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Flying Beast Net Worth

Flying Beast Marriage Life

The Flying Beast has an online following of 3.14 million followers on YouTube and Instagram. Born and raised in Lucknow, India. His wife, Ritu Rathee, is also a commercial pilot. She is a beauty blogger and also works as a pilot.

Gaurav Taneja is an Indian fitness and lifestyle guru. Flying Beast Net Worth net worth of $5 million. The couple met former American President Barack Obama during a recent trip to the United States. According to the couple’s Instagram page, they welcomed a baby girl named Rasbhari in December 2018. The child’s name is Kaira, and the two regularly post videos about their daughter. They live in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

Flying Beast Daughter

In addition to their daughter, the couple recently welcomed their second child, a son. They are a happy couple with three children and four dogs. Their son, Ram, is five. The couple’s YouTube channel has millions of subscribers. The pair has also been married for six years and have two daughters, Ras Bhari and Kaira. The two recently had a son together, and both have been posting videos about him and his family.

Originally from Delhi, Gaurav Taneja has a fitness and lifestyle YouTube channel that has over 2.3 million subscribers. He recently married a woman whom he met in a gym. His wife is a former fashion model and a certified personal trainer. The two have a son together. Their relationship is very public, and their son is also a vlogger. They have two children together and live in a small house in India.

YouTube Channel

The Flying Beast was founded by Gaurav Taneja, a YouTuber who is married to Ritu Rathee. His wife, a commercial pilot, she has 3 children. The couple met online and became engaged. Their baby Rasbhari is the youngest of the three. The two also have a daughter named Kaira. In 2017, the couple had a baby girl, called Kaira, in 2018. The two vloggers work together to create videos and a blog.

As a commercial pilot, Gaurav Taneja was married to Ritu Rathee, a commercial pilot. The couple welcomed their first child in December 2017. Their daughter Kaira Taneja is named after the father. The video has received many viewers and has over six million subscribers. It has been reported that the couple met in a gym and decided to marry in the US. A couple’s marriage is an important part of their life, and the two are happy with their baby.

According to reports, the Flying Beast has a net worth of $5 million. The YouTuber is married to Ritu Rathee, a commercial pilot, and has a baby girl named Rasbhari. The couple has a joint YouTube channel and a luxury bungalow worth more than seven crores. They have a daughter named Kaira. The two also have a daughter named Kaira Taneja. Know more about flying beast on Baatak.

Fitness Channel

Besides fitness, Gaurav Taneja is also a vlogger and a commercial pilot. In December 2017, the couple had a baby girl named Kaira Taneja. The couple’s vlogs have more than 2.3 million subscribers and over 2.3 million views. The vlogger and his wife met in the air and fell in love. The video of Rasbhari’s first day was a hit.

Besides the vlogs, Gaurav Taneja also has his own YouTube channel. The YouTube channel focuses on travel videos and other travel videos. The Flying Beast is a well-known Indian YouTuber. He has a net worth of $5 million and earns approximately $35,000 a month through YouTube. His income mainly comes from vlogs and brand sponsorships. He has been the subject of controversy in the past, but his vlogs have remained popular.

A popular YouTube channel, Gaurav Taneja has three YouTube channels. His third channel is called Rasbhari Ke Papa, and it is dedicated to gaming. In just 98 minutes, he reached 100,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. His vlogs have become more popular than his other two channels, so he has multiple streams. He has two YouTube channels, one devoted to health and fitness. But his most popular video is his personal vlogs and his Instagram account.