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Soil sensor-agricultural soil monitoring-portable

Soil sensor equipment mainly includes air temperature, humidity sensors. Carbon dioxide concentration sensor, light intensity sensor, soil temperature sensor, soil humidity sensor. The sensor will collect the environmental data in the shed and transfer it to the service platform. Forming a huge environmental information database, and laying a solid foundation for data analysis and data realization. At the same time, the service platform will send instructions to the terminal equipment of the control system in time. The equipment starts to act, automatically adjusting the opening and closing of the greenhouse curtain and tuyere. Shading, spraying drip irrigation, and so on.

Real-time production environment data collection in greenhouses

Big data Internet of things, database construction. The construction of big data Internet of Things and databases mainly depends on manpower. Organize grass-roots agricultural technical experts to make and collect relevant information, and input it into the system after processing and sorting, forming a huge database and knowledge base with high credibility and wide coverage. After long-term accumulation, the construction of the 100 crops growing environmental information database, based on the optimal phase sequence parameter information database, plant protection technology based on the phase sequence information database, based on the order of growth period, soil information database, cultivation technique based on phase sequence information database, abnormal environment farming operation technical information database, Market information database of 156 wholesale markets, etc.

Database – Basic information database

The basic information database of the facility agricultural park (base) includes the general situation of the park (location, area, number of greenhouses, etc.), the crops planted in each greenhouse, the planting time of each greenhouse, the contact number of the principal of the greenhouse, the maintenance personnel of the base, etc.

Collection of basic information of facility agriculture

Greenhouse planting technology information collection

Database – Market information database

The market information database contains the real-time market information of the national wholesale markets provided by the China Agricultural Information Center, which has certain authority and high accuracy.

Greenhouse real-time production environment database

The greenhouse manager collects the environmental data in the greenhouse in real-time through the air temperature and humidity sensor, carbon dioxide sensor, soil temperature, and humidity sensor, light sensor, etc., and transmits the data to the service management platform through the mobile Internet. After parsing, the data is stored in the real-time production environment database of the greenhouse.

Database – Database of optimal environmental parameters based on growing season order

Agricultural technology experts will be all kinds of crops in the different growth cycles of appropriate temperature demand after finishing the input database, formed based on the sequence of crop growth cycle optimal environmental parameters information database (such as the suitable temperature requirements for each growth cycle of pepper: ① seedling period: 20-25℃ in the daytime, 10-15℃ at night; Flowering and fruiting: 20-28℃ in the daytime, 15-20℃ at night; (4) Results: 20-28℃ in the daytime and 15-20℃ at night.

Database — a database of agricultural operation technology in abnormal environment

Agricultural technology experts will all kinds of crops in the different growth periods of abnormal temperature alarm thresholds and corresponding abnormal environment farming operation Suggestions after entry database, the formation of the abnormal temperature alarm and abnormal environment of crop farming operation technology information database (such as tomatoes in the flowering period of fruit while the alarm thresholds: daytime over 35 ℃ or below 6 ℃ alarm; When the alarm is higher than 35 ° c or lower than 5 ° c at night;)

Construction of video surveillance system

1. A set of high-definition high-speed video monitoring heading machines is installed in each greenhouse, which is installed at one end of the greenhouse. There are 17 sets in total

2. The video display shall use the TV wall and network service platform of the park management system, mobile phone client,

3. Optical fiber and network cable are used to connect the lines in the park.

Construction of sensing layer and transmission layer of Internet of Things

I. Product Overview

A wireless soil moisture sensor is a sensor that uses the Internet of Things for soil moisture transmission. Based on the development of Internet of Things technologies such as intelligent sensing, wireless communication, intelligent processing, and intelligent control, wireless sensor technology is used to measure soil temperature and humidity online in real-time through sensors, and the Internet of Things is used for transmission. The sensor does not need special communication lines. In the state of networking, data can be reported to the cloud platform quickly and actively, and users can browse data anytime and anywhere on their computers or mobile phones.

Two, technical parameters

The measured parameters

Soil moisture

◇ Measurement range: 0 ~ 100%

Measuring accuracy: ±3%

◇ Resolution: 0.1

The other parameters

Power supply: Solar energy + lithium battery combined power supply

Lithium battery: 2600/5200mah

◇ Storage capacity: Unlimited cloud storage

Recording interval: adjustable from 1 minute to 24 hours

◇ Data transmission: GPRS, 4G CAT-1 wireless transmission

◇ Data viewing: Remote WEB page viewing

Iii. Product features

Modular design, easy installation, and maintenance, a variety of optional parameters.

 Integrated structure, small size, suitable for large-area distribution.

 No wiring, the sensor can be moved whenever and wherever needed.

Long operation cycle, low maintenance, can adapt to the harshest environment.

Can be connected to the Internet of Things cloud platform, remote real-time monitoring operation.

The power supply mode of solar + lithium battery combination can not only avoid the resource waste and space occupation of setting up the power supply line, but also ensure that the phenomenon of power failure will not occur in the case of continuous rain for more than ten days.

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