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Study Permit

Common Reasons for Canada Study Permit Rejection and How an Immigration Consultant Can Help

It is definitely not a pleasant experience to get your study permit rejection by the authorities. It can be due to several reasons starting from the absence of an acceptance letter to poor academic performance. Instead of getting rejection and giving up on your dreams, there is much you can still do to transform your dream into reality. The next thing you should do is to consult an immigration consultant and enquire about the reasons behind the rejection and also discuss ways to resolve the same. Canada immigration consultants in Kerala can be of extreme help to you in revoking the rejection. Before you apply for a study permit in Canada, learn about these common reasons for the rejection of the same.

Missing Acceptance Letter

This can be the foremost reason why many get their study permit rejection. It is mandatory to attach a copy of the acceptance letter you received from the college you applied for. Without producing an acceptance letter, no country will grant you a study permit. It will lead to the authorities doubting the validity of your permit application and your eligibility for applying for the same.

Poor academic performance

It is likely that your visa application will get rejection if you have a poor academic record. Nearly all universities and colleges have a certain cut off percentage for getting admission. Only if you meet the eligibility criteria, you will get selection by that university. If you are applying with a poor academic record, chances are high that you won’t make it into the final selection list. The visa authorities check the academic report and if you are someone with great grades then your profile will surely be considered for further procedures. If you are presently a student then this is your chance to bring out a meticulous performance which your future self will thank you for.

Failure in stating the reason for return to home country after the completion of the course

The study permit provided by Canada is only temporary, and it expires after the course is completed. While applying for the visa you should state and confirm that you will return back to your home country after the completion of the course. When this is not done with clarity, the visa officials might find your application dubious and might doubt your intention of returning to your home country. Due to this, they might outright reject your application. Talk to your immigration consultant and follow all the rules and regulations of applying for a visa permit.

Problems with documents

All the documents you submit for verification should be original, and error-free. Any discrepancy in any of the documents will result in the rejection of your visa application. All documents should be checked and verified by both you and your immigration consultant to ensure they are complete and error-free. The documents shall include travel and identification documents and a huge number of other supporting documents as well. Obtain a detailed consultation with your immigration consultant and submit each application without error.

Be an early bird when it comes to applying for the study permit

When you are applying for a study permit make sure you apply as early as the application opens. Generally, the earlier you apply, the better your chances of being accepted. As the end date nears, the applications will be coming in large numbers and your application might get lost or get rejected due to other reasons. You won’t have the time to reapply either ending up losing a year and a lot of dejection. In order to avoid all of these, apply as early as possible. Early applications are most likely to be notice and to be respond to.

There are many things to bear in mind while applying for a study permit. Chat with your immigration consultant and verify every step of the process and validate your application and supporting documents to avoid rejection. The process can feel overwhelming to students but an immigration consultant can guide you through the process making it easy for you to get to your goal. Seek the consultant’s help and make the process a cakewalk.