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Can Quality online tutoring for college-level students be affordable

Can Quality online tutoring for college-level students be affordable?

Can Quality online tutoring for college-level students be affordable? Contrary to popular belief that high-quality college-level online tutoring can be quite pricey, we have found that it is not cheap but not so pricey. A few providers provide discounts of up to 60%, which can make it affordable. So here is the list of

companies that provide quality online tutoring at affordable prices

Unlike other online tutoring websites, these sites are designed exclusively for college-level students. We have tried to cover all major subjects these companies offer, including accounting, biology, business, chemistry, computer science, economics, engineering, math, statistics, and physics. You can also find links to their sites or contact them directly through our istanbul escort kadın site.


One of the biggest online tutoring sites we have come across, which offers services in 23 subjects, including accounting, biology, chemistry, economics, and math, at 1/2 of the normal price. They provide a flat rate of $15 per hour, and like a quick tutor, you can pay through a credit card or PayPal. There is also an option to get your questions answered by other students studying the same course using their chat system, which we found to be quite useful since there are usually plenty of them in chat at any given time.

However, this site has many features that make it more convenient for college-level students, such as updating your grades and scheduling sessions according to your class schedules (with teachers’ approval). But, unlike quick tutors, they have a limited number of tutors, so you have to wait until a tutor becomes available for each subject you need assistance with. 

My Engineering Buddy tutoring services

It is more suitable for students who need help with engineering and technology subjects, so if you can’t operate machinery or software, this might not be the best choice for you. This site only offers tutoring services and doesn’t provide any other type of help, so if you want to hire somebody, you will need to go through a lot of searching first to find somebody who can assist you with your needs. Its one of the companies that provide quality online tutoring at affordable prices.


Provides free tutoring for every subject, including accounting, at 14 colleges in the United States. It has a flat rate of $10 per hour, which you can pay online using a credit card or PayPal. Tutors are assigned randomly, but the company guarantees they will be qualified with at least 2 years of teaching experience in college-level courses. The site has an active chat service where students can get answers from other students studying the same course before asking their tutors questions. After seeing their site you will get the answer to “Can Quality online tutoring for college-level students be affordable?”

Free tutor lessons are usually very informative and helpful. At the same time, some expensive options like resume writing can be quite useful, especially if you plan to apply for a scholarship or graduate studies. Asking tutors questions is more efficient than asking them through email as it can be answered faster and easier as the tutor does not have to write them on the whiteboard.

Class A-1

One of the few sites that offer 100% free tutoring supplied by current college students who want to make extra money. They provide online tutoring in all subject areas, which you can access using your phone, laptop, or PC. The site has a limited number of tutors.

Still, they offer a chat service where one student from each course connects at any given time with other students from your course studying at different colleges across the United States. It is very similar to the free chat system used by, the quality of these tutors is close to that of professional tutors, thanks to their two years of training as college students.

Although there are not many options yet, they offer a dropbox service where you can upload your calculus homework and other courses’ assignments for $1.99 per page. It is ok for simple homework questions, but if you need explanations or critique on your assignment, this option may not be suitable since any comments or notes will be erased once you submit them.


One of the largest online tutoring sites for professional tutoring in accounting, biology, chemistry, economics, and math. They also offer free test series for exams like GRE (Graduate Record Examination), GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test), and LSAT (Law School Admission Test). This site is more suited for advanced students who need to take the next step after college to prepare themselves for graduate studies or the workforce.

Rather than offering random tutors to answer your questions, you can find them on sites like quick tutor or homeworkhelp24x7. TutorVista assigns you a dedicated tutor depending on your level of expertise to help you advance faster, providing lessons tailored to your needs rather than just answering random questions. (Updated 2022- Tutorvista is not functioning any more)


This site does not offers a very wide range of tutoring subjects, but only Physics. However, the quality of their tutors are quite high. Some of their tutors are costlier than others. The interface is pretty good. Also, the staff members have vetted all their tutors before they can tutor on the site, making it easier for students who need assistance with many different Physics classes.


One of our favorite sites for reading, writing, and mathematics. You get your tutor at a flat rate of $7 per hour, who will contact you through email or Skype to set up their tutoring schedule with you. They answer all questions in detail, which students need. Especially if they are studying something new. Their system has built-in tests that allow students to test themselves before contacting their tutor. It makes sure that they already know the material being their teacher will focus on and other areas where problems can be asked.

TutorVista may be good for professional study, but Class101 is more suited for college-level students since it offers extensive training for many subjects, including biology, chemistry, economics, English grammar, elementary math, physics, etc. They also have a great review system where students can test their knowledge on subjects they are learning by attempting quizzes. They are still adding new features to their site, but it is already good for math, science, and English classes.


This site offers tutoring on many different topics, including accounting, chemistry, economics, grammar, geometry, history, etc. The quality of tutors on this site varies depending on the subject. Some tutors are better than others in oral communication due to their accent or tone of voice. You can rate your tutor’s voice which they post at the bottom right corner of the screen after every session you have with them, so that you get a tutor who has a better speaking voice.

However, they have a good system for scheduling sessions at times that are convenient to you, and contacting your tutor is a breeze since they respond quickly via Skype. We had a very hard time finding the profile of our tutors on this site, but other than that, it is great if you need assistance with many different classes.

At this site, you can either post your specific requirements by taking a test yourself and uploading an image of it if needed or state the subject so that tutors will contact you with their profiles to see if they can help you. Their virtual tutoring sessions are really good, especially when using the video chat option.

Because the tutor will be able to draw things for you on the screen, which is very helpful in subjects like math, where diagrams play a big part in understanding the material presented, if your professor isn’t clear about certain topics, this might come to the rescue but keep in mind that not all tutors here are experts at everything, so make sure you read their reviews carefully before selecting one.

So, Can Quality online tutoring for college-level students be affordable. Yes!