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Voice-Based Social Networks

The most talked-about social media segment is the voice-based social networks. In actuality, because of the rapid pace of change and the emergence of new media into the market, it was necessary to stop and refresh several times while making this POV.

We’ve been tracking the trend of voice for a long time and the fast-growing vocal search as well as the voice assistant industries being the leader in the most recent trend. Everyone seems to be talking about Clubhouse however, few are aware of it or how to utilize it. Discord or Twitter, as well as Facebook, are among the other options. Ovik Mkrtchyan

Reasons for the Trend of Voice-Based Social Networks

These platforms let users engage in conversations and have a conversation without scrolling or looking at your screen, which could lead to fatigue from the screen, or zoom fatigue, or both.

With the rise in smart speakers, earbuds with bright colors, and similar devices, now is the perfect time to go for the dog for a stroll or sit at home and take part in conversations that interest you with no distractions from your smartphone.

These platforms elevate podcasting to a new level. Imagine watching a show that talks about something you’re interested in, and being surrounded by other people with similar preferences, and all in real-time. Are you able to comment and discuss your thoughts?

Key Characters Key Characters are current as of the close in April 2021. Companies are always expanding their offerings to their ever-changing marketplace.


The Clubhouse has received the highest publicity from all the audio social networks, both through the media and through word of mouth media. The Clubhouse remains in closed beta and available only on iOS and remains only available to invite-only users as of the time of writing.

While it’s still currently in “closed beta”, Clubhouse is now home to more than 3 million users and was valued at more than $4 billion in April. Andreessen Horowitz, his primary investor, has invested in almost every major tech company including Twitter, Okra, Skype, Facebook, Lyft, and, most recently the blockbuster.

CLUBHOUSE Clone Application is now the solution to numerous industries that are facing new challenges networking with peers in the industry as well as fans. The entire industry “clubs” are on the increase, and unlike earlier times, the healthcare industry is not too far from the scene.

There’s already a decent amount of health-related numbers in the clubhouse. Some health clubs boast hundreds of thousands of their members. For instance, the Healthcare Startups Club has over 4000 members, and the Healthy Equity Club has over 21,000 members. Ovik Mkrtchyan

Some Important Tips to Consider on the Clubhouse App

It’s so popular today that a reputable investment company is backing it. To add even more credibility to this clubhouse Elon Musk recently hosted an event there that helped in the expansion of the user base.

The clubhouse is a smartphone app that lets you keep track of friends and clubs that share similar interests. It is possible to join in discussions at any time or create your group.

There is a specific club for nearly all health conditions. Although there isn’t any advertisement on Clubhouse and brands can participate by participating in various ways. One method is to set up an exclusive club for your company’s brand or position.

Create brand profiles and incorporate interest in these profiles. Going with a non-branded approach for a space or club will permit keyword tags to be placed around the words. There are many options to enhance your profile as well as that of your club or room.

Brands could also have sponsorship agreements with rooms that are already dedicated to diseases they treat. There’s plenty of room to grow, and there’s little competition.

Also, on 14 March 2021, they unveiled the launch of a Creator Accelerator program which in addition aid creators in engaging with brands, which is a crucial aspect of marketing via influencers.


Discord is the longest-running of any audio-based, social network. It was launched in the year 2015 and has since grown to an active user base of over 100 million users. Discord is, however, the main focus of streamers and gamers was.

The Discord Clone App has been advertising its services by calling itself “your place to talk” and focusing on the creation of diverse communities. Discord is different from other platforms, Discord has a desktop app as well as a comprehensive range of moderation tools available to community leaders.

It’s not all about voice. It works in the same way as the traditional online community members, with community members able to exchange links and files and chat using text. Only channels for voice chat can be created.

While there isn’t much room for advertising on display, companies can build communities to encourage interactions between users who share similar desires.


Swell is a brand new feature of space that will be available in mid-March 2021. It is different from Clubhouse in that it is focused on micro-podcasts. Swell cast lets users set up their accounts and then record up to five minutes worth of recorded audio.

Users of swell can replay chats whenever they wish. Also, leave audio commentary and questions for the author to respond to at their leisure.

On swell there are three methods of communicating:

Well, casts are available to the public and can be shared on the Internet. You can participate in your Well cast just like any other Open Well cast.

Groups that are invitation-only or members-only can create a group for your family, friends, or even your place of business. In the group, conversations keep private.

Private messages: Private messages that send to at least one hilarious user.

Since swell is so brand new and brand new, we anticipate seeing many modifications and new features.


In the last month, Spotify is on a hiring spree to give an important push into live audio following the acquisition of Betty Labs, the owner of the locker room application which is a social network that allows discussions about sports. Spotify is seeking to hire more than 100 people to develop the live-streaming service.

Information is scarce at the moment. In addition, but Spotify recently having announced a 24 percent year-over-year growth of inactive users to 356 million. Moreover, out of which more than 158 million are premium customers We expect the service to have a substantial impact. Will happen.

How Can Brands Engage In Voice-Based Social Networks?

Although these platforms are at the beginning of their development and are changing quickly. Moreover, brands need to focus on the way their brand’s image displayed and the way it feels. What kind of content do you want to present in the clubhouse area who will speak about it and how do you communicate it?

The process of creating your own space on Clubhouse is straightforward and any brand could create a profile, however, the music, content, and panelists need to all be engaging and offer value to the users. It is essential to establish and improve your profile to ensure that followers can find your profile.

Many of These Principles Can Be Applied To Multiple Platforms

As we’ve mentioned before, Voices is a rapidly changing platform that is rapidly evolving. With the advent of digital assistants as well as streaming audio advertisements, and even voice-based social networks. It’s more crucial than ever to think about the ability of your voice to recognize your business. If you have an audio-assisted mobile application platform you could create the most creative marketing campaign in the world however it will not help you.

Your brand’s voice is the sole thing people can hear. In the future, your brand’s voice will be a key aspect of your branding. It is a brand emerging market unexplored and has very little or no competitors. Being able to establish a foothold in the market in the present will allow brands to succeed. Moreover, the voice will continue to play an important part when it comes to marketing.

Final Remarks

The clubhouse is a good alternative for entrepreneurs who want to establish a digital presence on social networks. Many think that this platform and its unique feature of audio-only will turn out to be the next major thing.

The visibility these platforms offer startups allows them to reach out. Also, interact with their intended public, venture capitalists, and investors in a distinctive method. However, established brands must choose their strategy carefully to reach those who are relevant. Moreover, grow their followers on social media, and build a name for themselves.