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Ras al Khaimah Beach

Guide To Ras Al Khaimah Beach for Perfect Summer Trip

Want to go on a sunny holiday but on less expense? Please, the Ras Al Khaimah beach! Grab your flip-flops and sunglasses for a day trip to one of these lovely beaches, which are all within two hours of Dubai. But don’t forget the sunscreen!

We all want to quit the city and go to a calm Ras Al Khaimah beach as limits loosen and throngs flock to the roadways. Far, far away from the horde and the scorching heat of the furnace. We want more quiet coves, secret bays, and golden sands, not more urbanization.

Top Thirteen Ras Al Khaimah Beach 

The ten Ras Al Khaimah beach from the northern tip of Oman to UAQ are shown below. If you are about to visit from another Emirates, you should consider for car rental Dubai to visit one of the beach we have mentioned.

  • Al Jeer Post

This Ras Al Khaimah beach, located close to the Oman border and Al Jeer Port. The scenery is beautiful, and the sea is crystal clear with wonderful waves. A stone path with benches is present. If you want to remain, there are a few farm houses owned by people nearby. On the sand, we saw people swimming, boating, and driving ATVs. There are no restrooms, lifeguards, or public restrooms.

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  • Shaam Beach

Only a few individuals are aware of this tranquil beach with mountain views. This brown sand Ras Al Khaimah beach, which is close to Shaam Hospital, is a nice spot for camping. Horseback riding and boating may be available. Nearby, there are a few stores, eateries, and a gas station. There are no restrooms, lifeguards, or public restrooms.

  • North Ghalilah Beach

From this beautiful west-facing beach, watch the sun’s final rays vanish into the sea. This beach is spotless, and instead of sand, it contains dark-colored gravel. The vista is breathtaking, and the location is ideal for a fishing expedition. Nearby, there is an Aswaq grocery. There are no restrooms, lifeguards, or public restrooms.

  • Ghalilah Sea View

The Ghalilah mountains and a magnificent sunset may be seen from this Ras Al Khaimah beach. Swimming is excellent here. It’s a little off the beaten path and far from any shops. We thought the waves were big and noisy. There are no restrooms, lifeguards, or public restrooms.

  • Ghalilah South Beach

Ghalilah South Beach is difficult to reach due to the rocky terrain, despite the spectacular views. Because the location is near a water treatment plant, it may not be pleasant to spend extended periods of time there. This Ras Al Khaimah beach is also remote from the local population. There are no restrooms, lifeguards, or public restrooms.

  • Khor Khwair

Khor Khwair is a modest seaside with mind-blowing vistas on the right and Saqr port views on the right, located along a rural populated area. The location is ideal for an evening stroll. A small but lovely mosque and a fishermen’s port marina with parked boats can be found here. There are no restrooms, lifeguards, or public restrooms.

  • Hulailah North Beach

Hulailah North Beach is an excellent place to get away from the throng because it is unusually surrounded on three sides by large enterprises. It is, nevertheless, far enough away to provide you with peace and tranquilly. In the clear lake, many yachts and jet skis can be seen. There are no restrooms, lifeguards, or public restrooms available currently at this Ras Al Khaimah beach. 

  • Khor Khwair Heritage Village

Khor Khwair Heritage Village is ideal for those seeking complete isolation. There are the ruins of a few historic houses on this beach. It’s so well-organized that it occasionally resembles a movie set. These abandoned seaside bungalows are both fascinating and relaxing places to visit. There are no restrooms, lifeguards, or public restrooms.

  • Hulailah beach

On the Hulailah beach, you can observe a little antique anchor ship. On one side, there are stunning views of the ocean, while on the other, spectacular views of mangroves. There are no restrooms, lifeguards, or public restrooms to this Ras Al Khaimah beach.

  • Khor Al Qantara

Let’s face it, you’ve probably seen a million Instagram photos of bikini-clad girls happily feeding pink flamingos on a lovely turquoise beach. This isn’t Aruba; this beach is in Ras Al Khaimah, and it has its own natural bird habitat, complete with flamingos. With a small patch of land between the sea and the horizon, Khor Al Qantra offers breathtaking vistas. It’s referred to as a double beach.

  • Turtle Beach

At Turtle Beach Bar, located Ras Al Khaimah beach, immerse your feet in the sand while enjoying cool refreshments. The renowned snack shack, which is located near the resort’s beach, serves a range of healthy foods, fresh juices, and fantastic mixes’ beachfront, with waves lapping just feet away.

  • Pacific Beach

The Pacific is among the most spectacular projects in the UAE, with boundless ocean views, unrivalled luxury facilities, and excellent finishing.

Pacific is located on the magnificent Al Marjan Island in Ras Al Khaimah (RAK), which is the counterpart of the Palm Jumeriah inside the northern Emirate, with sandy beaches and the pure Arabian Gulf on its doorstep.

  • Marjan Island Corniche

Residents and visitors on Marjan Island have accessibility to a 2,000-meter Corniche. A pathway where you can start your day with a nutritious jog, a bike ride, or a fast run to relieve tension. Alternatively, relax on shaded benches while your children play in the kid-friendly play areas, or take a stroll to the pristine white sand beach, which is free to anyone.

The Al Marjan Corniche includes an 8-meter-long waterfront walkway with energy-saving LED lighting, landscaping, lighting, and hued seating areas, a solely devoted 3-meter-long running track, a dedicated 2.4-meter-long cycling track, a few kiosks, a children’s playground, a 265-car public parking lot, and a bike-hire facility.

Final Wording

All of these Ras Al Khaimah beach are so magnificent and must-visit places. Families can consider to rent a car Ras Al Khaimah, which is one best solution to have the summer trip.