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Jumbo Surprise

Flowers, the perfect blend of colour and feelings showing love and affection. Gift an amazing flower bouquet.

These days you can send amazing gifts and flowers to people whom you know. Even if they live in far-off cities sending them gifts has become very easy. In the last two decades, there has been a great rise in the use of technology and its services. With the growth of the communication and IT sector industry, various other initiatives have been started by companies to make life easier. Back in the 1970’s India was lagging in the usage of phones and laptops but today it is words largest user of the internet. This could be possible by the vision of our leaders and some big tech giants.

Birthdays and marriage anniversaries our such events where our presence matters. Lavish to the average celebration is done at these events. Due to a super hectic work schedule, sometimes it is physically not possible for us to be present at the event. For such situations, it is very important that we are in touch with such people or services who can deliver beautiful flowers and gifts as a token of love from our side. You can send beautiful flowers symbolic of your blessings. Thanks to Oye Gifts, you can deliver flowers and gifts to any place in India. If you want to send flowers to Delhi then this is the perfect place. Let us explore some of the ideas of sending a beautiful flower bouquet to your friends or family:

The love of roses-

you can send amazing flowers by selecting this type of bouquet. This bouquet comprises roses of various varieties. The different color combination of roses gives a mesmerizing effect to the person who kadıköy escort receives them. This bouquet is a blend of red, yellow, and white roses along with tiny white flowers blended in green leaves. It is covered in a yellow package which is tied by a white bow. This is a beautiful gift to give.

The love of orchids-

you can send a beautiful bouquet which is made of pink orchids brought together by a pink wrapping paper. They look beautiful in their robust style. This is a unique bouquet idea that you can gift to surprise your friends.

A sweet inspiration-

this book is a combination of flowers along with a tiny teddy bear which is hidden in such a way that it looks to be a part of the bouquet. The base of the bouquet is made of a wooden basket. It is decorated with red and pink roses along with pink orchids and green leaves.

The blend of colors-

this is a unique gift that you can gift your partner or BFF. This is made upon a wooden basket which is covered by purple orchids in such a way that it makes a ring shape. The middle of this bouquet is decorated with yellow roses. The contrasting combination of purple and yellow is soothing to the eyes.

The orchids wish-

you can send a beautiful bouquet of orchids with a glass vase decorated with tiny white stones at the base. This is a company with a big box of Ferrero rocher chocolates. This is a complete gift in itself. You can consider sending this gift to some special event for your loved ones.

The healthy birthday gift-

when we consider birthday cakes in other eateries then the first thing that clicks our mind is excess calories. This is a special birthday combination gift hamper that can be gifted to your health-conscious friend. It is designed in such a way that it provides nutrition and saves you from calories. This contains a beautiful bouquet of red roses along with a birthday card with saves your message for them. The most important healthy component is a plate of dry fruits. It contains 3 to 4 type of dry fruits which is very healthy and nutritious.

A basket of sweets and flowers-

this is a lovely big basket which is made of Red roses in different layers and another half of the basket is covered by chocolates in different layers. This blend of flowers and chocolates makes the bouquet beautiful and unique. You can give this for wedding anniversaries, birthdays, or other events.

The romantic gift-

this gift is romantic because of its shape and color. It contains a big bulky bouquet of Red roses symbolic of love along with a beautiful red velvet cake which is in heart shape. The perfect blend of cake and flowers all in red make this gift romantic. You can send this velvet romance to your partner or spouse. They will be awe-inspired by your beautiful gift.

The basket of roses-

this is a tiny gift which contains roses in a basket along with two teddy bears in white and pink. It is a small token of love that is overloaded with cuteness. You can gift this to your family, friends, and relatives.

The multi-layer bouquet of roses-

this is a huge bouquet which is specially designed for events like wedding anniversaries or weddings. This bouquet is supported by a wooden basket and an alternative layer of pink roses, yellow roses, white roses, and red roses are arranged one upon the other twice. This looks beautiful and is a lovely gift.

The’ you are mine’ bouquet-

this is a beautiful bouquet that sends the feeling of calmness and serenity along with love. It is a white roses bouquet which contains a beautiful big red rose in its center. Tied in white wrapping paper, this bouquet is a perfect blend of serenity and calmness.

The beauty of pink-

this is a beautiful bouquet of pink roses which is combined with a delicious sweet. This is a perfect gift for people who love sweets and flowers. This sweet delicacy of gulab jamun is the love of many people. You can give such a combination to elders and people who like sweets.

A Hearty sensation-

this is a beautiful collection of roses which is in heart shape. Layers of pink roses, Red roses, and then again pink roses are accumulated in the outer layer of green leaves. This heart-shaped Rose bouquet is a beautiful gift that you can give to your loved ones.

There are amazing ideas for bouquets which you can give to anyone on their birthdays or marriage anniversary or other events.