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B2B Sales: All You Need To Know

It’s easy to see why sales are an integral part of any business. Without b2b sales or any other business sales, there would be no money coming in and therefore no way to pay employees or keep the lights on at HQ. Simply put, without sales, a company cannot survive—which is exactly why you should know everything you can about them.

If you’re new to the world of sales, it might be daunting to figure out where to begin because every industry has unique selling processes that may or may not resemble what you’ve seen before. With that being said, don’t stress! We pulled together some basic tips that will have even the most novice of sales reps off on the right foot when making deals with clients.

1) Understand Your Company’s Sales Territory

Before getting started on anything else, make sure you understand what sales territories your company has defined and who is in charge of selling to particular clients. If there hasn’t been a lot of direction around territories or your company is really small and doesn’t have any (yet), it’s probably best that you follow up with someone like your boss to get more clarity on how things work before trying to sell anything.

2) Ask Around For Tips from Sales Reps Who Worked There Before You

Ask around for tips from people who’ve done the job before—they can give you helpful insight into processes and tricks they used while selling the product/service. Don’t be afraid to reach out to former reps directly, Most will be happy to help you out and give you tips that’ll get you up to speed faster.

3) Ask For Demo, Even If You Think You Know Everything There Is To Know

Even seasoned sales reps ask for demos from their clients because no matter how much research they do ahead of time, there’s always something new to learn about a product or service. By asking a client for a demo, not only will it help the two of you gain insight into what exactly your business offers, but it can also give them a chance to show things off in person which could lead to future deals!

4) Buy the Product or Service Yourself

So That You’re More Informed and Can Show Clients How It Works Better with Their Business

According to eWorldTrade expert’s, It might not be something that every sales rep has time to do, but buying some of your company’s product or service yourself is a great way to get up close and personal with exactly what you’re selling. That way, you can show clients how it works for their business better than anyone else!

5) Get to Know Your Product and Service Inside And Out

You have to know what you’re selling so well that you could sell it in your sleep—understand the ins and outs of the product/service both on paper and in person so that you can answer any question thrown your way either during a demo or over the phone. The more knowledgeable you are about each product and service, the better chance you’ll have at landing deals with clients.

6) Ask For an Agenda before Meeting with Clients

If you’re meeting with a company face to face instead of calling or emailing, always ask what exactly they want to discuss so that you have some idea of what’s on their mind when you get together. That way, you can be ready with responses and ideas for their business instead of scrambling to pull something together at the last minute.

7) Don’t Forget About the Smallest Customers

Don’t forget about the little guys—they might not be able to buy your product or service in bulk but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve attention! When it comes to sales, these are the types of companies that often end up being some of your biggest clients since they’re more likely to be loyal to the business that helped them out when they were just starting out.

8) Prepare For Every Meeting Like It’s a Job Interview

When you’re dealing with clients face-to-face, there’s no room for mistakes or carelessness—which means that it’s best not to wing every meeting with a client. When you have less than 30 minutes to meet with someone, they’re going to expect you know exactly what you’re talking about and that you’re prepared for anything. If one of your biggest goals is getting deals closed, make sure you are always on top of everything!

9) Ask For Feedback After You Meet With Clients

When sales reps ask for feedback after meetings with clients, it often helps everyone involved learn what went right and wrong during that particular encounter. Not only will reps often get a few tips to help improve their future meetings, but the client also has a chance to share thoughts on how they were communicated with which could be helpful down the road.

10) Watch For “Honeymoon Periods” During Sales Calls

It can be easy to book a ton of initial meetings with clients only to later find out that they’re no longer interested in what you have to offer—it’s important not just to watch for signs of interest but also “honeymoon periods.” A honeymoon period is when someone seems interested for a short amount of time but once they realize it’s going to take more than just enthusiasm or promises from you, they’re going to lose interest in a hurry.

11) Create A Winning Sales Pitch and Stick to It

One of the biggest keys to successful sales is creating a winning pitch that can be used over and over again—something that works well when talking with clients on the phone or during face-to-face meetings. That way, you always have something perfect to say when the client says they want a demo, for example, or you need them to make a decision before moving forward.

12) Keep Up With the Latest Technology in Your Field

There’s nothing wrong with relying on old sales tactics but it’s important not just to do things because “that’s how they’ve always been done” but also look into what new technology could help improve your sales—from apps that help you stay on top of everything to new marketing strategies and systems. The more comfortable you are with what’s going on in your field, the better chance you’ll have at sticking out from the competition!

13) Have Fun!

Last but certainly not least, remember to enjoy yourself as a sales rep—it’s easy to let things get stressful and even lonely when you’re constantly working but its important not to forget about the fun side of things too. If you spend all day having fun and enjoying yourself, chances are that much higher that clients will leave feeling good about their decision and wanting to do business with your company again later down the road since they had such a great time! B2B sales can be challenging at times but with the right advice, you’ll be well on your way to making deals happen in no time.