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issue in career episode

If you are Engineer planning to migrate to Australia then you must be aware about the skill assessment. In order to migrate in Australia as skilled Engineer, you must take part in skill assessment by Engineer Australia. To successfully pass the skill assessment, you must submit CDR report which consist of Career Episode report, CPD statement and Summary Statement.

Before diving into career episode, first let’s know about CDR report.

What is CDR Report?

CDR report also known as Competency Dependency Report is the set of technical documents that highlights the skills, knowledge, experience and talents of engineers who want to migrate to Australia as a skilled engineer. EA is the assessing authority for evaluating skills of candidates who give the Migration Skill Assessment Test.

An engineer has to highlight their competency by preparing and submitting a CDR report to the Engineers Australia. After that EA will assess the CDR report and best quality report which is prepared following all the EA guidelines and rules to get accepted to work as a skilled engineer in Australia. Unfortunately, not everyone successfully gets an Australian Skilled Migration Visa on their first attempt.

What is career episode?

Now, let us know about Career Episode. One of the most important aspects of a CDR report is the career episode. Engineer Australia requires career episodes to be presented in order to demonstrate competence, knowledge, capacity, and professional experience in the sector of engineering.

Through the career episode submitted to the Engineer Australia, the applicant’s potential is evaluated. In order to showcase applicant’s skill and abilities, three career episode should be submitted. While preparing career episode, Engineers should select three different projects. These projects should highlight the applicant’s work and skill learned.

Steps to prepare career episode

Preparing career episode is one of the essential step required for CDR report. For an Engineer who are planning to migrate to Australia to work as skilled engineer should prepare CDR report to showcase their skill and experience in the respective field. In order to do this, Engineer should write a career episode along with CDR report by following official guideline provided by MSA booklet.

But, preparing a career episode is one of the hectic task. There are lot of things to consider while writing career episode. There are few steps that can be consider while preparing career episode. Some of these steps are:

  1. English language should be used while writing career episode so that examiner can easily understand applicant’s communication skill.
  2. When writing career episode it is better to avoid using lots of technical material like photographs, calculation and tables.
  3. A career episode must be at least 1000 words and should not exceed 2500 words.
  4. Engineering problems noted by the applicant should be included in each career episode report, along with the efforts taken to resolve the issue. The main aim behind this is to check the applicant’s contribution in the mentioned project.
  5. One of the most important thing to point out is that career episode should be written in first person. This should portray work done by applicant and their role.

Issues Discovered in Career Episode

The process of writing career episode for Engineer Australia is complicated process that requires lots of consideration and attention. Here are few mistakes that Engineer makes while submitting career episode.

  1. Long report: Since a career episode should include everything that was done in project, it should not exceed more than 2500 words. A longer report will be time consuming for the examiner which may lead to rejection of your report.
  2. Non-specific statement: Inclusion of non-specific statement in Career Episode does not reflect the individual participation in the project. Details about the design software tool used, revisions required etc. will provide positive impact on the report.
  3. Extremely technical: The overuse of technical terms in the report is the most basic mistake in writing a career episode. It is better to avoid excessive use of technical details in report.
  4. Less focus on applicant work: The career episode must emphasize on the candidates’ work rather than the organization in which they worked since the examiner only assess the individual work.
  5. Untruthful: Finally, some candidates believe that they may need to incorporate fake elements in order to make their career episode plausible.

This is a typical error since engineer Australia assessors are more skilled at detecting invalid arguments that occur out of context. In order for the assessor to approve your migration to Australia, always specify the relevant and real components

A career episode is the backbone of CDR report. Your CDR report mostly depends on your career episode. So, as a candidate there are lots of things to take care of while writing a career episode.

Professional Help In Career Episode Writing

There are lots of scenario where highly skilled and talented engineers have failed to get visa due to CDR report and career episode. If you are confused or unknown about career episode and CDR writing then it is recommended to take professional help. There are lots of organization providing professional help in preparing career episode and CDR report. Through this article I would suggest one organization for CDR and career episode writing help.

CDR Writers : CDR Writers is the CDR writing service provider established in Australia. The organization is a team of professional CDR writers who assist the engineers for CDR writing and reviewing, career episode writing, plagiarism checking, RPL services etc.

If you are looking for licensed and experienced CV/Resume writers then CDR writers are ready to assist you. Engineers  who want to work in Australia as a skilled engineer must submit their CV/Resume to EA. Our professional writers provide CDR CV Resume Writing Service for Engineers Australia at a very affordable price.

Besides these services, the organization is also providing free consultation şişli escort service. If you are worried about your career episode rejection, the team of CDR writers is providing free consultation with specialist and experienced counsellors for your report to be approved with confidence on migration skill assessment.

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