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Canon Pixma TR8550 Setup | Printer Setup

The Canon Pixma TR8550 offers outstanding print quality for documents and photos, and it can also print many sizes and formats. The Canon Pixma T8550 can produce up to fifteen black photos per minute and 10 color images per minute. Additionally, it produces 4 6” x 4′ quality prints in just 37 seconds.

In addition to its printing performance It also allows users to connect the or device effortlessly via built-in Wi-Fi. Thus, the user can effortlessly print from a remote location in their office or at home once connected with the printer. Additionally, it can print up to 4800 X 1200 dots per inch of color resolution, resulting in creating incredible quality and detail in documents and photos.

The Canon PixmaTR8550 permits users to print automatically two-sided papers and scan them from their device or from email, and send fast faxes, numerous other things. It also has an 4.3 touchscreen LCD screen that enables the user to enter commands that allow scanning, copying and printing from their printers quickly and efficiently.

Steps Required for Canon Pixma TR8550 Setup |

The Canon Pixma TR8550 printer is an ideal printer for efficiency at work or home. It has a wealth of modern printing features. It allows users to perform print, copy, scan and facsimile functions in a simple manner. For all users here are the steps needed to follow the Canon PixmaTR8550 setup procedure.

Note: The user can perform the Canon Pixma TL8550 configuration process through the official website , or by CD.

Note: The user is able to select whether they would like to connect their printer using USB connection or LAN connection.

Be aware that the Canon Pixma TR8550 setup procedure is required when you connect the printer by LAN Connection. If the setup procedure is already completed, the connection is verified automatically. If the setup process isn’t complete, then perform the following steps to configure the printer.

  • In the initial stage you need to hit the Power button to switch the printer “ON.”
  • Next, you should open the preferred internet browser.
  • After this, in the web browser’s Search bar type the official URL, i.e.,
  • The official website will be displayed on the screen.
  • The users will then be asked to choose the device they would like to setup.

Utilizing the methods below users can complete the process of setting up.

  • Connecting to Smartphone, Computer, or Tablet
  • Making Fax Ready for Use

Option 1: Connecting to Smartphone, Computer, or Tablet |

  • Initially, to begin with, the setup procedure will be explained to the users. They are then advised to click”Download” to begin “Download” button.
  • Now , the “.exe” file will begin to download.
  • After that, let the download process complete and then you can open”.exe” file “.exe” file.
  • The users are now advised to select the appropriate language under”Language. “Language” option.
  • Then , tap on”Next. “Next” option.
  • Following this, users are advised to select the printer connection method.
  • Note There are two ways accessible, i.e., “Wireless LAN Connection” and “USB Connection.”
  • Then, select the one you like best.
  • Then follow the prompts on the screen to accomplish the setup process.
  • Be sure to ensure that the printer is turned “ON” during the setup process.

Option 2: Making Fax Ready For Use

The users searching for the instructions for setting up the Fax should perform the steps outlined below.

  • In the beginning you must select the phone line configuration.
  • After that, users are then advised to choose how they would like to receive faxes from, i.e., “Easy Setup” or “Various Settings.”
  • From here, users will be able to choose from the “Start” button.
  • Note: Customers who have purchased printing equipment from China or Canada are advised to pick according to their preference.
  • After this, the users are advised to follow the on-screen instructions for completing the setup process.