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Best TV Shows

TV Heaven for Students – Best TV Shows about College Life

Undoubtedly, TV features a wide range of creative, realistic, and modern shows about the college lifestyle that highlight all the struggles, adventures, and thrill that students go through during their college life. On one hand, most of these series amuse us with wonderful events that do not usually take place in the real world, whereas on the other, we have a big collection of TV shows that shed a light on our everyday student life problems more accurately, without any use of fictional allegories.

If you are searching for something fun to binge-watch this weekend that makes you laugh, smile, or cry a little more than usual, then you need to check out our top picks from college life shows. These TV shows are not only interesting, thrilling, and exciting to watch, but also pretty relatable for most of us. However, to enjoy this collection, you are going to need a high-coverage cable TV service that supports nonstop streaming round-the-clock.

For example, you reach out to reliable, and responsive TV services providers like Spectrum Select TV which offers more than 125 TV channels to its users with free HD without any hidden taxes. Besides this, Spectrum provides its users with incredibly affordable TV packages, starting from $44.99 per month only. How cool is that?

Below is the list of our top five college life TV shows. Let’s take a look!


Sweet/Vicious is a brilliant, dark comedy by MTV, which features a story of two girls in a school where sexual harassments are more common than usual, but still disregarded by others. The story focuses on the adventures of a courageous girl, Jules, who herself becomes a victim of sexual assault. She takes a stand for herself and others by joining Ophelia who chases the harassers continuously for a couple of nights. This serial is a mix of adventure, thrill, and suspense as it sheds light on the dangerous episodes that take place while the two of them chase the harassers. Finally, with their continuous efforts, these young women succeed in hunting down the filthy souls through a series of comic but deadly situations.

Dear White People

Dear White People is a wonderful TV series featuring life at Winchester University campus which discriminates between black and white students. However, the interesting part is that there is only one college radio station, and that is luckily run by an African-American student. The story sheds light on how she uses that radio platform to create a comically misguided social protest, although most of her university mates do not even know what are they protesting against. The series portrays a classic comedy based on discriminatory behaviors and black identity. Although the show highlights racist behaviors, still the story can get you in laughing fits because of its light and positive humor.

How to Get Away with Murder

The show is currently through its 6th season and it’s still as magnetic as it was the first day. It shows a group of law students that get drafted by their teacher who is also a criminal defense attorney to become members of her team. As a sorority student gets killed, the group of five students gets a deeper insight into the world that waits for them after college.

The Magicians

The Magicians is an outstanding, fantasy television show which sheds light on the life of students that are studying at Brakebills, ‘a magical university’. The most interesting part is that this institution is hidden from the outside world due to illusions. However, the students here are no different than others when it comes to academic pressures. They get regular essays, homework, exams, and a variety of other quests that need to solve with ‘magic’. This show is a hit among students that like fictional world stories which feature talking animals, mythical creatures, etc.

Fresh Meat

It is a classic British television show which features high-class comic, but realistic college life challenges. Fresh Meat was on-aired from 2011 to 2016 on television and had six incredible seasons in total. The story focuses on six college students that are totally different from one another but still living under the same roof. However, these students still represent their own unique abilities, which makes it even harder for them to adapt to each other. It is a must-watch show for all those students that are living in a hostel or sharing a room with their university mates.

The Bottom-line

These days, the best part about TV shows is that you can easily watch them on various streaming sites as well, instead of TV channels. For example, we have plenty of wonderful apps like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc., that can help you find your favorite genre’s shows within no time.

However, all these applications and streaming sites rely on a stable, and high-speed internet connection to work. Therefore, we suggest you opt for reliable, and high-coverage service provides like Spectrum Select TV which provides you with robust TV services and fast internet connection at the same time. Simply dial Spectrum phone number now and get more details about their incredible packages and bundles.