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5 Top Cities for Remote Workers to Relocate

5 Top Cities for Remote Workers to Relocate

Pandemic and then the lockdown made us think about our working schedule. Most people shifted to remote working style and some of them are planning to continue even after everything decides to go back to normal. The scene change was a bit hard to come by but now that people have experienced it and enjoyed it, things may seem a bit of bliss.

When the work-from-home culture started, smart people decided to take this opportunity to visit one of the best places to relocate and work while enjoying the beautiful time. When you relocate to these places, you don’t only enjoy the change of scene but also get the opportunity to stay where you always wanted to spend the time during the vacation but never found time due to hectic office life. If you are wondering where you could shift and lead a good life during the work-from-home phase, then here are a few top places that will give you a good chance of scene.

Don’t let lockdown dampen your spirits. If you are also bored of working remotely from your old apartment, now it’s time to change the scene. Here, are a few cities where you can relocate and work without hampering the quality of work. Check them out!

List of cities to Relocate for Remote Work

Check out this list of top cities where you can relocate for remote work. These places are developed in such a way that you will not only be able to enjoy the serene scenery but also without affecting the quality of work. Have a look.


Hari-ka-Dwar” or doorway to Hari’s kingdom is often seen as a religious place. But how many of you know it as a place of great adventurous sports and stupendous scenery? Not many, I can guarantee. One can decide to take this place to shift. Witness the beautiful chilly morning with refreshing weather, and in the evening, you can take a stroll across the city, by the banks of the Ganges. The food is also delectable and anyone would like to stay here and work while they are enjoying a beautiful stay.

As remote work gives you the freedom to find a good place to move and enjoy a completely different lifestyle, you will find shifting here to be an absolutely different experience. The absence of pollution is something that you don’t get in the metro cities would love the best. Another best thing is that at certain places, you get free wi-fi. Even if you have to pay for it in some of the locations, the charges are very low. Even the rentals are quite low so, packing and moving here won’t be an issue.


Another city by the Ganges in Varanasi is one of the best places to relocate for those who want a complete package. “Shiva’s Land”, Varanasi is full of peace-loving people with lots of religious works underway. The place has some of the best places to stay at a great price. It won’t leave a hole in the pocket. You will easily find cheap accommodation, better infrastructure facilities, fun-loving people, and above all scrumptious, yet mouth-watering food in every corner. Most importantly, there are many wi-fi spots for remote workers.

Want to shift to a relaxing place that gives you a great respite from the bustling crowd, then Varanasi will welcome you with open arms. You can easily shift with or without the family and that would not even make a big difference to your budget. Hire a reliable packer and mover near you for partial moving and shift here with the necessary items.


Mussoorie is a place to fall in love with. It is a gem hidden from the bustling crowd providing solace to those who come here looking for it. You will fall in love with the place after reading one or two Ruskin Bond books. The place can transform you into another world, just like a fairy tale.

You can temporarily shift here and enjoy a beautiful scenic life while getting the work done remotely. It is a free wi-fi town so you won’t find it difficult when it comes to uninterrupted work during your stay. The apartments are easily available for good prices. This place is a whole package and if you want to move here, you can check out some good rentals online and hire a packer and mover services to shift your things here.

McLeod Ganj

McLeod Ganj is gaining great importance among travel junkies as a heaven on Earth. You may not have found time to come here and spend, but now that remote work permits you why not start thinking again. The place has a mesmerizing landscape, that has also got high-speed internet connectivity.

People come here from far off to enjoy the scenic view of the place. The lakes, waterfalls, monasteries, Tibetan settlements, and much more are there for you to discover. To come here you don’t have to think twice. There is good food and fine rentals that can be checked online. Hire a moving company and get your things here to spend the best days of your life away from the toxic crowd.


After MacLeod Ganj, Dharamshala is another gem hidden in Himachal Pradesh. This is one of the famous spots for the remote working scenario. Most people know this place as home to Dalai Lama. You will find this as one of the top reasons for a great number of tourists coming here every year. The apartments, rentals, and homestays are easily available in this place. You won’t find the rent leaving a dent in your savings.

Another reason why people opt for this place for remote working is the free 4G wi-fi internet connectivity all over the city. Moreover, the place is a hub for all adventurous activities.


Moving is the best way to rejuvenate your mind. If you can utilize this opportunity to visit the place that you always wanted to go to, then all you need today is trustworthy movers and packers in Delhi. Rest you can do everything online.

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