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What Is The History Of Street Artists?

Street art is considered the largest form of art that has achieved major popularity and is still growing. You will mainly see street artists performing artwork in urban and public places such as building walls, flyovers, highways, etc. This is how it greatly portrays the outlook of neighborhoods and cities all around.  

There are many famous and professional street artists in Melbourne, presenting outstanding artwork in your city. However, the history of street artists is very distinct from today as their artwork was considered illegal and people used to demolish it. Though, today, many people appreciate and authorize it.

So, through this article, we are describing the history of street artists.

The History Of Street Artists

In ancient times, street artists made use of spray paints to style public places such as walls, highways, restrooms, etc. They highlight the political and social issues and present more visual features in their painting. In addition, they used to paint on natural surfaces such as cave walls to prompt the prosperity and harmony of communities. 

Theme And Techniques 

Street Artists extremely covers a vast range of themes and amazing techniques. 

Themes: Artists have used the artwork to communicate messages related to social and political issues to prompt reaction and discussion. They used to influence and make people aware of these matters. 

Moreover, for performing the artwork, they used the walls of buildings, street sides, highways, etc. 

Techniques: Art techniques are an instrument to witness, understand, and express artwork. They can entirely transform the perception, context, and meaning of the art without making any effort. 

Street artists use a wide variety of techniques to create paintings. They utilize aerosol paints for tagging the names which is one of the fastest ways to put the artwork in public places. In addition, markers, colorful paints, and creativity such as using fire extinguishers filled with paints were also used widely.  

However, the artwork is not confined to paints and markers as artists also make use of different kinds of mediums and materials. Such as posters, textiles, stickers, mosaics, LED lights, stencils, or video projections. 

In addition, they utilize the yarn bombing technique in which there is a use of colorful threaded or crocheted yarn or thread.

Type Of Artwork Street Artists Performed

Wall Murals: An artist executes this artwork on the walls to develop and beautify the specific location or area. The art fills the place with colors and increases its value. 

Moreover, street artists use this art to communicate with audiences like in public parks to connect with kids or on restaurants’ walls to engage customers. 

In some areas, buildings or shops owners motivate street artists to create paintings on walls to make the place engaging. Thus, it transforms the entire dull spots into colorful ones that delight the people passing by. 

3d Signage: This artwork is helpful in promoting the brand, services, or company name. It helps to increase the customer base and makes the business known and stand out. It will help you recognize and make reach your services to the people.  

Moreover, people can hire street artists for 3d signage in Melbourne, and other Melbourne artist who help to highlight the brand name in a spectacular and appealing way.

Billboard Posters: Usually, the small local businesses use to commission this artwork as they do not want the classic billboard advertisement. Artists use two ways for performing such art. Either, they affix the design on the paper or vinyl sheet and then paste it on surface or directly paint the canvas or any facing. 

Besides this, billboard posters are electrically lit to make them highlight during the nighttime. So, a billboard poster is the best street art to stand out and connect with the audience for small businesses. 

Photorealism Murals: In this artwork, an artist studies the photograph and creates the design such that it looks realistic. It includes key points: 

  • Artists capture the picture using camera and transfer it to workplace through a projector, grid method, or transfer paper. 
  • The ability of an artist to make the artwork look photographic. 
  • Sharp attention to each detail.

Benefit The Street Artists Provided

Helps to connect society: Street artists with the permission of building or shop owners created paintings on walls to make the place engaging. It transforms the entire dull spots into colorful ones that delight the people passing by. Consequently, it attracts people to the place and enhances the business. 

Besides this, in many places, society members hire artists to create artwork on the walls of their locality to make it look beautiful. 

Besides this, street artists help to transform poorly developed places. They sketch or draw the designs on the walls somehow that makes the people living there happy. 

Positively Impact People: Artists have been using different varieties of artwork to have a positive impact on people. Through art, they spread messages to society related to political or social issues such as robberies, rape cases, domestic violence, etc. 

It influences and forces people to think about such matters so that they can understand how important it is to reduce such threatening issues. 

Inspires To Admire One’s Locality: Artists helped people by spreading the messages through their artwork. For instance, related cleanliness, makes society understand how important it is to keep places clean which is good for physical and mental health.


Nothing is more dignified than the act of creation through street art. Appealing artwork forces the audience to watch, hold up, and think about it. With the help of themes and techniques, street artists have changed the vision of people in that particular area. 

Besides this, street artwork has positively influenced many people regarding political and social matters. Moreover, the experiences of artists in Australia areas were so different as they had to paint anything appropriate that can transform the whole area gracefully. It shows one does not necessarily need a canvas or any facing to convey ideas. 

This is the magic of street art and artists which makes the world beautiful and connects the people all around.