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cosmetic dentist in south Kolkata

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cosmetic Dentistry

It’s a dream to have the perfect set of teeth for some of us, to have that great smile that we see on TV commercials.

Lucky for us, the dentist industry has advanced so much now that we can have that picture-perfect smile with customized procedures. That’s not all, getting rid of that oral problem, no matter what kind, is easier than ever.

But every coin has its flip side, and so cosmetic surgeries are not without their faults. There are disadvantages also when it comes to cosmetic surgeries, and you should all about it along with the advantages so that you can go to the best smile makeover dentist with a clear conscience.

Why Cosmetic Dentistry?

The cosmetic dental procedure is a fundamental fix for different tooth-related issues and conditions. The benefits as talked about above have uncovered different aids of the field of dental science. However, it is vital to investigate the particular commitments of procedures like Digital Smile Designing as well. The accompanying treatments incorporate the list of the intercession of cosmetic dentistry.

Teeth whitening:

Among the various methods to reestablish the whiteness of the teeth, the best way out is blanching. Tooth whitening is perhaps the most requested procedure at a different dental clinic. A certified dental specialist using bleaching specialists plays out the therapy and can give enduring and extreme outcomes. Teeth brightening can occur in a scope of 4 to 8 shades.


In this cycle, very thin shells are detailed to conceal the forward portion of the tooth. Made out of porcelain substances or saps, the natural tooth-colored component is applied to the tooth solely after disposing of a brief piece of tooth polish. This aids in the easy fitting. With proper size, shape, shading, and length, the look of your natural teeth can be effectively changed.

Dental Bonding:

If the patients have broken, rotting, or distorted teeth, this procedure can take out all those issues. A plastic gum is applied to the teeth and is permitted to solidify. The last trim and clean make certain to set the tooth fit as a fiddle.

Dental Embed and Crown:

If you have missing teeth, dental implants come as a salvage. Also, when the whole tooth is rotted and calls for substitution, and that is a call for having dental implants. Arrangement of a sound and solid dental crown on the hole or broken tooth can assist with shielding different teeth from being infected. Dental embed then again is fundamental when the whole tooth is absent. Tooth roots produced using titanium are found in the bone socket, set promptly underneath the gum line.

The Advantages of Cosmetic Dentistry

These advantages are the reason why most people are bending towards cosmetic dentistry now more than ever.

  • Moment Self-Confident Boost

Do you wind up smiling by covering your face behind your hand or attempting to grin with your mouth shut? In social circumstances this can be humiliating and awkward, making you hesitant to be with people you generally love to spend time with!

A few studies even say those terrible teeth contrarily affect professional life. IF missing teeth is your problem then you can get a tooth replacement surgery or other surgery done to fix it. After surface-level dentistry, the advantages to your personal and professional life can take a drastic turn as you have more confidence within.

  • Well being Boost

Diabetes, coronary illness, kidney issues, and surprisingly oral disease are a portion of the more common outcomes of poor oral care. There’s additionally gum illness and tooth decay to stress over also. In the wake of reestablishing your smile with cosmetic dentistry, you have more motivation to care more for your teeth. This inspiration will prompt a more healthy and better you.

  • Look Younger

Healthy teeth unavoidably make you look more youthful, and can take off even 10 to 15 years! Especially if you have a missing tooth, with the Replacement of missing teeth, you can instantly change your whole look. A young, extravagant smile illuminates your whole face and eyes. Not only will you actually look more youthful, but however you’ll be younger also – and that is the main factor.

The Cons of Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Cost

We should begin with the cons first. One of the significant cons is the cost of a portion of the significant techniques, particularly when you don’t have extra cash accessible for cosmetic dentistry.

For example, veneers – thin porcelain or composite gum shells fitted and fortified over teeth – are extraordinarily costly. The Consumer Guide to Dentistry expresses that the normal expense of veneers is Rs 4,000 to Rs 5,000 per tooth, a cost restrictive for most common individuals.

Albeit more affordable, this additionally incorporates systems like implants and orthodontia. Both are cost restrictive regardless of the dental specialist you go to, however insurance and financing might assist with taking care of the expenses.

  • Perpetual Quality

One of the other significant cons to corrective dentistry like single tooth bridge is that large numbers of these procedures are super durable. You must be 100% certain you need this because there’s no returning. Orthodontia needs something like a year of care, while veneers are irreversible however you actually need to supplant them each 5 to 15 years.

  • Teeth Sensitivity

The impacts that corrective dentistry has on your teeth and gums are not great overall. Whitening can make your teeth sensitive to temperature. You will also have to keep away from food and drink that can stain your teeth once more, similar to berries and wine.

Drilling into healthy regions is a prerequisite for crowns, prompting gum downturn and affectability.

Last, inserts and periodontal surgery have a danger of contamination and post-medical procedure bleeding.