This card will allow you to start buying medical marijuana at a nearby dispensary. When the official card is ready, you will get it via mail. When you get your card, you can visit any dispensary and start buying your medication.

You can get a medical marijuana card if you are underage. If you are a minor in Massachusetts and suffer from cancer, epilepsy, or any life-limiting condition that might lead to death in two years, you can apply for this card. The parent or guardian of the minor will have to provide some documentation that shows the diagnosis of the child and treatment plans. The parent will also require to present current medications.

Massachusetts state also allows you to grow cannabis at your home if you have a card. However, you need to be 21 years and above, and you should plant not more than six marijuana plants. This plant requires to be grown with a lock and does not need to be visible to the public.

Benefits of Having a Medical Marijuana Card

Learning How To Get Medical Marijuana in Massachusetts is vital because you will enjoy several advantages like enough supply. If you have a medical marijuana card in Massachusetts, you will get the stock every day, unlike recreational users who sometimes run out of the collection. This means that medical marijuana patients in Massachusetts are more preferred if you compare to recreational.

Medical marijuana cardholders in Massachusetts also get their medications delivered to them. However, recreational users have to reach for themselves at marijuana shops. There are also no age limits when it comes to medical marijuana. If you are under 18 years, your parents or guardians can help you with the application process. However, if you do not have a medical marijuana card, you need to be 21 years and above to get the card.

Final Thought

Therefore, getting this card will save some money because the medication is usually not taxed. You will also get to access marijuana with high concentrates like THC and convenient home delivery services. The benefits that you get for having a medical marijuana card are worth the process of getting one.