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10 Useful tools for Business Analytics


The tools used by business analysts have a type of application software that grabs quantitative and qualitative data from other business systems and combines it into storage. Analysts can review and analyze the data to allow elegant decision-making. Most authorization place a mix of business analytics software, together with statistical tools, predictive modeling, and data mining tools. Many Business Analytics Online Training courses on different websites platform will help you to gain more knowledge about this particular course.

Useful tools for Business Analytics

SAS Business Analytics (SAS BA)

The excellent analytics abilities of the SAS-based business analytics software give a user the to examine and change unorganized text data into appropriate details. SAS BA helps an analyst to examine meaningful awareness. SAS BA simplifies the method of analyzing a large set of data at an appropriate time. It also performs to predict the future from the information collected from big data.


QlikView is one of the most favorable tools for business analytics. It is so, because of its unique features such as distinct technology and in-memory processing. It also helps to facilitate the delivery of ultra-fast business analytics reports. QlikView also permits users to visualize data relationships. Specific colors tools are useful for related and non-related data which instinctively maintain data association, compressed to 10 percent of its native size.


Board allows users to create interactive and intuitive business analytics reports and dashboards. It is the vast business analytics program that joins the best analytical tools for business, by adding dynamic statistics rooms. Board can manage massive data volumes. This tool also supports accurate scenario analysis and forecasting.


This tool is one of the most useful business analytic tools for small and large business industries. Splunk is launched for processing machine log file data. This tool has added a host of refined elements over the years, including a user-friendly web interface and different visualization options.


Sisense is also one of the most popular business analyst software tools. It helps functions like incorporating dynamic and robust text analysis that permits users to convert unstructured text into useful business intelligence. Sisense tool helps users to perform extensive analysis and visualization of complex data. Sisense helps to promote data-driven judgments and improve the forecasting of forthcoming trends.

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Some Additional Important Tools for Business Analytics

MicroStrategy-: It is the latest business analytics tool. MicroStrategy contains insightful analytical and statistical abilities that allow real-time rage forecasting, with an additional choice for third-party data mining.

KNIME-: KNIME is also a very helpful tool for business analytics. Through, its impressive data-pipelining outlook promotes various features for machine learning and data mining that help continued analysis, visual programming, and perfect business analytics illustration.

Dundas BI-: This tool provides automated analytics, trend forecasting, and a high-level dashboard. It helps users to visualize data and create business analytics information through simple drag-and-drop qualities.

TIBCO Spotfire-: It is one of the advanced tools for business analytic. It offers powerful and automatic analytics explanations that authorize data professionals to execute business analytics information and research over a limited time.

Tableau Big Data Analytics-: It is an analytical tool that covers dependable statistical tools, allows users to execute an in-depth analysis of social media networks and historical data.


In the end, these tools are very useful for any business to enhance their business. These tools are useful in many ways. They can recognize clients who are probably to cancel a service presenting subscription. We can use it in different sectors like automobile, healthcare, bank, etc. There are many institutes for Business Analytics Training in Delhi that is running to provide you with better information about this particular training course.