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Great Tips on How to Move When You’ve Stairs

Great Tips on How to Move When You’ve Stairs

What is your worst nightmare when it comes to moving things out of the house? For most of them, it is how they are going to move items down the stairs. Is it the same for you? carrying heavy items up and down the stairs is not only tiring work but also a risky business. You have to take care of a lot of things while moving things up and down the stairs. It includes protecting the items as well as the walls. You also need to take care of the safety of those involved in the shifting.

With the right plan and equipment in place, you will find that shifting with a staircase is not such a herculean task. Want to know more about it, then it will be best to check these tips out.

How to Move When You have Stairs to Deal With

Before you move with stairs, it is advisable to do some research on how to conduct the shift and the best approach to it. The tips shared by the professional packers and movers are here for you, check them out.

Plan Things Carefully

Planning is very crucial when you have to do something big. Especially when you are staying on the third or more floors above, moving things to load the moving truck can be a challenging process. One can start by stocking the items that can pose challenges to the moving process. Start by measuring their width, height, and weight. These measurements will help in deciding the right moving course for the movement.

Before you can go ahead and move things down the staircase, take the width measurement of the space available. While doing so, don’t forget to measure the space around the corners and the distance from the ceiling. As you start planning the route for the shifting of those things, keep these measurements in mind and decide on a course of action. Check the position that would suit your requirements, and see whether you will need any kind of equipment to deal with the shifting.

The professional packers and movers decide a course depending on all these criteria carefully. They also know how to use the lift properly avoiding any chances for risk.

Getting the Right Equipment

The right equipment can simplify your shifting process a great deal. While moving down the stairs with heavy items you will find machines making it easier for you. A hand truck, a utility dolly is very popular amongst the packers and movers. They make transportation so much easier.

Stair climbing dolly is another equipment used widely by moving companies to shift things up and down the stairs. A moving strap or harness is another piece of equipment that will allow you to pick heavy items without putting in much muscular effort. All these and many more things are there for people who would want to shift by themselves without causing any distress to their bodies or property.

Use Resources What you Have

Don’t have much time in your hands for getting packing materials or making proper arrangements for shifting things? Then look around you. You will find things to transport the items carefully. You won’t need to rent or purchase any special equipment to shift things with care. Instead, you can use resources around you and improvise in the following way:

  • Thick blankets are great for covering those light and larger items effectively. Slip the blanket under the thing that you want to shift, this way you can also make handles with enough fabrics.
  • Use basic tools to dismantle the items thus, making it easier for you to move heavy and larger items.

Following these simple tricks will not only help in making the shift easier up and down the staircase but also save you loads of money that you can otherwise spend on getting fancy equipment and packing materials.

Protect the Stairs

With all the work you put in to save your furniture and yourself, don’t forget about the wellbeing of the staircase. Damaging any part of the property can cost you dearly and if you don’t pay special care to them, you may easily damage them. A small scratch here or a dent there can make your landlord very angry. If you are one of those tenants who like to keep their place neat and clean, then you won’t want to leave the place disheveled while leaving. To avoid such a scenario, you would want to protect the staircase while shifting things.

You can start by padding the railings or the metal frame. Even the wooden staircase is prone to severe damages if proper care is not extended to them.

Shift Things Safely

The right way to shift things along the stairs is how you do it. The right type of equipment, proper usage of the lift, good positioning of the package weight is among some of the important tips to bring the heavy items along the stairs properly. Apart from that remember not to rush while moving up and down the stairs. Not taking things slow can cause you to topple down the stairs or cause damage to the property.

Whenever you find it necessary take time to reposition the furniture. Take momentary breaks and then navigate carefully. Coordinate properly with other helpers who will make things easy for you.

Hire Professional Packers and Movers

Professional packers and movers Mumbai to Kolkata are the best. They know how to get the task done with little to zero causality. Above all, they take care that they don’t damage or leave any scratches along the route of shifting. From packing the furniture carefully to getting the right equipment makes them a trusted source. So, if you ever plan to move to another location and have stairs in between, then don’t forget to take help from the moving company.

The packers and movers in Bangalore can give you good estimates thus, making your work so much easier. Next time when you move, it will be a great experience where you don’t find any stress along the way.

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