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Everything You Need to Know about Warehouse Services in India
Everything You Need to Know about Warehouse Services in India

Everything You Need to Know about Warehouse Services in India

Are you irritated of your extra stuff at your home or office? Or, are you looking for a space where you can store your business retail things? Or are you moving somewhere in a while and need some inventory where you can store your luggage? Warehouse services provides it all.

Warehouse is a management that includes daily running of operations to oversee staff, inventory equipment, safety, security, etc. to protect your stuff. Warehousing is provided by many movers and packers in India in various situations.

Warehousing is a good option when you need to store your luggage safely by experienced and professional people. As it is very different service, it is important to know all about it.

When will you require warehousing services?

There might be many situations when you are going to need them:

  • When you have extra stuff and less space at your home.
  • When you are in retail business.
  • When you are renovating your home.
  • When you are moving to a new home.
  • When you are shifting to another state or country.
  • When you are going somewhere temporarily.
  • When you are moving some place where you would not need your stuff.

Types of warehousing services

Different moving companies provide different types of warehousing services at different costs according to the time and type of the belonging.

Storage services according to time duration

Different services are provided according to time. If you are keeping your stuff for few weeks or months then you can avail short term services. They are charged every month while if you are looking for storage for years then you can avail long term services and these are charged per year.

Household items storage services

Household good are stored in specialized units to ensure the protection of the items. They are properly packed by using good quality packaging material by professionals and are stored.

Vehicle storage services

Many companies provide vehicle storage services also. Their charges depend on time and type of the vehicle. Like premium cars will be stored at much higher costs than a normal car and lowest will be two-wheelers. They take care of the condition of your vehicle and protect them many factors.

Industrial storage services

Industrial storage is very different as it may include heavy machinery and much larger items as compared to household or retail business things. If your business requires some extra storage space that you don’t have at your office or company then you can avail these services easily to store your machinery, containers or other stuff safely.

Why to choose warehouse services?

Warehouse services has various benefits and moving companies provide you these services easily to safely store your stuff under proper conditions.

  • Safety – safety of your things is utmost priority for any company. They will use best packaging material, move it to a warehouse and will store them safely under proper security and CCTV surveillance.
  • Insurance – they provide you with proper insurance according to your needs and that will cover everything. You may have options to store your things somewhere else but it will not provide you security of your goods. If something happens and your belongings are harmed then you don’t need to worry about it as it will be covered.
  • Affordable – these services are cheaper than you think. If you are thinking that you will rent some house and will keep your stuff there then it is not what it looks like. If you are planning to put your luggage for a long time then these services might prove to be very useful for you.
  • Easy accessibility – if you are in business and you require to check on your stuff regularly then it is not a mess. You can access your stuff very easily and you would not have to worry about anything.
  • Professional care – your belongings are precious and they are only handled by professionals by using appropriate equipments and all. It is less hassle when a professional team take care of your stuff and you can be free about everything.
  • Time flexibility – Imagine you thought that you will only have to keep your stuff for a short period of time but you have an urgent work due to which you will have to stretch the time period. Warehouse provides you services for all type of time duration.

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How to hire suitable warehousing services for you?

You will require a suitable and reliable movers and packers or logistics company to secure your goods as they will be away from you for a really long time.

You must ask certain questions and check whether the company is authentic or not before hiring them. here are some points that might help you.

  • Know about their licensing, service details.
  • Personally meet their employees to know about the company.
  • Do not trust any sort of advertisements.
  • Check whether the contact details they have provided is correct or not.
  • Ask for alternate contact numbers and personal number in case of emergency or if you are not able to reach them.
  • Confirm their address and know from how long they are working in this field.
  • Make a list of all the things that you are keeping there.
  • Know about their work experience from their previous customers.
  • Check company documents such as GST registration, service tax, certificates, registration details, etc.
  • Confirm about the type of insurance they are giving you.
  • Know about their whole process of keeping your stuff.
  • Confirm about their payment terms and all the miscellaneous charges they are asking from you.
  • Get a copy of their company documentations as a security.
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