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7 Food You Should Avoid During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, whatever you eat also gets delivered to your baby. Therefore, a healthy diet is very essential for a child’s growth and development. 

In addition, during pregnancy, immune system changes can put women and their babies at increased risk of foodborne disease. These illnesses can be harmful and affect the newborn. So, it is the responsibility of pregnant women to take care of whatever they are eating. 

Consulting a specialist will be a great support. Moreover, there are many gynaecologist specializing in women’s issues in Melbourne, you can seek advice from them. They will help you out with the foods that should or should not be eaten. 

Additionally, through this article, we are suggesting several food items to avoid during pregnancy as they are not good for your health. 

7 Food You Should Not Eat During Pregnancy

Uncooked Sprouts and Nuts 

Though the uncooked sprouts are rich in minerals and proteins, they are on the list of food that should not be eaten during pregnancy. It is because these meals comprise harmful viruses and bacteria, causing food poisoning. So, if you ever want to eat, either shallow fry or cook them completely. Use condiments to taste nice. 

On the other hand, pregnant women can have different kinds of nuts in medium quantities as they are rich in minerals and vitamins. In addition, they are very healthy for the development of a fetus. 

However, there are some nuts that are not beneficial for the body as they cause allergies and rashes. Initially, you may not find it allergic, but with extended exposure, they could develop allergies. 

Moreover, eating too many nuts leads to constipation. So, it’s very important to take advice from your gynaecologist who will help with the types of nuts to be eaten and in what quantity. 

Raw, Undercooked, or Contaminated Seafood

Fish is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids and is very beneficial as it supports a child’s brain development. However, it is not necessary to quit your favorite seafood completely during pregnancy. Instead, make sure you are aware of the types of fish to be eaten or not. Likewise, undoubtedly raw fish is a big NO. Rather, cook it at 145°F as cooking kills many contaminants present in them. 

There are specific fishes such as swordfish, tilefish, and mackerel containing high mercury levels that can cause delayed growth and brain damage to a fetus. Rather, go for fish like chunk light tuna that has a light mercury level and is good for health if you eat in medium quantity. 

Avoid smoked and refrigerated seafood as it might contain Listeria, a toxic bacterium that can increase the chance of preterm birth or infection to fetus. 

Raw or Boiled Eggs

Who would not like to eat perfectly cooked eggs? Even some enjoy raw or boiled eggs. But if you are pregnant, a gynaecologist will say a big NO. It is because they may be infected with the bacterium called salmonella which causes vomiting and diarrhea. Also, avoid other foodstuffs and desserts made up of raw eggs.

If you want to eat an egg, the best idea is to have it by cooking until the yolk becomes firm. Women may also go for pasteurized eggs to reduce getting infected by food-borne illnesses. 

Uncooked Or Undercooked Meat

A non-vegetarian woman should include meat in a diet, but with proper care and limitations. A gynaecologist recommends that raw meat contains Listeria, a toxic bacterium that should be avoided during pregnancy. Bacteria may cause a threat to fetus health, leading to stillbirth or severe neurological conditions which include intellectual disability, blindness, and epilepsy.

Moreover, there might be some parasites in raw meat like Toxoplasma gondii, that can lead to vomiting, fetal damage, and miscarriages. So, never consume uncooked or undercooked foodstuffs like meat patties, burgers, minced meat, and pork. Make sure to grill them properly when you eat them.

Besides this, lunch meats are also avoided because they become contaminated with different bacteria while processing or storage. 

Unwashed Vegetables And Fruits

A gynaecologist advises that vegetables and fruits are very healthy for a pregnant woman. But make sure to wash them before you eat as there may be present harmful pesticides and herbicides. In addition, they might be dwelling places for toxic pathogens such as Toxoplasma gondii and Listeria. 

So, it is recommended not to eat unwashed vegetables and fruits, especially during pregnancy. If you do, there may be the chances of consuming Toxoplasma bacteria which can affect the fetus. Sometimes the symptoms are not visible at the birth of a child but they may develop later such as intellectual disabilities and blindness. 

Moreover, a pregnant woman should avoid eating unripe papayas as it has certain substances that can trigger uterine contractions. Besides this, do not eat fruits and vegetables refrigerated for a long time. Cook them very well before you serve, especially the leafy ones. 

Excessive Sugar-rich Foodstuffs

During pregnancy, you might desire to have chocolates and ice-creams many times. But increasing the intake of sugar-rich foods can lead to high blood sugar levels that could affect the health of a fetus too. 

Therefore, it is very essential to monitor how much sugar you intake in a day. But, no need to hold back from ice-creams, chocolates, or any desserts altogether, as a rare treat will do no harm. 

Excessive Fatty Foodstuffs

It is advisable to avoid too many fatty foods as they increase blood cholesterol levels leading to obesity and heart diseases. Eat them in moderate quantities. 

Consume food rich in omega-3, 6, and 9 fatty acids as these are healthy for fetus development. Moreover, you can add avocados, olives, and pumpkins to your diet. However, do not eat these too in excessive quantities. In addition, practice some exercises. 


Every gynaecologist recommends avoiding foods that can harm you and your baby. Although some are safe to eat, having them in excessive amounts can become risky to one’s health. 

So, do avoid the following food mentioned above to have a safe and healthy pregnancy.