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Hiking to Tosh Village Itinerary and a few Tips

Tosh was just another hamlet in the valleys of Parvati which remained hidden due to the lack of the roads which only takes you up to Barshaini and from there starts the arduous trekking up to the village. However, things took an interesting turn when the accessibility improved, and tourism started blooming and the popularity of the village picked up pace with new businesses. The beauty of the village only helped it get famous around the world with its overlooking valleys view and mountain views.

Tosh just with its pristine beauty and pleasant environment attracts all kinds of tourists and backpackers. Tosh, generally known as a sacred spot for the backpackers due to its location and terrain, is an ideal place to start your solo travelling. With its unexplored offbeat trails shrouded in nature and picturesque landscape takes you to an otherworldly experience. If you want a peaceful experience with a little hike, then Tosh is definitely the one for you.

 Kasol, Tosh, Malana and Kheerganga Itinerary

 Tosh is generally mixed and matched with other tourist places in the valley of Parvati. Among them Kasol is the main point of attraction with its abundant things to do in the hills and mountains. So let’s get familiar with the itinerary that you should follow while visiting Tosh and other nearby tourist spots.

  • Day 01: Delhi to Tosh
  • Da-y 02: Trek to Malana
  • Day 03: Tosh to Kasol
  • Da,y 04: Trek to Kheerganga
  • Day 05: Head back to Delhi

 This is the short itinerary to give you an idea as to how you can plan your journey day wise. Apart from it if you are travelling by public transport then you can refer to the itinerary given below.

  • Day 1 – Take an overnight Volvo or public bus from ISBT Kashmiri gate heading for Manali
  • Day 2 – After you reach Bhuntar, take a taxi to Kasol where you can spend your rest of the day enjoying the weather and surroundings. Also try the local food at the cafes of Kasol.
  • Day 3 – On Third day you can set out for Tosh. Explore the place and spend your night at one of the homestays in Tosh.
  • Day 4 – On the fourth day try to leave early for the Kheerganga trek and then spend your night there itself.
  • Day 5 – Fifth day marks descending back to Barshaini from Kheerganga trek and then comes the departure back to your hometown.

Time Needed for the Trip

Number of days required for the trip totally depends on the tourist and multiple factors such as where you are coming from. People leaving from Delhi usually require less days compared to any other far-off state due to the easy accessibility of Tosh from Delhi. The recommended days needed for the trip are usually between 5 to 6 days.

Five days itinerary is the most optimised one as few don’t have the luxury of spending more days. If you can afford to spend 7 to 10 days in and around Tosh then you can also include Malana, Kutla and Kalga into your days. Otherwise, the above mentioned 5 days itinerary is also good enough with all the major attractions covered.

Places to Eat in Tosh Village

Tosh is revered as one of the top hippie culture destinations in India and you can find many cafes across the village. The most famous Israeli food is served here due to the predominance of the Israeli population and culture. So much so, the village of Tosh is often called Mini Israel and you can see the Israel tourists flocking the region. You can also have a taste of some Italian and Indian dishes in the cafes of Tosh. Some of the places to try out are Pink Floyd Café, Boom Shiva Café and Stoned Age Café.

To reach the cafes is an adventure in itself as one needs to trek through the village to get to their destination. You don’t have any other option other than reaching there on foot in all its authenticity. But worry not once your taste buds are rewarded the hustle will be worth it with the views of the valleys. If you don’t want the hustle of walking all the way to the cafes, then the hostel where you choose to stay also serves the delicacies you wish for. If you are going to Tosh in winters, then the café might not be open due to the weather hazards or insufficient inventory.