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Metal Wall Shelves

5 Indubitable Reasons to Mount Metal Wall Shelves in your Space

No space can ever look organized without Metal Wall Shelves. Despite the countless cabinets installed, there’s no viable alternative to the convenience granted by these. At present, there is a wide variety of designs and materials from which shelves are made. Wall Shelves in the past had brackets to provide support. With the onset of floating shelves, the extensive support got vanished. The indiscernible installation paved the way towards adornment. Unlike other materials, metal wall shelves serve diverse purposes. From warehouse to industry, they make the management of clutter effortless. If you are thinking to install wall shelves, check out some undeniable reasons to buy metal ones:

Accessibility of Personalization- 

Metal Wall Shelves can be designed as per convenience and penchant. The concept of customization allows versatility to prevail. These can be expanded and increased in numbers if required. The made-to-measure aspect makes these wall shelves easier to work with. In the warehouse, for instance, the extended shelves can be organized as per SKU or product classification.

Rigorous and Sturdy-

Unlike glass shelves, metal wall shelves last longer. As the material used in making these is relatively durable than others. The robustness ensures the effortless placement of heavy objects. You can either place your favorite vase or a sculpture made of stones with ease.


There’s no end to the designs and structures of metal wall shelves. Available in various designs, sizes, and shapes, they have become a significant furnishing element. The look these shelves reflect is unparalleled. The circular, triangular or irregular shapes accommodating wooden wall shelves in-between look spectacular. Also, they make the organization and decoration fun. By placing your favorite centerpieces on them, you can create a unique look. Besides that, the widely selected shelves make the contrasting easier. They naturally complement the interiors and intermingle beautifully. Moreover, these wall shelves are the best options when it comes to the management of trash.

Easy to install-

Unlike past, the metal wall shelves today are easier to install. They come up with a user manual for making things effortless. Also, you do not need to hire a carpenter to do it for you. Some basic things in the home like drill, nut, bolts, and tape measures are enough to make things work. By attaching the brackets in place, you just need to ensure their level. Some of the celebrated brands even provide you with a video displaying the required information.


Most of the wall shelves are not just cost-effective, but decorative too. You can choose any of them according to your budget and requirements. Also, they come up with a readymade kit containing everything necessary.

Metal wall shelves can transform your homes considerably. By saving your space, they accumulate your stuff marvelously. You can mount them in spaces that usually lie idle. Having wall shelves above your sofa or fireplace makes your home attractive. They can be adorned creatively, by placing live plants, artworks, and books. WallMantra has an assorted variety of metal wall shelves that provide refined functionality. Coming in diverse shapes, they allow you to be inventive. The usage of these shelves gives the space an elongation. Check out the few best selling designs that can give a unique look to your home:

  • Grista Hex Decorative Metal Wall Shelf- This hexagonal wall shelf comes up with two shelf racks. Without any brackets or support, it gives a sleek look. The black color looks sophisticated and complements your interiors easily. Moreover, the dimensions of the shelf are spacious enough for placing decorative items.
  • Grista Mesh Decorative Metal Wall Shelf- Coming in a set of 3, it allows you to create a contrast. Perfect for placing books, plants, and frames they hold a weight of up to 5 kgs. The pre-assembled, ready to hang hooks in the packet make the installation easier. Also, the extra coating makes these wall shelves, termite and weatherproof.
  • Grista Round Decorative Metal Wall Shelf- The best part about this wall shelf is its storage capacity. The 4 shelf racks make this piece resourceful. It can be either a work of art or functional storage unit. Perfect for the living room or bedroom, it is a great gifting option for your loved ones.