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The Importance of Maqam E Ibraaheem

Maqam E Ibraaheem, or the place where Ibrahim was born, is a highly important location for Muslims. For many years, it has been protect by Allah, from solid enemies. That is truly one of Allah’s miracles. If you’re considering going on Hajj or Umrah, make sure you visit the Place of Ibrahim. In this article, you’ll learn about its importance and where to go and pray.


The Station of Ibrahim, also known as the Maqam e Ibraaheen, is a large stone block that was used by Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) during the building of the upper walls of the Holy Ka’aba. This stone was sent from heaven along with three other stones: the Sacred Black Stone, the Rock of Israel, and the Station of Ibrahim. These three stones are consider to be a sign of Allah and a symbol of His power.

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The Maqam e Ibraaheiim in the Holy Kaaba is the symbol of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) The black stone was originally white and gradually turn black with the sins of humankind. Saudi officials have recently release crystal clear images of the Maqam e Ibraaheem, which is locate 11 meters east of the Kaaba.

In addition, the Saudi Arabian government has released high-resolution images of the Maqam e Ibraaheaheem. The General Presidency for the Two Holy Mosques took the pictures of the maqam using a stacked panoramic focus. According to Islamic beliefs, this stone came down from heaven along with the sacred Black Stone. The Prophet Ibrahim’s footprints are engraved on the stone as well.


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The first important aspect of the Hajj is to visit the maqam of Prophet Ibrahim, where he is venerate. The location is about 13 meters (43 feet) east of the Kaaba, where he praye and was burie. The maqam is the location where the Prophet’s footprints are believe to be engrave. The maqam was move from one place to another during the Hajj, but it still remains a prominent part of the pilgrimage.

After the first Jamrah, a pilgrim should make Sa’yi. The pilgrim should leave the maqam at least half an hour before the day’s beginning. The second Jamrah, which is closer to Makkah, should be shave at the same time. This is to leave the pilgrim with hair that will be shaved during the Hajj. After the Sa’yi, the pilgrim may wear any other clothing, perfume, or engage in marital relations during the Hajj.

The Maqam e Ibraaheheem is a major historical artifact. The pilgrim must visit this place two times during his Hajj, offering two rakats of salah for Ibrahim. This escort antalya place has symbolic significance and is a key location of the Hajj, as it was the birthplace of the Prophets Ismail and Ibrahim.

During the Hajj, a Muslim should say Talbiyah, which means “in front of Allah”, to the Black Stone. He should face the Black Stone, kiss it, and point to it. He should also face the Black Stone to avoid bumping into anyone else. A Muslim should avoid pushing other pilgrims or causing any harm to them.


When performing the rites of Umrah and Hajj, Muslims are require to visit the sacre place of Maqam e Ibraa Heem. This is the point on the Holy Kaabah where Hazrat Ibrahim stood and prayed to Allah. Allah was so impressed by his deed that He stamped his footprints on the stone, thus making them a symbol for Muslims.

Currently, the Maqam e Ibraaheaheem is enclose in a gold-caged structure made of reinforced glass. The footprints are now covere, but the original footprints are visible beneath. The stone is a square-shape slab of marble, with a depth of 10 cm and a width of nine centimeters.

The location of the Maqam e Ibraaheena was changed during the reign of Umar al-Khattab. In order to make it easier to pray, Umar change the position of the stone. He propose that the maqam be move towards the east, allowing people to pray without hindrance. In a few decades, a golden cylinder was placed on the site.

The pilgrim’s head must be ritually pure and his or her hair must be fingertip length. The pilgrims should also make the Tawaf and Sa’yi for Umrah before leaving the Ihram. After this, it is permissible to go out of Ihram and engage in other activities, such as wearing perfume or engaging in marital relations.

The maqam e Ibraaheeam is the stone where the Prophet Ibrahim’s footprints were found. Different traditions have emerge around the history of the maqam, which is a square stone 46 feet away from the Kabbah. The Prophet Ibrahim was standing on the stone to supervise the construction of the Kabbah, and the Almighty Allah’s grace softene the stone. Consequently, his footprints were engrave on the stone.

The Maqam e Ibraaheaheem is the place where Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) stood. This is located in the Mataf area, near the Kabbah. The Maqam e Ibraaheem is a blackish-red stone with whiteness. It has the footprints of Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) and is covered by a golden cage with an ornamented curtain. It is approximately eight inches high and fifteen inches long.

Place of Ibrahim

The Importance of Maqam e Ibrahim and Place of Ibrahim was stresse in hadiths as a place of worship for Muslims. It is also the place where Muslims are encourage to pray to seek the blessings of Allah. However, the significance of the place and the footprints of Prophet Ibrahim are not fully appreciate. The following are some aspects of the place and its significance for Muslims.

The Station of Ibrahim is revere by all Muslims and some religious rituals are directly link to it. The first thing to know about the station of Ibrahim is that he built the Kaaba from the five earthly mounts. Specifically, he built the Kaaba from the mountain call Hira (also known as Nur Hill). It is believe that this place was where the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) first received the first revelation.

The station of Ibrahim is a significant spot for pilgrims in Islamic practices. Prophet Ibrahim stood on a large stone block while he was constructing the Kaaba with his son, Prophet Ismail. The location of the Prophet Ibrahim is regarde as important by Muslims and is an essential part of the Hajj ritual. It is a symbol of the Prophet’s love and devotion for humanity.

The Station of Ibrahim is another important place for Muslims. Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) used the Station of Ibrahim when building the upper walls of the Holy Ka’aba. The stone was sent by Allah along with three other rocks, including the Sacre Black Stone (Hijr-e-Aswad) and the Rock of Israel. The Prophet, however, refuse to build the Ka’aba without a proper place to pray.

The stone is believe to be the sacre stone of Jannah. Prophet Ibrahim placed this stone in the Kabaa after he had finishe the construction of the Kaaba’s walls. However, Prophet Ibrahim was missing a stone and asked his son Ismail to look for it. The stone is still visible today. The Prophet’s footprints are also inscribe on the stone.