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Crime Scene Investigation at Kidzania

Crime Scene Investigation at Kidzania – What Can Kids Learn?

One of the favorite physical games of children is cop and culprit. One kid becomes a thief or culprit, and the other becomes a cop to catch him/her. The game usually requires them to run after each other until they catch the culprit. The game provided inspiration to many kids to join forces and contribute to the restoration of justice. However, the real crime scenes are completely different.

In real life, most criminal acts come to light only after their occurrence, and investigating the crime scene is the only way to find and reach the culprit. Crime scene investigation is also not a piece of cake at all. It makes people utilize their skills and expertise to infer the situation correctly. Kidzania provides an opportunity for children to do crime scene investigation and polish their skills.

Keep scrolling down this article to explore what children can learn from crime scene investigations at Kidzania and how it can impact their life.

Top 7 Learnings at Crime Scene Investigation at Kidzania

If your child is interested in joining the forces, it does not mean that they are fit for that too. They might have wrong assumptions about the field, as well as they might not be sharp enough to join it. Practicing at Kidzania crime scene investigations can build their potential and train them, in addition to making them familiar with real-life situations.

Here are some of the major learnings children can get by being a part of crime scene investigations at Kidzania.

1. Technology Literacy

The first and foremost learning children can get from crime scene investigation is technology literacy. Catching the culprits in the act of crime is not always possible; this is where modern technologies like CCTV monitoring, DNA test, forensic investigation come to the identification of the culprit. Many parents get Kidzania Dubai tickets so their kids can learn about the latest technologies being used in the field and have fact-based knowledge instead of false assumptions.

2. Collaboration

Collaboration is the second learning children get from crime scene investigations at Kidzania. They learn that the bigger problems and issues always come with a lot of risks. One wrong move can worsen the whole situation. Therefore, it is always better to develop collaboration with reliable sources and work through bigger issues collectively and maximize the success rate.

3. Communication

Communication is another significant learning children get from investigating the crime scenes at Kidzania. Catching a culprit is not an easy task. Everyone has to put in all their effort and ensure to strengthen their communication to avoid negativities. For instance, if an officer has identified the culprit and not shared it with the team, the culprit can harm them to keep their identity hidden. So, proper communication is more than necessary in every field of life.

4. Adaptability

One of the basic skills children can learn through crime scene investigations is adaptability. Crime scenes are like puzzles, but it does not mean that children will always have all pieces of the puzzle to solve the case. They might have to suffice with given circumstances and resolve the case too. In such a situation, they will have to adapt instead of blaming it and halting the case, thinking it cannot be resolved without the missing puzzle piece.

5. Attention to Details

Children can learn to pay attention to details by performing crime scene investigations at Kidzania. The kid’s mind works strangely. At times they can repeat conversations of adults even when they have not been listening actively. At other times, they forget their multiple-times learned the lesson. So, such activities can train their mind to stay focused and grasp the little details to draw solutions to the issue.

6. Critical Thinking

Crimes have become quite complicated. At times, the culprit is not the one highlighted by the evidence, but they can be framed for it. In such cases, the little minds cannot follow the dots of evidence and punish the person but have to use critical thinking. It helps them think out of the box and reach the real culprit instead of stage one and resolve the case.

7. Problem Solving

Problem-solving is the most crucial learning children can get crime scene investigations at Kidzania. Crimes are nothing less than problems with numerous propositions, assumptions, and inclinations; however, only a single logical solution can help find the culprit. Such investigations train young minds to solve problems. You can also visit Kidzania with your kids and let your children become logical and critical problem solvers.

Does your child want to do a crime scene investigation?

If your child wants to take on the challenges of crime scene investigation, or you think they need to learn and improve some skills, Kidzania is the best place to help them explore and enjoy. The learning experiences at the place feel like fun and play. So, grab the tickets immediately and let your children learn and enjoy in real-life settings.

Kieran Edwards
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