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4 Reasons Why Shoppers Today Require Their Grocery Stores Online

Grocery shoppers have taken a deep turn towards online grocery shopping in recent years. Online grocery platforms are steadily skewing toward millennials as they offer a unique customer experience that cannot be knowledge in ordinary brick & mortar grocery stores.

Many interesting facts & statistics, which are referred to below will give you a clear dimension of the performance of grocery stores in the marketplace and their future focus.

20% of overall grocery retail has been captured by online grocery sales & is expected to reach 15% more by the end of 2025.

If you are planning to start your grocery marketplace platform, then you should be clear what are the aspects that have grabbed the attention of grocery shoppers and you need to make sure that your grocery platform meets all their demands.

Let us find out the 4 main key points that have attracted grocery shoppers to online grocery platforms in detail.

Home Delivery

Around 76% of online grocery shoppers have stated the convenience of getting their grocery items at their doorstep & is the main reason for them to prefer grocery platforms.

Without stepping outside their house, they can order their grocery items through their smartphones & get them with a home delivery option.

It also offers better flexibility and can let them order anywhere, anytime.

Fuel charges are increasing day by day. If you need to get grocery items at the cheapest price, & then you need to travel to any departmental store or to any supermarket that is not within walkable distance.

You need to ride and spend more on filling fuel in your vehicle. This can be less when you get home delivery.

Easy Payment

The online payment transaction is an added advantage that simplifies the payment processes and makes customers feel at ease.

Every online grocery platform has been integrated with multiple payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, & more and also supports all credit and debit cards. 

When you are at multiple payment options, then that will be the best thing for any customer.

Additionally, all payments are made through a secured grocery eCommerce platform & that will be SSL certified. When the platform has protected from all malware attacks, then customers can utilize the payment gateways without any hesitation.

Also, there is no need to stand in a long queue for paying you can simply sit at your home & can pay through your mobile app.

Better price comparison

People with medium income prefer online grocery platforms & they can get the cheapest grocery items that cannot be available in an ordinary grocery store.

They get the privilege of comparing prices with various sellers 

Choose the one that is affordable to them. You can save more money and this is widely attractive, to the low-income group.

Most grocery platforms are multivendor platforms and there will be several vendors selling the same products with different pricing.

The price comparison tool that will be available in any online grocery store will let you easily compare the price among multiple vendors & can find the best pricing for your products.

Along with the comparison you can also check customer reviews & know the quality of the product and can spend wisely.

Cost & Features Required to Develop an App Like Dunzo

Curbside Pickup

With the day-to-day innovation in the grocery business, the curbside pickup, & delivery option are one such creative grocery shopping solution that has become customers’ expectation.

This is another method of the fulfillment of delivering products to customers. In this method, the customer orders online and will collect the product from the store.

Most grocery applications will have this option mentioned as BOPIS (Buy Online Pickup in Store). Customers can choose this option while shopping on the platform.

Once the order is placed the store will arrange products and will intimate customers of their pickup time & location. Customers can reach the place and can collect products without waiting.

Grocery Industry Tech Innovations You Must Know About!

The grocery industry is facing a lot of challenges like online grocery shopping, pre-ordering, and many more.

Every retailer is in a critical state of sustaining their grocery business & they need to follow all the latest trends &  technologies that will enhance the shopping experience of their customers.

Let us check out the latest innovative technologies that are in the grocery business.

Easy “Walk-out” technology – Amazon, the leading eCommerce giant has introduced this methodology where customers can eliminate the entire checkout process and can leave the campus just by carrying their purchased products.

This is possible through machine learning and sensors. Customers can use their credit or debit cards and the sensor will keep monitoring customer movements and also the weight of the item the buyer chooses.

Finally, the amount will be debited from their account.

Boundaryless retail – is the first Chinese company that has introduced this method as the products will be placed in their retail brick and mortar stores.

And customers all over the world can scan the QR code of the product & collect all relevant information about the product including price, net weight, nutrition value, and many more.

Voice ordering – Amazon and Google have their voice-control devices and this has been implemented in the grocery industry too. Customers can order products over voice and the app will grasp the command and will collect all items.

You may not be specific all the time. For e.g., if you have already bought chocolates, then you need to keep mentioning the brand. With the help of AI analysis, the application will study your preference and will collect chocolate from your favorite brand.


Whenever you know how to start an online grocery store, you need to experiment with new concepts and keep your platform updated with the latest technologies.

This will attract and will delight your customers and you can easily retain them with your business. Understand the fierce competition in the market & always make smart moves that will help you to survive in the market.