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Advice On How To Write Product Descriptions That Sell

What is the purpose of a product description?(product rule)

A product description is written material that informs potential buyers about the product’s features and advantages in order to persuade them to purchase the product in question. Product descriptions that are compelling provide compelling reasons to consider making a purchase.(product rule)

A strong product description is distinguished by the “compelling reasons” that it provides. There is a prevalent assumption that product descriptions must contain detailed information about the item being described. Customer acquisition is actually their primary goal, which is more likely to occur when they emphasise advantages rather than features in their communications.

What is the significance of product descriptions?(product rule)

Here’s a piece of strong proof to support your claim.

eMarketer conducted a study to determine how essential ecommerce product page components are to customers who make online purchases. More than 80% of those who answered the survey indicated that product descriptions were important in influencing their purchasing decisions.

Maintain Consistency with Your Branding

Because your product descriptions are an extension of your web content, it is critical that your branding and voice remain consistent throughout the process. Each and every one of your product descriptions must be consistent with your brand message. Brand loyalty is created by the way your online brand is perceived.

Always consider how you are branding your products, rather than just the thing you are offering to them. Several companies may provide identical products, but they may approach the marketing of those products in very different ways.

Product descriptions that emphasise benefits should be written.

What are the advantages of using your product? One of the most powerful methods of persuading someone to purchase your goods is to demonstrate how your product may directly improve their quality of life. Rather to merely listing the features of your product, explain to your potential consumer how that feature would benefit them in some way.

Perhaps you are in the business of selling running shoes. A basic product description can include a list of the colours and sizes that are available, as well as information about the shoe’s materials. Nonetheless, a more accurate product description would read something like “This shoe offers the most comfort for serious runners training for their next marathon.” Experienced runners will now be able to tell whether or not this is the perfect shoe for them.

Product descriptions for e-commerce that are mobile-friendly should be written.(product rule)

More individuals than ever before are opting to purchase on their cellphones rather than their desktop computers these days, according to research. As a result, your product descriptions must be user-friendly on mobile devices. Yes, there is a requirement. For ecommerce websites, mobile compatibility is now more critical than ever before. If you want to reach the most number of customers possible, you must ensure that your product descriptions look well on a variety of screens, including tables, smartphones, laptops, desktop computers, and even smart TVs, among other devices.

Remember that smartphone screens are smaller and oriented vertically, as opposed to desktop screens. When it comes to mobile optimization, the layout of your content is crucial. This is where the use of bullet points might be beneficial.

To make the most of mobile devices, we propose that your product description include only an image, the name of the product, a brief descriptive line, and perhaps the average number of stars awarded to the product in question. (Reviews are a wonderful type of social proof, and they can absolutely influence a buyer’s choice to purchase a product.) Most essential, you should offer a “add to basket” button that shoppers may easily hit in order to complete their transaction.

You should create product pages with lots of images.

If visuals are more effective at selling your goods than writing, don’t be scared to include more photographs on your product pages than text. For the most part, visuals are more engaging than text for the majority of people. Simply ensure that the images you select are of exceptionally good quality and are taken by a professional photographer, and that they are both interesting and compelling.

This strategy is frequently employed in the context of automobiles. When compared to a block of text outlining all the features of an automobile, a photograph of a Jeep travelling through a jungle is significantly more interesting. Even though you should include that as well!) However, you can hide it behind a tab, which a person who is interested in reading it will click to open.)

Write for the People Who Will Read Your Work

The most crucial component of product description writing, just as with any other type of writing, is to write directly to your target audience as much as possible. Whatever your target audience is, whether it’s new parents, college students, Generation Zers, or millennials, the most important thing to remember is to understand who they are, what they want, and how your product may fulfil a need or desire they have. What are the sources of their distress? Take them up on their offer. Feel free to use your imagination! Product description templates aren’t flawless, and there isn’t one out there.

How to Write Product Descriptions: Some Guidelines

Listed below are some straightforward suggestions to bear in mind when creating your product descriptions.

  • 1) Keep it straightforward while still being descriptive.
  • 2) Make use of headings and bullet points.
  • 3) Make use of evocative language.
  • 4) Make an emotional connection with your audience.
  • 5) Make use of standard practises for e-commerce SEO, such as keywords.
  • 6) Explain to the reader how your goods will be of assistance or advantage to them.
  • 7) You should include specifics regarding your product.
  • 8) Write sentences that are easy to understand for anyone to read.
  • 9) Provide answers to any inquiries potential clients may have regarding your product or service.

Product Description Writing Services are available to you.

You may also pay us to assist you if you wish to employ a product description writer to assist you with your project. For ecommerce websites, SEO Design Chicago has extensive experience in creating product pages and product descriptions, as well as writing product descriptions. Contact us right away if you need assistance with your product descriptions!

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