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Webcast live streaming

Webcast live streaming: All you need to know!

Webcast solutions are one the quickest methodologies accepted by the event industry. With the growing popularity of online events, the importance and adoption of webinars have increased too. Let us walk you through some of the important ideas, tools, and key features of the same;

What can you do with a webcast?

The webcast is an ideal way for businesses to host an event to boost their brand value and reach a large number of people at a time. All it needs is a strong Internet connection, the right tools, and the use of the latest event technology. The topmost applications of a webcast include;

  • Trainers can use live webcasts to teach or provide training to a massive spectrum of the audience with the same consistency and regularity.
  • Organizations hunt for webcast services in UAE to make the most of 2-way video conferencing and enable employees and stakeholders to join the meeting, conference, AGM, or town hall from the comfort of their location.
  • Enterprises can also conduct annual sales meet and show the significant numbers of achievements by using the video tool during the webcast.
  • There are distinguished webcast companies in UAE that allow brands to display their latest products and their features using an all-in-one platform with the most beneficial tools.

Why should one choose to webcast?

With the increase in the online format of events, webcasting is a novel kind that people are adopting at a faster rate to gain better profits and a global reach. Some of the important reasons why you should opt for webcasting are;

  • Scalability: With webcasts, there are no restrictions on the accommodation of the number of attendees. They are one of the best ways to maximize the global reach of the viewers and brand. Here, you need to select an ideal platform that can support a huge group of people and connect them at a time.

  • Quality assurance: To add more value to your virtual event, you can employ excellent audio or video tools, and through professional webcasts, host a remarkable broadcast session.

  • Better engagement: It is an excellent opportunity for everyone to have meaningful 2-way interactions. Through fruitful polls, live chats, and Q&A sessions, you can drive better attendee engagement and host a value-yielding webcast.

  • Data and Analytics: Detailed insights can be obtained with the adoption of an ideal webcast platform. It will give you a clear understanding of the event aspects that outshines along with the ones that did not capture much attention.

  • More accessibility: It goes without saying that events with a virtual stage have better accessibility as they can be attendees from any location. All one requires is a reliable Internet connection and a compatible device.

Key features of a live webcasting

  • Accurate set-up: Since the live webcast happens virtually on a platform, you need not worry about the required event set-ups. It includes all the tools such as audio, video, microphone, camera, etc.

  • Customization: As per the business and event needs, you can choose to customize the registration and branding page. You can add colourful designs and images to leave a lasting impression on the attendees.

  • Adaptive: During live webcasts, viewers have the option of attending the event either in 2D or 3D set-ups, based on the Internet connectivity.

  • Multi-device compatibility: These live webcasts can be attended from any compatible laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Hence, it is advisable to look for an all-in-one webcast platform that leverages the latest technology and tools.

  • Better quality: With ideal audio & video tools and other necessary arrangements, you can host HD quality webcasts to leave an impactful impression on your viewers.

  • Scalability: Unlike physical events, webcasts do not have any barrier to the count of attendees who can join the event.

  • Higher engagement: With the inclusion of a live chat tool, live polls, and Q&A sessions, you can host an interactive webcast and keep your attendees engaged.

  • Event scheduler: Event schedulers can be used for proper management, right from planning the webcast to executing it successfully.

  • Detailed analytics: The right webcasting platform allows you to obtain deeper insights and data about the event metrics.

What are the differences between a webcast and live streaming?

Live Streaming

Any individual or brand can choose to go live on social media platforms via their smartphone or webcam. With the usage of the best live streaming services, it becomes simpler and more convenient to broadcast the content exceptionally.


Webcasting is more like the regular broadcasting service that happens online over the Internet. It usually works in a one-to-many format and needs the application of special equipment. But, talking about the webcasts that make the use of a virtual stage is more accessible and affordable. Webcasts can include both live or pre-recorded videos.

These were just some instances that are making use of live webcasts to gain more profits. Besides these applications, webcasts have also made their way in press conferences, educational sessions, Q&A sessions, marketing, and more. It is all about the usage of the right tools and features that can help you outshine in your live streaming or webcasting sessions.

Tips to host a successful webcast

Here are some of the crucial tips and ideas that need to be followed;

  1. One needs to be enthusiastic and dedicated to taking their webcast live to a large global audience
  2. Learn from your personal experience scenarios in order to make the webcast more valuable
  3. Keep your attendees engaged
  4. Make value-adding and lively slides or presentations
  5. Make sure to check the technical aspect and security features
  6. Remember to run multiple test rehearsals and check the audio and video equipment in advance

With these useful tips and benefits, you plan and execute your webcast sessions even more fruitfully.

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