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Do you want to Know What to do After Graduation Completely?

After graduation, you have multiple options to make a carrier in any field as per your interest. But if you are a graduate and you have not any job and do not understand what to do after Graduation. Now you have the choice you can do postgraduate in your graduation field. The second choice is you can another course that you give a great job. Then this article is for you. You can join the demanded course digital marketing. Here we will discuss what to do after graduation.

What is Digital Marketing?

If you have not heard of digital marketing then no worry here I will tell you all about digital marketing.
The process of online marketing is Digital marketing. The new improvement of traditional marketing is digital marketing. The promotion and branding of products using the internet and getting more customers are called digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing Course?

The digital marketing course is a medium in which you can learn how works online marketing skills. In this course, we read the many modules of digital marketing course. There are many modules in the course which we will study below.

Search Engine optimization

SEO is the process bring on top of the website on the SERP page organically. In the search engine optimization course, we learn how a website will rank top on the SERP page with SEO technics like on-page & off the page for the increased sales of products.

Social Media Marketing

SMM is a manner to increase sales of products by social media. In social media marketing, we learn social media strategies that we can do to increase the sales of products. There are many social media platforms where we can use SMM efforts.

PPC Advertising

In this module, we study how to create Ads with Google AdWords. And how to run ads on Google and any platform.

Email Marketing

In the Email marketing module, we study the process of marketing through email. How to get more customers through email.


In this module, we learn what is blogging? How we do blogging and how to earn money through blogging use of Google AdSense.

Affiliate Marketing

It is a good way to earn money. In this module, we study how you can join the affiliate program and earn money through affiliate marketing.

Content Marketing

It is also a way of marketing. In this module, we learn to write unique content using SEO technics for the product. Content marketing is used more in SEO.

How you can become a Digital Marketer?

The above question is your question then here I will tell you what to do after graduation from college. If you want to become a digital marketer then you need to join the digital marketing training institute. I will suggest you can admission to SeoClick Institute. Because this institute is not a training center also it is digital marketing.
It is located near the Dwarka sec 12 metro station (New Delhi).

What are the Details of the Digital Marketing Course at SeoClick Institute?

The SeoClick training center conducts the three categories of digital marketing courses. Which is mentioned below.

  • Basic course in digital marketing

There are many topics are included in this course Ex- SEO, SMM, PPC Advertiser, Blogging, content marketing, etc.
It is the 3 months duration course and the charge for this course is 30,000 rs.

  • Advance Digital Marketing Course

It is 6 month time period course. The fee of course is 50,000 rs. In this course there are more topics are included from the basic course.

  • Diploma course in Digital Marketing

The diploma course is a 1-year course. In this course, all the topics of digital marketing are included and the internship & 100% written job guarantee are provided by the institute.

What are the Benefits of Digital Marketing?

If you learn digital marketing skills then there are many opportunities you have. You can work in many job forms are available in the job market. If you are not interested in the job then you start your digital marketing agency where you can provide digital marketing services and earn money.
Hence, there are many job forms are mentioned in which you can work.

SEO Executive

As an SEO executive, you work for a website. Where you have a challenge how to do improve the ranking of the website on the SERP page.
SEO Analysts, SEO managers are also job forms.

Social media Marketer

Social media marketer works on social media like YouTube, Facebook Instagram, etc. Where he tries to increase sales of the product. And he manages the social media platform. In this job, you can also become Social media manager.
Also, you can work as

  • E-Mail Marketer
  • PPC Advertiser
  • Blogger
  • Freelancer
  • Digital Marketing Manager

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What is the Future of this Course?

You can see the today time business marketing. There are much more businesses are going online. Because of the popularity of online marketing. So, the future of this course will be good.


In this article that you have read, I expect you have got the answer to your question what to do after graduation. If you like to make a carrier in a digital marketing field then you can join the SeoClick digital marketing course institute.

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